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It wasnt strange that some people closely resembled each other, so Leng Shaoting wasnt surprised.

He simply disliked the mans actions.

The man in white stopped and didnt come forward again.

At that moment, he got his reason back.

How could this girl be Shen Er Shen Er was in the ice coffin now, but this girl really greatly resembled Shen Er.

They werent the same, but they were 80% alike.

“Who are you What are you doing here” asked the man in white, sounding annoyed.

He didnt think Leng Shaoting and Gu Ning were kind visitors.

“Were cultivators, and we sensed evil power in this cave,” said Leng Shaoting.

“Do you mean youre coming to kill me” The man in white sneered.

Although he asked that question, his tone was certain.

“Evil cultivators arent allowed to exist.

Were just obeying the rules,” said Leng Shaoting.

“The rules Thats the excuse you, the so-called good cultivators always use when you want to kill for no reason.

Why cant evil cultivators exist Were not all bad.

Ive hidden here for over a thousand years.

Ive done nothing wrong, nor have I hurt the innocent.

How could you come to kill me just because of a stupid rule Whats the difference between you and those harmful evil cultivators” The man in white questioned angrily.

He held great hostility towards the so-called good cultivators, because he had suffered from unfair treatment.

The man in white continued.

“Do you think we want to become evil cultivators We were forced to.

If we hadnt been harmed, we wouldnt have chosen to be evil cultivators.

You only want to kill us, but never think of the reason why we became evil cultivators.”


He was either being honest, or he was very adept at lying.

Either way, they wouldnt believe everything the man in white just said.

They needed to speak to him further to make sure of it.

“But I still need to ask about something.

Did you kill those people outside” asked Leng Shaoting straightforwardly.

When he asked that question, he focused on the man in whites expression.

He wouldnt miss any of his reactions.

“No.” The man in white seemed very calm and honest.

“At least I wont hurt anyone before they find this grave.

I wont kill them, but I can prevent them from leaking the information.

Those bodies were left here by two groups of people after a fight.

They met by accident.

Some were directly killed, while some were too seriously injured to leave and finally died of starvation.”

Because he was being very honest, Leng Shaoting and Gu Ning believed his reply.

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Actually, they understood why the man in white would do his best to punish people who found this grave.

If they were the man in white, they would do the same thing.

The man had stayed here for over a thousand years, and didnt want to be bothered.

Those grave-diggers didnt only bother him, but also tried to steal valuable things from this grave.

“Why couldnt you leave this cave” asked Leng Shaoting.

Hearing that, the man in white looked slightly sad.

He didnt immediately reply to Leng Shaoting, but subconsciously turned to give a glance at the stone door of the chamber.

He wasnt staring at the stone door, but the woman in the ice coffin behind it.

However, because the stone door was closed, they couldnt see her.

“We can only live in this cave.

Once we leave it, well lose our lives and disappear.

I cant leave her, and she cant leave me either,” said the man in white, looking upset.

He was talking about the woman in the ice coffin in the chamber.

Gu Ning suddenly remembered how the man in white called her when they met just then.

She guessed Shen Er might be the woman lying in the ice coffin in the chamber.

If so, the woman must greatly resemble her, otherwise the man in white wouldnt mistake her for the woman at that moment.

In order to make sure of it, Gu Ning used her Jade Eyes to look at the woman in the ice coffin.

They were close right now, so she could see her clearly.

Even though she had that guess, Gu Ning was still surprised to see how closely they resembled each other.

They werent identical, but they were at least 80% alike.

“Do you mean the woman who greatly resembles me in the ice coffin in the next chamber” asked Gu Ning with an affirmative tone.


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