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Afterwards, Zhan Zhiyin had no idea what she should say, while Leng Shaoming was thinking how to open his mouth and confess his affection for her.

As a result, the room fell into silence at once and it was a little depressing.

A few minutes later, right when Leng Shaoming summoned up his courage and was about to open his mouth, Zhan Zhiyin said, “Um, Im a little tired now.

I need some sleep.

You should also have a good rest!”

She was just saying that as an excuse, but she needed to carefully think about their relationship.

“Sure.” Leng Shaoming agreed.

Since Zhan Zhiyin needed sleep, he shouldnt bother her and he would talk to her about it after she slept.

Zhan Zhiyin couldnt sleep, but she still closed her eyes.

About an hour later, Leng Shaomings secretary came, causing Zhan Zhiyin to open her eyes.

Leng Shaomings secretary went to the accident scene to deal with it.

The car was towed away for repair and he took back Leng Shaoming and Zhan Zhiyins bags.

Although their phones and certificates couldnt be used any longer, he still needed to bring them back.

They would destroy the phones and certificates on their own.

When Leng Shaomings secretary came back, he also brought new phones and new clothing to Zhan Zhiyin and Leng Shaoming, by Leng Shaomings order.

They also had new SIM cards.

Normally, they needed to apply for the cards by themselves, but their connections were enough to help them solve the problem.

Therefore, they could use their new phones immediately.

There was also a backup of their contacts, so they quickly got all of that back.

“Oh, how much is the phone Ill transfer the money to you.” Zhan Zhiyin asked Leng Shaoming.

She and Leng Shaoming werent a couple yet.

Even if they were, she wouldnt accept stuff from him for free, unless it was a gift.

“No need, weve known each other for so long.

Ive never given you any gifts before.

This phone is a gift for you.

I hope you like it,” said Leng Shaoming.

It was just a phone worth a few thousand yuan.

Since he was willing to buy it, he wouldnt ask Zhan Zhiyin for money.

“Well, thanks!” Zhan Zhiyin liked it as a gift.

This was the first time that Leng Shaoming had given her a gift! There was no reason for her to reject it.

Once Zhan Zhiyin turned on her phone, she saw a missed call from her own grandfather.

Without delay, she called him back.

After Master Leng left the hospital, he called Zhan Daosong and told him about the bad news.

Even though he didnt ask Zhan Zhiyin for her agreement, Zhan Zhiyin had saved Leng Shaomings life, so as Leng Shaomings grandfather, he should share the news with Zhan Daosong.

When Zhan Daosong heard the news, he was scared, although he knew Zhan Zhiyin and Leng Shaoming were fine now.

At the same time, he was impressed by how deeply his granddaughter loved Leng Shaoming.

Anyway, he approved of their relationship, but he didnt want Zhan Zhiyin to be injured.

Zhan Zhiyin told him that she was getting closer and closer to Leng Shaoming.

She could even feel that Leng Shaoming had already fallen in love with her.

He believed that Leng Shaoming was much more reliable than most other men, but Zhan Zhiyin was his granddaughter, so he cared about her.

After the call from Master Leng, Zhan Daosong called Zhan Zhiyin at once.

Even though he knew that her phone couldnt be used after falling into water, he still gave her a call.

Anyway, it was understandable that he failed to get through to her.

“Hi, grandpa.” As soon as Zhan Zhiyin saw the call, she called her grandfather back.

However, she felt a little nervous, because she knew that Zhan Daosong was aware of the car accident.

“Are you alright” Zhan Daosong asked her in a serious tone.

Even though it angered Zhan Daosong when he learned that Zhan Zhiyin protected Leng Shaoming when the car accident happened, he didnt plan to criticize her.

Because Zhan Zhiyin was an adult and she had her own ideas, he couldnt interfere in her business.

Most importantly, they were only slightly injured, so they were totally fine now.

“Im fine.

Im sorry for worrying you, grandpa.” Zhan Zhiyin apologized.

“Great, dont make me worry about you in the future, alright Grandpas old now.

I cant bear bad news.” Zhan Daosong reminded her seriously.

He couldnt directly tell Zhan Zhiyin to protect herself first if such accidents happened again, because it would make him seem too selfish, but people were selfish.

Zhan Zhiyin was undoubtedly more important to him than Leng Shaoming, so he was reluctant to see her getting injured.

“Of course, I know.

I wont worry you again, grandpa,” said Zhan Zhiyin.

Although no one knew what would happen in the future, she had to please Zhan Daosong at this moment.

If it was possible, she didnt want such an accident to happen either and didnt want to worry her family.

“Um, do my parents know” asked Zhan Zhiyin in anxiety.

“Not yet, I havent told them yet,” said Zhan Daosong.

“Im fine now.

Please dont tell them.” Zhan Zhiyin begged.

“Well…” Zhan Daosong was annoyed, but agreed that it was unnecessary to tell Zhan Zhiyins parents since she was fine now.


“Thank you, grandpa.” Zhan Zhiyin was relieved and thanked her grandfather.

Although she wasnt really Zhan Zhiyin, she still felt her residual familial love after she became Zhan Zhiyin.

Therefore, she already took them as her family, so she cared about their feelings.

“Alright, thats it.

Be careful outside.” Zhan Daosong reminded her.

“Of course, grandpa.

See you,” said Zhan Zhiyin, then hung up.

When Leng Shaoming heard Zhan Zhiyins conversation with her grandfather on the phone, he felt guilty.

“Its time for a meal.

What do you want to eat” Leng Shaoming asked Zhan Zhiyin.

“I dont know.

Why dont we have a home-cooked meal today” said Zhan Zhiyin.

Although she didnt have an appetite right now, she didnt want Leng Shaoming to know that she was in a bad mood.

“Good idea!” said Leng Shaoming.

He knew that Zhan Zhiyin wasnt a picky eater, so he ordered his secretary to prepare several simple dishes for them.

When his secretary was gone, Zhan Zhiyin went to the washroom and sent Gu Ning a message.

She told Gu Ning that she just tested Leng Shaomings response and didnt know what to do now.

Should she be honest with Leng Shaoming right now

Gu Ning read Zhan Zhiyins message right away, but she had no good suggestion for her.

Besides, it was their personal affair, while she was an outsider.

She couldnt interfere.


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