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“Because mother made a mistake and betrayed father, father hurt her while angry,” said Jing Yunfei.

Although Senior Mrs.

Jing was dead and he disrespected her by saying that, he couldnt give Jing Yunfei a perfunctory answer.

Even if he gave a perfunctory answer right now, Jing Yunyan would find out sooner or later.

After all, it wasnt a secret right now.

Hearing that, Jing Yunyan had mixed emotions.

As a man, he couldnt tolerate it if his wife betrayed him.

If he encountered the same thing, he would also hurt his wife.

However, Jing Yaorong had hurt Senior Mrs.

Jing too badly, causing her death, which was unacceptable.

After all, Senior Mrs.

Jing was his mother.

“If so, mother was wrong, and I understand that father got really mad and injured her, but he hurt her too seriously,” said Jing Yunyan.

Jing Yunfei and the others had the same opinion, so none of them argued with him.

Because of Senior Mrs.

Jings death, they didnt go to see Jing Yaorong after putting him in a room.

Jing Yunfei went to tell him that Senior Mrs.

Jing had died, but Jing Yaorongs reaction upset him.

Even though Senior Mrs.

Jing had cheated on Jing Yaorong, she was already dead, but Jing Yaorong still said that she deserved it.

He was extremely cold-blooded.

Nevertheless, he couldnt change Jing Yaorong.

After paying the Jing family back, Jing Yunyao felt much better.

Now she only blamed herself for Leng Yuanhans death a little.

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Leng Shaoting and the others didnt know how to comfort her, because nothing they did helped.

Leng Shaoting didnt even blame Jing Yunyao.

During those few days, Gu Ning didnt go back to school.

She stayed in the siheyuan with Leng Shaoting, because he needed to go back to the military base later today.

Leng Shaoting would leave in the afternoon, while Gu Ning would return to her school.

This time, Gu Ning didnt ask Leng Shaoting to drive her back.

She drove back by herself.

However, right as Gu Ning had almost reached her school, a person suddenly rushed in front of her car from out of an alley nearby.

Gu Ning slammed on the brakes and stopped the car a meter away from the person.

If she reacted slowly, she might have knocked into him.

Normally, Gu Ning would be very mad, because the man might be feigning injury to scam her.

Gu Ning thought this because the man fell to the ground as soon as he rushed in front of Gu Nings car.

However, before long, Gu Ning realized that it wasnt a feigned accident, because she saw blood on the mans back.

The next moment, three men ran out of the alley with steel sticks.

Most importantly, they headed towards the man who fell in front of her car.

She didnt know what the man had done, but she felt she had to do something in such a situation.

After all, the man could be killed in front of her car!

Therefore, Gu Ning immediately got out of her car to stop the group of men.

“Hey, how could you be so violent Arent you afraid of being caught by the police”

The moment the group of men saw the beautiful girl, they were stunned and leered at her.

“Who are you You are so slim and weak.

Do you want to stop us Can you beat us” said a man.

He wasnt mad at Gu Ning, because he didnt take Gu Ning seriously.

“Why Shes such a pretty young girl.

How could you injure her We should have some fun together.

Right” said another man.

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“Right, if you go have some fun with us, we can let him go.”


They were sexually harassing Gu Ning.

The man lying on the ground heard Gu Nings voice and felt it was familiar.

He did his best to raise his head and look at her.

The moment he raised his head, Gu Ning also saw his face and felt surprised, because the man turned out to be Rong Zechen.

Although Gu Ning disliked him and the Rong family was the Leng familys enemies, she didnt leave.

She was still willing to help him.

If he needed her help, she would give him a helping hand.

Rong Zechen felt embarrassed when he saw that it was Gu Ning.

He still held a grudge against Gu Ning and wanted to protect his dignity, so he didnt want her help.

“Its my own business.

I dont need you.”

Although his dignity stopped him from turning to Gu Ning for help, he was worried that Gu Ning might really leave him behind.

If Gu Ning really left him behind, he honestly didnt know what would happen to him today.

“Fine, I wont interfere in your business, but Im going to do something for myself,” said Gu Ning coldly.

When the group of men started sexually harassing her, she had already gotten mad.

She could be tolerant sometimes, but she couldnt stand sexual harassment.

After that, Gu Ning turned to look at the group of men.

“Do you have the ability to take me away”

Even though they knew the girl couldnt really be weak since she dared to stand out, they still took her lightly.

In their eyes, she was just a woman who had some skill, but no clear understanding of herself.

They, on the contrary, were good at fighting and had never lost before!

“Its easy!” The man laughed.

“Bros, come on, lets take her away and have some fun tonight!”

“Great!” The other men agreed, then the three of them walked towards Gu Ning.

Rong Zechen understood how strong Gu Ning was, so he wasnt afraid that she would be injured by the three men.

Moreover, Gu Ning said that she wasnt helping him.

She just wanted to teach the men a lesson for sexually harassing her.

It made Rong Zechen feel better, so he didnt stop Gu Ning from fighting them.

All in all, he still wanted to be rescued.

Once the three men came closer, Gu Ning attacked them.

She didnt want to waste time on them, so she made it quick and used a lot of force.

The three men didnt expect Gu Ning to be a kung fu master.

Before they could do anything, Gu Ning beat them down, taking only thirty seconds.

The three men instantly felt hurt.


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