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Gu Ning comforted them.

“Please dont worry.

Ill inform you all within one or two days once the rest of the raw materials have all been cut out.”

Hearing that, everyone was excited.

Then Gu Ning left the store.

Although Wang Hongming was absent, someone told him every detail about what was happening in his store.

When he got to know that Tang Aining cut out over 30 pieces of jade continuously and made 2.3 billion yuan till now, he spat blood several times.

She had only cut out half of her raw materials and had already made 2.4 billion yuan!

Wang Hongming was now fully convinced that the rest of her raw materials all contained jade.

Did she take all the raw materials with jade inside from my store Wang Hongming thought to himself.

This time, Wang Hongming had a plan to kill Tang Aining.

The minute that Gu Ning walked out of the store, she sensed that eyes were fixed on her, but she didnt care.

She went straight to a washroom with the box of jade in her hands then put it into her telepathic eye space.

After that, she changed her clothes and removed her make-up swiftly.

Ten minutes later, she was back to her normal appearance and left the washroom.

There were three men pacing back and forth nearby outside of the washroom.

They fixed their eyes on the washroom, but failed to recognize Gu Ning because she had already changed.

Thus Gu Ning calmly walked away while in their sight.

They waited for a long time, but Tang Aining still didnt show up.

They started to sense that something had to be wrong.

It shouldnt take so long for a woman to use a washroom, but they were men and couldnt go inside to check, so they randomly asked another woman to go inside and check for them.

However, the woman told them that it was empty without anybody inside.

“What Its empty How is it possible” None of them believed it because Tang Aining never walked out.

“Are you lying” a man questioned the woman.

“Im not! You can check it yourself if you dont believe me,” the woman replied.

They exchanged a glance with each other.

After a few seconds of struggle, one of them said, “Ill go check it.”

He made a round in the ladies room, but it was indeed empty.

They were all struck dumb now.

“What happened Weve been waiting here the entire time, but she never walked out!”

“Exactly! And there is only one way out of the ladies room!”

“Did she change her look and we failed to recognize her”

“Impossible, I didnt see any female with a box in her hands coming out.”

“What exactly happened”

“Did she disappear for no reason” a man asked, and all of them felt scared but couldnt believe it.

“What should we do now” a man asked worriedly.

Their target disappeared all of a sudden, and they would be punished.

“No idea,” another man said resignedly.

“I think we should check around this area once more!”

Before Gu Ning walked out of the street of stone gambling, she noticed that there were many people gathered outside of a store which was being damaged by a group of men.

“What is going on Who has Boss Zheng offended”

“Its not Boss Zheng, but his son Zheng Hao isnt able to pay usury 1 .

The usurer cant get the money back, so directly sent people to damage his store.”

“What Again”

Apparently, it had happened before.

“Indeed, this is already the third time this year.

Boss Zheng could pay the usury the previous two times, but now he cant afford it.”

“Well, I have a deep sympathy for Boss Zheng.

His wife passed away at an early age without any children.

He loved his wife very much and wasnt willing to marry again.

Then he adopted Zheng Hao out of kindness.

However, unexpectedly, Zheng Hao is merely a loser who cant achieve anything and destroyed all of Boss Zhengs wealth.”

“Exactly! Zheng Hao is just fooling around and gambles all day.

What a shame that Boss Zheng who is such a good person has been ruined by his adopted son!”

“I think that his store will probably close in the near future.”

“Zheng Hao is so shameless and useless.

Why does Boss Zheng still keep the connection with him”

“Who knows!”

Everyone was busy discussing with others.

Hearing their discussion, Gu Ning felt sorry for this Boss Zheng too, and also hated Zheng Hao.

“Stop it please! Please stop it! Ill pay you back in two days!” Zheng Peng tried his best to stop the group of men in vain, and he was pushed backwards with great force.

It happened too fast for Zheng Peng to react.

He immediately lost his balance, falling down, and there were shelves of raw materials behind him.

If Zheng Peng knocked straight into those raw materials, he would be badly injured.

Without hesitation, Gu Ning pushed the two people standing in her way aside running ahead.

Those two people almost fell and screamed, but when they found out what was happening in front of their eyes, they were shocked.

Gu Ning was very fast, but was still a little bit late.

Zheng Peng had already hit the shelves with the raw materials placed on them.

Many raw materials fell down one after another, and one of them hit Zheng Pengs shoulder while another was falling towards his head.

The crowd rounded their eyes with astonishment, and some turned away to avoid the terrible scene.

However, right at that moment, a hand grabbed Zheng Pengs arm and immediately pulled him away.

Zheng Peng finally escaped the raw materials falling from the shelves.

Everyone was amazed, looking at the young girl who was surprisingly agile and had strength to save Zheng Pengs life.

Otherwise, Zheng Peng would either be dead or severely injured.

Zheng Peng was struck dumb.

The men who were damaging the store stopped for a second when they heard the loud noise.

They were so close but none of them had the intention to help Zheng Peng.

After seeing what Gu Ning had done, they were all surprised too.

However, they saw that Zheng Peng was fine, so they continued smashing objects in the store.

Although it had nothing to do with Gu Ning, she was greatly annoyed, and attacked those men without delay.

She caught the man who stood nearest to her by his shoulder, and lifted him off the ground and threw him outside with great force.

People were all shocked by the scene.

It was beyond their imagination that such a young girl could be so strong.

None of the other men in the store realized what was going on before the second man was kicked down onto the floor by Gu Ning.

Merry Christmas Eve everyone!!!

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