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Zhang Decheng arrived later as well, along with several old men at the same age.

They were more than shocked when they found out the types of the jade.

An old man came to Gu Ning and asked with excitement as well as politeness, “Are you Miss Tang who cut out all the jade”

Actually, he recognized her at first sight but still asked the question out of politeness.

“Yes, I am.

May I know you name” Gu Ning replied politely.

The old man was slightly surprised by Gu Nings good manners.

He thought that she would be very proud or even arrogant after she cut out so many pieces of valuable jade, but now he had a better impression of Gu Ning.

“Miss Tang, so nice to meet you.

Im the head of the Jade Association in City Teng, Zhang Dequan.

And your extremely outstanding ability of stone gambling impresses me deeply.

I hope that we can have a chance to communicate with each other.”

Zhang Dequan didnt hide his appreciation and admiration towards Gu Ning.

And he didnt show any hatred or jealousy at all.

He only admired Gu Ning for her ability of stone gambling, instead of her wealth.

Only upright people valued ability and talent over money.

Zhang Dequan was Zhang Dechengs younger brother.

And as the head of Jade Association, Zhang Dequan was also excellent at stone gambling.

He had cut out three pieces of jade out of five raw materials before.

Although it had only happened once, he had won everyones respect already, because it had never happened before him, but now, Gu Ning appeared all of a sudden.

“So nice to meet you too, Mr.


Its my honor to be able to communicate with you,” Gu Ning replied modestly.

She wouldnt reject such a kind and respected man.

And the point of cooperation was a win-win.

“Miss Tang, would you please tell me how you make judgments about whether there is jade in the raw materials I had a look of those raw materials in your cart, but some of them dont show any signs of jade,” Zhang Dequan asked Gu Ning.

“The outer layer of the raw materials is a weathered leather shell, which makes it impossible to see whether there is jade or its species.

It is said that “songhua”, “python stripe”, ” moss” and other characteristics are of great help to judge the internal condition of the raw materials.

I dont deny it, because theyre indeed helpful in most cases, but its also possible to cut out jade from raw materials without “songhua”, “python stripe”, ” moss” or other characteristics.

Ones luck is also very important.

Therefore, I basically choose raw materials according to my instinct.

Fortunately, I have good instinct and luck,” Ning answered.

“Well put!” Zhang Dequan couldnt agree more.

He understood that it was also possible to cut jade out of raw materials without “songhua”, “python stripe”, ” moss” or other characteristics, but no one dared to take the chance because it was too risky.

However, he was still amazed by this womans unbelievable luck.

He had to believe it for now, because he couldnt find any other reasonable explanation.

In addition, the woman indeed seemed confident and able.

Gu Ning also noticed that Master Tang was standing with Lu Mingfei, the representative of Dihao Jewelry, who had exchanged name cards with her.

Dihao Jewelry originated from City B, and was the biggest high-end jewelry brand in this country.

It was one of the four first-line jewelry brands domestically, and was famous internationally too.

There were only three domestic jewelry companies which were well-known internationally, and the Tang Familys company was one of them, but this Tang Family wasnt the Tang Family that Tang Aining was from.

Gu Ning glanced at Master Tang, seeing that Lu Mingfei respected Master Tang a lot as if Master Tang was his boss. Is Master Tang the boss or the management of Dihao Jewelry Gu Ning thought to herself.

Dihao Jewelry belonged to the Tanghuang Group, and the Tang Family was one of the four most influential families in City B.

The Tang Family was more than a normal super-rich family because it was powerful in both business and politics, thus few people dare to act against it.

Gu Ning believed that Master Tang must have a close connection with Dihao Jewelry.

Anyway, it had nothing to do with her.

The violet jade with green flowers was open for bid later.

Because a man had already revealed the real price of this violet jade with green flowers, all the businessmen started to bid at a very high price.

In the end, the violet jade with green flowers was bought by Dihao Jewelry at the price of six hundred million yuan.

After that, the old-pit glass species was sold at the price of two hundred and fifty million yuan.

Gu Ning continued to cut out the rest of her raw materials and more pieces of jade came out continuously, but she only cut out medium-level jade for sale.

The minute that Leng Shaoting got off the plane at the military division, he told Xu Jinchen and the others to keep an eye on their opponents before he came back.

Then he abandoned them and left, which surprised Xu Jinchen and his other teammates.

“Wait, whats going on here”

“No idea.”

“I think our boss has been acting strange recently.

He is always in a hurry to meet someone.”

“Exactly, he even abandoned us.”

“Is he really in love now”

Gu Ning had already told Leng Shaoting that she would be in the street of stone gambling most of today, so he drove straight to the street.

When he parked the car in the parking lot, he called Gu Ning at once.

However, it wasnt convenient for Gu Ning to answer his call now, so she texted him.

Leng Shaoting immediately sent her a message back. I have already arrived here at the parking lot on the street of stone gambling.

Reading that message, Gu Ning was slightly surprised but soon went back to normal.

She understood that he must be free now since he came here in person, so she packed up and left without delay.

Gu Ning had only cut out half of her raw materials till now, and there were 30 more with mostly medium-level jade inside.

Gu Ning had not only made over 2.3 billion yuan, but also absorbed a lot of power from the jade that she had cut out today.

Her telepathic eye space was doubled again, and was eight square meters in size now.

Seeing that Gu Ning was leaving, the jewelry businessmen were all disappointed because many of them hadnt gotten a single piece of jade yet!

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