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Seeing Mu Ke was with Gu Ning, Qin Zheng and his friends were all in shock.

After the shock, Zhang Yiming opened his mouth with intense dislike, “Mu Ke, why are you with her”

The “her” word had been stressed with discrimination.

Hearing this, Mu Ke frowned with dissatisfaction in his eyes.

“Its none of your business that Im with whom,” Mu Ke replied unfriendly.

Fu Mingliang immediately shouted in surprise, “Jesus, do you like Gu Ning How is it possible Shes a poor girl.

She can never be with you!”

Apparently, Fu Mingliang also believed Mu Ke liked Gu Ning.

To which, he didnt want to hide his dislike at all.

“Shut your mouth!” Mu Ke was annoyed.

Gu Ning was his boss, and an extremely important figure in his heart.

He couldnt tolerate someone else attack her before his face.

Mu Ke looked coldly at Fu Mingliang.

He was likely to fight, “Fu Mingliang, if you dare to say something like that, Ill beat you!”

Mu Kes behavior successfully irritated Fu Mingliang.

He shouted angrily to Mu Ke, “Mu Ke, what is wrong with you Do you really want to beat your bros for that girl”

Fu Mingliangs shout attracted people around them.

“Interesting,” Mu Ke laughed in a sarcastic way, “I honestly dont want to make friends with you.

Youre a bunch of bullies who enjoy humiliating an innocent classmate.

You all rely on your parents to live a wealthy glorious life.

And youre proud of it Shame on you.

Try to be independent sometimes!”

Mu Ke had attacked them all, and raised dissatisfaction among them.

Chen Ziyao opened her mouth first, because she still remembered that Gu Ning had slapped her face yesterday.

She said, “Whats wrong with us calling her a poor girl She is a poor girl! And whats wrong with us relying on our parents Thats because we all have a wealthy and powerful family!”

“Exactly, she is born poor! Thats pathetic!” Gu Xiaoxiao immediately followed.

“Mu Ke, how about you then You are running a jewelry store now.

Didnt you ask your parents for money” Fu Mingliang was displeased, and he was jealous as well.

Yes, he was being jealous.

Although Fu Mingliang had no interest in a startup and he had no intention to work hard, he was still jealous of Mu Kes profitable business.

He didnt want Mu Ke to be better than him.

Knowing this, Gu Ning was surprised.

She didnt expect Mu Ke would start up a business at such a young age.

A jewelry store, it seemed she had encountered her peer.

“So what At least my family only helped me with money, thats all.” Mu Ke wasnt showing off.

He was telling the truth.

Gu Ning supported Mu Ke in her heart.

She had to admit that Mu Ke was a boy of determination and ability.

If it was possible, she even wanted to cooperate with him.

“You…” Fu Mingliang was still displease, but he knew the fact as well.

All of a sudden, he couldnt argue back.

Fu Mingliang gave up, while Gu Xiaoxiao continued, “Gee, Gu Ning, yesterday, you said you would be rich.

Does it mean that you found yourself a rich boyfriend like Mu Ke”

“Well, Mu Ke indeed is from a rich family.

However, you can never marry into such a rich family.

Mu Ke will dump you sooner or later.

Then, God bless you wont end up like your mother who was pregnant when she was just a freshman, and had been dumped by a man and dropped out of school.

Now she..


Before Gu Xiaoxiao could finish, she screamed out loud, which shocked everyone in the canteen.

Especially those who were standing around her, they almost went deaf by the scream.

Now, right on Gu Xiaoxiaos head was an upside down plate.

The food and oil were sliding down along her hair, face and clothes.

Gu Xiaoxiao had egg on her face.

At the same time, everyone was staring at Gu Ning in shock.

They all saw clearly that Gu Ning had thrown the plate straight to Gu Xiaoxiao.

The plate even had turned several circles in the air, then right fell on Gu Xiaoxiaos head.

Was this a coincidence No, it couldnt be.

Could Gu Ning do kung fu

Thinking of that, most people looked at Gu Ning in a different way, especially those who were kung fu lovers.

“Wow, boss, youre so awesome.

I want to learn this move!” Mu Ke raised his voice with excitement.

He admired Gu Ning now more than ever.

Boss The crowd was shocked once more.

Mu Ke called Gu Ning his boss What was going on

Gu Ning ignored Mu Ke, fixing her eyes on Gu Xiaoxiao with coldness.

She warned, “Gu Xiaoxiao, shut your smelly mouth.

If you dare to say another word to humiliate my mother, Ill beat you to the ground!”

“What the f*ck! Gu Ning, Im going to kill you!” Gu Xiaoxiao wouldnt listen to Gu Nings warning.

She went crazy now, and ran to Gu Ning.

The plate on her head fell down on the floor at the same time.

Gu Ning sneered.

She casually pulled a table nearby to her front.

Then, Gu Xiaoxiao hit straight on the table.

The crowd was shocked for the third time.

The table was heavy.

How could Gu Ning easily moved it

Now, everyone believed Gu Ning must be a master of kung fu.

Gu Xiaoxiao was Qin Zhengs girlfriend.

Seeing Gu Xiaoxiao had been treated so badly, he felt embarrassed as well.

He had to stand up for Gu Xiaoxiao now.

“Gu Ning, youre going too far!” he criticized.

Saying this, he instantly went to help Gu Xiaoxiao stand up.

“Interesting,” Gu Ning sneered again.

She looked at him in a meaningful way, “Really Compared with what youve done to me, am I really going too far If you dont mind, Im willing to tell the facts to everyone here, and let the crowd be the judge.”

Gu Ning had no intention to continue actually.

However, since those people wouldnt leave her alone, she decided to fight till the end.

“You…” Qin Zheng was cornered.

He absolutely knew what they had done to Gu Ning.

What had they done to Gu Ning

Insiders all knew what Gu Ning was pointing to, but those outsiders were all curious about what had happened.

The glances of curiosity moved around among Gu Ning, Gu Xiaoxiao and Qin Zheng.

Mu Ke was an insider, while Yu Mixi knew half of the truth.

Both of them were mad.

“Let bygones be bygones.

Youre fine now anyway.” Qin Zheng was worried that Gu Ning would tell the truth.


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