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Hao Ran and Qin Zixun was totally amazed, but they got their mind back soon.

They were astonished in their heart, but never hesitated to move.

If they hadnt taken Gu Ning seriously before, now they wouldnt do the same thing.

Facing Qin Zixuns fist, Gu Ning raised hers to his, but when their fists were about to meet each other, Gu Ning suddenly kicked on Qin Zixuns stomach.

Qin Zixun stepped backwards at short notice, like he had been hit by a heavy object.

Luckily, he was strong enough and didnt fall.

The crowd was shocked again.

Some instantly raised their anticipation of Gu Ning.

Those who wanted to see Gu Ning lose were all disappointed now.

Hao Ran tried to get Gu Ning down on the ground by attaching her legs with his.

Since now Gu Ning stood on the floor with one leg, everyone thought she was going to lose this time.

Even Mu Ke and Yu Mixi took a long breath in.

Unexpectedly, Gu Ning brought her another leg back at once, then kicked out at Hao Rans leg.

Hao Ran was unable to stand steadily afterwards.

Of course, Gu Ning stepped backwards for a short distance as well.

Right at that moment, Qin Zixun attacked Gu Ning with his fist.

Gu Ning didnt escape at all though.

She reached out her hand, directly holding Qin Zixuns fist in her palm.

Gu Ning was still a teenage girl.

Her hand didnt fully cover Qin Zixuns fist, but she was powerful enough to stop Qin Zixun from moving at all.

Qin Zixun didnt panic.

He immediately used another hand to hit Gu Ning, but his fist was held by her palm once more.

Then, before Qin Zixun would able to attack her again, Gu Ning raised her foot and aimed at his shin.

Qin Zixun lost his balance, falling heavily on the ground.

The crowd rounded their eyes in shock again.

Within three moves, only three moves, Qin Zixun was down on the ground.

Qin Zixun, the boy who normally could fight again around seven people, now was defeated by Gu Ning within three moves.

It was hard for anyone of the crowd to accept the fact.

At last, only Hao Ran was standing straight.

Actually, Hao Ran knew he was going to lose at that moment, but he wouldnt give up without fighting.

Thus, he must be more violent than usual.

After several rounds, when Hao Ran wasnt able to stand steadily, Gu Ning kicked him right away.

But she was caught by him at an important point.

The crowd thought Hao Ran was going to win this time.

However, Gu Ning used her another foot to grab the ground tightly, turning her body afterwards.

Her foot got rid of Hao Rans hand at once.

Then, Gu Ning continued to kick.

Now, it was too late for Hao Ran to defend himself.

He was kicked accurately and fell down.

He lost.

The best fighter Hao Ran lost the fight within 10 moves.

Everyone was more than shocked.

They lost, really.

Hao Ran and his another two bros vs.

Gu Ning, and the boys lost.

Gu Ning had won the game easily too.

Nobody would believe what they had just witnessed.

Even Mu Ke and Yu Mixi, who believed in Gu Ning, was completely amazed.

“Jesus! Did I see it wrong Gu Ning, she won!”

“I think we must be in a dream.

Gu Ning won the game”

“Exactly! I cant believe my eyes.

Its so unreal!”

“But the truth is not only has Gu Ning won, she also won it so easily.

She looked so cool when she was attacking them.”

“Yes! Especially the flip, it was so cool!”

“I truly believe Gu Ning is a real master now!”

For now, no one would question whether Gu Ning was a master of kung fu any more.

In ordinary peoples eyes, she was.

Hao Ran and his friends were still in shock, but they were more qualified than anyone else to admit the truth, because they had been through the whole progress.

While Shao Feifei, Gu Xiaoxiao and their friends were totally unwilling to accept the fact.

Shao Feifei even blurted out, “No, no, no.

Its impossible.

Hao Ran and his friends must havent done it with full strength.”

Even though there were some students who had the same thought, no one dared to say it out.

It was a humiliation to Hao Ran and his friends.

No one wanted to have bad blood with them.

Hao Ran and his friends had lost the fight, which was humiliating enough.

Shao Feifeis words had added fuel on the flames.

They were in a rage at once.

“Shut your bloody mouth up! Dont think that Im not one to punch women!” Hao Ran shouted at Shao Feifei in great anger like he was about to beat her.

Shao Feifei immediately shut her mouth, holding her breath in horror.

She looked to Mu Ke, searching for sympathy and comfort.

Unfortunately, Mu Ke glared at her, apparently because she had questioned Gu Ning.

Right now, Shao Feifei felt deeply hurt and aggrieved.

She started to cry.

Shao Feifei wasnt smart actually.

Since she liked Mu Ke, she should never pick on someone he cherished, but she did otherwise.

It would only make Mu Ke hate her if she picked on Gu Ning.

Hao Rans shout shut Shao Feifei and many others mouth, Gu Xiaoxiao and her friends were included.

“Well, I didnt expect it would end so soon.

We even came outside the school for it.

If it had been for fear of punishment, I dont think we need to waste the time,” Gu Ning said, like they had made a mountain out of a molehill.

Hearing this, everyone was speechless.

Who could know this would end so easily!

At the same time, Hao Ran and his friends felt so embarrassed that they even wanted to hide into a crack on the ground.

Gu Ning was really powerful!

Hao Ran took a deep breath, looking at Gu Ning.

Although he felt ashamed after he had lost the fight, he admired Gu Ning after all.

Thus, he admitted without further ado.

“We lost the game, and youre our boss from now on,” Hao Ran said with sincerity.

“Yes, youre our boss from now on,” Qin Zixun and Zhang Tianping followed.

“Very well,” Gu Ning answered.

She suddenly said then, “Im hungry, lets go eat first! Since Im the winner, Ill make the decision of the food.”

Gu Ning gave Mu Ke and Yu Mixi a hint to follow her up, then she left in a hurry.

Gu Ning wasnt hungry actually.

She just didnt want to be stared at by a group of people any longer.

Since Hao Ran and his friends had already accepted Gu Ning as their boss, they would follow her order, and they never lacked of money.

Seeing Gu Ning walking away, Shao Feifei, Gu Xiaoxiao and their friends eyes were all full of disappointment and deep hatred.

Why Why did Gu Ning suddenly become so powerful


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