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Leng Shaoting didnt do the same thing to the youngest elder, but he also seriously injured the youngest elder before he stopped.

At this moment, Jing Yunchan, who heard the news, rushed over.

Jing Yunchan had long been aware that Jing Yunyao was still alive, so she wasnt very surprised when she heard that Jing Yunyao came today, since it would have happened sooner or later.

They had bullied her so badly before and their father even wanted to kill her.

She would undoubtedly get revenge.

If she were Jing Yunyao, she would do the same.

Actually, when she heard that Jing Yunyao had survived and even formed a relationship with Shangguan Yang, she was very jealous.

She also realized that their family would be in great danger if Jing Yunyao came to pay them back.

Therefore, although it was dangerous, Jing Yunchan still rushed back to the Jing familys house.

Her parents were in danger, so she had to do something.

Jing Yunchan went to the backyard and saw Jing Yunyao first.

When she saw that Jing Yunyao was much more beautiful than her even though Jing Yunyao was older, she was filled with jealousy.

When Jing Yunyao saw Jing Yunchan, however, she squinted in anger, because Jing Yunchan had bullied her the most when they were younger.

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“Jing Yunchan, been a long while! You dont seem to have made any progress.

And youre getting old.” Jing Yunyao talked to Jing Yunchan mockingly.

Hearing that, Jing Yunchan was angry and jealous.

How could Jing Yunyao say that aloud

Before Jing Yunchan said anything, she saw her parents injured on the ground.

She panicked and left Jing Yunyao, then ran towards her parents.

“Father, mother!”

Even though Jing Yunchan expected it to happen, it was still hard for her to accept when she saw the result with her own eyes.

Her mother was dying, and her father had become an ordinary man after being deprived of his abilities.

“Jing Yunyao, you…” Jing Yunchan abruptly turned to glare at Jing Yunyao, wanting to criticize Jing Yunyao, but she was too mad to breathe normally.

She could barely speak.

“What” Jing Yunyao asked.

“Jing Yunyao, no matter what, its your father as well.

My mother is also senior to you.

How could you be so cruel Arent you afraid of being punished after you injured your own father” Jing Yunchan shouted, thinking that Jing Yunyao was too cruel.

“Is it acceptable for a father to want to kill his daughter If you were me, what would you do He wanted to kill me and killed my husband.

When he learned that I survived, he tried to kill me again.

Even my son was injured because of him.

Can you forgive such a father” Jing Yunyao replied.

They had no position to blame her for being cruel.

Jing Yaorong was much crueler!

Jing Yaorong wanted to kill all of them, but she let him live.

Hearing that, Jing Yunchan didnt know what to say.

She definitely couldnt forgive such a father.

If she were Jing Yunyao and had been through everything Jing Yunyao had suffered, she would kill her father with her own hands.

Jing Yunyao continued.

“Oh, and your mother isnt injured by me, your great father hurt her.”

“How is that possible” Jing Yunchan was shocked.

How could her father injure her mother

However, it was a public place.

Jing Yunyao couldnt lie to her, so Jing Yunchan turned to ask Jing Yunfei.

“Brother, is mother…”

“Yes.” Jing Yunfei answered with a nod.

“Why” Jing Yunchan couldnt accept it.

Why would her father do that

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“Mother made a mistake and father was angry,” said Jing Yunfei.

“What mistake” Jing Yunchan asked.

What mistake did her mother make that made her father so angry

“Dont ask,” said Jing Yunfei.

He didnt want to say it aloud.

“Why” Jing Yunchan was reluctant to stop.

“Because your mother cheated on your father.

She…” Jing Yunfei was unwilling to say it, so Jing Yunyao said it for him.

She didnt make it very clear, but everyone understood what she was talking about.

“No way!” Jing Yunchan refused to believe it and argued.

“Its not true.

It cant be true.”

However, she knew that Jing Yunyao told the truth, because Jing Yunfei didnt deny it.

“Your father watched the video.

I just told the truth.” Jing Yunyao sneered.

Hearing that, Jing Yunchan didnt know what to say.

It took Jing Yaorong a long while to digest the news, but now it was brought up again.

Filled with anger, he clenched his teeth and said, “B-Bi*ch.”

After being sure, Jing Yunchan didnt think it was wrong that her father seriously hurt her mother.

It was hard not to be mad, but she felt he had hurt her too seriously so she blamed him for that.

Anyway, Jing Yaorong was also in a terrible condition, so she didnt say anything.

“Hows mother Why didnt you save her” Jing Yunchan asked Jing Yunyan.

“Shes badly injured.

I put a lot of magical energy into her body, but its useless.” Jing Yunyan closed his eyes a little and said in despair.

Hearing that, Jing Yunchan also felt helpless.

Why Why did it become so bad

Jing Yunyao was in no mood to watch them chat, so she directly interrupted.

“As of today, you, Jing Yaorong, is no longer the Jing familys patriarch.

Youll be chased out of the Jing family.

From today, Jing Jining will become the new patriarch.

Whoever is against it can challenge me.”

Jing Jining would be the Jing familys new patriarch

Hearing that, other than Jing Jining and Leng Shaoting, everyone was surprised.

They always thought that Jing Yunyao would replace Jing Yaorong and become the new patriarch after defeating him.

However, unexpectedly, she let Jing Jining take that position.

Jing Yanhua and his wife had mixed emotions.

Although they didnt have ambition and always behaved themselves, it didnt mean that they didnt love the position of patriarch.

They were merely reluctant to take it through dirty tricks.

Anyway, it would be different if Jing Yunyao let Jing Jining take that position.

However, they still thought that Jing Yunyao was a better choice.

After all, she was at a very high level.


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