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This huge raw material weighed 450 pounds.

It cost twenty thousand yuan a pound, but the manager gave Gu Ning a discount, so she paid 7.8 million yuan in the end.

After that, Gu Ning packed those relatively small raw materials up in cardboard boxes, and let the workers in the store help her move the huge raw material out.

Gao Yi, who was waiting outside, rounded his eyes in shock when he saw the huge raw material.

Is there really jade inside If not, boss will lose a fortune!

Gao Yi then moved all the raw materials back to their warehouse, and Gu Ning told him to have a rest, and that she would call him if she needed his help later.

This time, she planned to cut out some raw materials here.

The Wang Family was one of the three largest raw material suppliers in City Teng, so many jewelry businessmen would come here looking for high quality jade.

There were more pieces of high-level jade in Room B.

If not for the huge raw material, Gu Ning wouldnt have walked out in such a hurry.

She went back to Room B as fast as she could to pick up those two raw materials with high-level jade, and two with medium-high-level jade.

However, right when Gu Ning was about to pick up the last raw material with medium-high-level jade inside, a voice stopped her.

“Hey, I saw this raw material first! Give it to me,” a girl who was around 17-years-old shouted at Gu Ning rudely, then she ran to Gu Ning to grab it.

Gu Ning turned her body and escaped from the girls hands.

“Dont you know the rules in stone gambling The person who gets it first owns it, not the person who sees it first owns it.” Gu Ning wasnt mad, but looked at the girl coldly.

“Exactly! There are rules in stone gambling, and this girl is so rude!” someone criticized.

“So what Do you know who I am Im the daughter of the Wang Family, Wang Xinyan.

This is my familys store, so it is mine if I say so,” the girl said arrogantly.

Hearing that she was the daughter of the Wang Family, people around were all scared, especially when they found out that she was Wang Xinyan.

Why Because she was notorious for her rude and unkind behavior.

“She is the daughter of the Wang Family She is a troublemaker!”

“Exactly! No one dares to have bad blood with the Wang Family!”

“I heard that a young girl also picked up a raw material that Miss Wang liked last time, and she wasnt willing to give it back either.

She even had a fight with Miss Wang.

Because of that, her fathers settled deal with the Wang Family was canceled.”

“I heard of that too! Miss Wang had a scratch on her arm, but the girl had several scratches! One was even on her face,” another man added.

Then he persuaded Gu Ning with kindness, “Miss, I think you better give this raw material back to her.

You cant afford the result.”

The Wang Family was also well-known for its rudeness and arrogance in City Teng, because It was not only one of the largest raw material suppliers in City Teng, but the second son in their family was the vice mayor of City Teng.

The Wang Family was influential in both politics and business, so no one dared to act against them.

Although it had nothing to do with Gu Ning, she had a bad impression of the Wang Family now.

“What if I refuse to give it to you What can you do to me” Gu Ning asked Wang Xinyan, and she didnt seem afraid at all.

Why did Wang Xinyan have to get this raw material Was she only being naughty or she was positive about it

“If you dont give it to me, Ill have someone drive you out!” Wang Xinyan threatened.

“Really However, I dont think you can make the decision.

If the boss of this store agrees to do so, Ill leave right away,” Gu Ning said.

“You…” Wang Xinyan was mad.

She didnt expect that Gu Ning wasnt afraid of her at all.

“Dont you dare leave! Ill go and find my grandpa!”

Saying that, Wang Xinyan turned around, running out.

Seeing that, everyone was looking at Gu Ning worriedly, but she still seemed at ease.

Wang Xinyans grandpa was in the yard at this time, so she soon went back with her grandpa.

Wang Xinyans grandpa was called Wang Hongming, he was the leader of one of the four most influential families in City Teng.

There were four main influential families in City Teng, namely the Shi Family, the Zhang Family, the Shen Family and the Wang Family.

Among them, both the Zhang Family and the Wang Family were raw material suppliers.

Wang Hongming seemed in a bad mood, but no one knew the reason.

Although the Wang Family was always arrogant, they would also compromise if they were the extremely unreasonable side.

“Grandpa, its her! She grabbed the raw material away from me!” Wang Xinyan pointed at Gu Ning complaining to her grandpa.

“What exactly happened” Wang Hongming asked.

He had a natural gravitas and air of threat.

And he clearly knew about his granddaughters character.

It was highly possible that his granddaughter exaggerated it.

However, his granddaughter had an outstanding instinct.

Since she wanted this raw material, it was also quite possible that there was jade in it.

Thus he didnt want to lose it either.

Therefore, he intentionally used his gravitas to threaten Gu Ning so that she would give it up herself.

However, Gu Ning didnt feel threatened at all.

She met Wang Hongmings eyes directly and said, “I picked up this raw material first, but Miss Wang claimed that she saw it before me.

I dont think that there is such a rule in stone gambling.”

Wang Hongming squinted.

He didnt expect that this woman would stand up against him.

“Grandpa, I just turned around to pull my cart, but she grabbed it right away!” Wang Xinyan insisted.

“Miss, since my granddaughter saw it first, and she wants it badly.

Would you please give it back to her There are plenty other raw materials in our store so please choose another one.

My granddaughter has a bad temper, and she wont listen to any of us, but we all dont want her to attack you.” It seemed like Wang Hongming was being friendly to Gu Ning, but he was actually threatening her.

“Well, I can give this one back to her, but what if I pick another raw material and she claims that she saw it before me again” Gu Ning said.

Wang Hongming immediately wore a pleased face.

People around also believed that Gu Ning yielded and compromised.

However, they didnt know that Gu Ning was actually preparing for her small revenge.

“It wont happen again.

Ill take her out the minute she gets this raw material,” Wang Hongming promised.


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