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Chapter 519 Leng Shaotings Call.

In the past, Gu Qinxiang always used the excuse that he was tired to reject her every time she proposed to have sex.

They only had sex once a week or two weeks and Gu Qinxiang even seemed unwilling to do so.

She used to think that he had to be tired because of work and she should be considerate.

However, to her astonishment, he was tired because he already had enough with the other woman!

“You…” Gu Qinxiang had no idea what to do now.

Although Liu Yuwei was his lover he was just playing around, and it was impossible that he would divorce Lin Lijuan.

Undoubtedly, men tend to obey their sexual impulses and they were selfish too.

Gu Qinxiang was the one who had cheated on his partner and acted against the Marriage Law, but he still thought that it was acceptable because he was just playing around and wouldnt divorce Lin Lijuan.

Marriage In Gu Qinxiangs eyes, Lin Lijuan only cared about her title as Mrs.


However, she actually cared about his loyalty the most.

Times were different now and it was completely unacceptable to cheat on ones partner in marriage.

“Gu Qinxiang, how can you treat us like this! Your daughter was just put in jail and your company is amid crises now.

I even lent you money to help you keep your company afloat! And now you have a mistress How can you be so shameless!” Lin Dechang criticized Gu Qinxiang.

Although he wasnt loyal to his partner in marriage either, he had never kept a woman as a mistress.

In addition, what Gu Qinxiang had done broke Lin Lijuans heart, especially after what had happened to their daughter, Gu Xiaoxiao.

It was also a humiliation to the Lin Family, so Lin Dechang was furious too.

Gu Qinxiang didnt say another word, but remained silent.

He knew that it was his fault, but didnt think that it was a big deal.

At the same time, he also understood that he better stay quiet now.

Hearing what Lin Dechang had just said, those onlookers started to criticize Gu Qinxiang.

“Jesus! The man is so shameless!”

“Hes such a terrible man!”

“I support his wife to undress the mistress!”

All of a sudden, someone said that among the group of onlookers.

Lin Lijuan, on the other hand, thought that it was a good idea to humiliate Liu Yuwei so she went to undress Liu Yuwei at once.

However, it was winter and it wasnt easy to take off winter clothes.

Before Lin Lijuan succeeded, the police arrived and separated them.

Liu Yuwei was badly injured, so the police called an ambulance and sent her to the hospital, while Lin Lijuan, Jin Lanxin and Gu Qinxiang were taken to the police station.

Gu Ning didnt know what would happen to them next, and she wasnt interested either.

What Gu Qinxiang had done behind Lin Lijuans back was finally exposed but it was too late when Lin Lijuan found it out.

When Gu Ning got home, Gu Qing was chatting with Gu Man in the living room, so Gu Ning told them about what had happened between Gu Qinxiang and Lin Lijuan.

Both Gu Qing and Gu Man were quite surprised.

Although they didnt get along with Lin Lijuan, and even hated her very much, they still had sympathy for her, because what Gu Qinxiang had done was totally unacceptable.

Anyway, since they had decided to keep a distance away from Gu Qxinxiangs family, they wouldnt do anything but just took it as gossip.

“Mom, aunt, why dont we go to City G tomorrow Lets go to see the store and factory of Jade Beauty Jewelry! And we can visit Uncle Qinyang too.

We havent ever visited them at their place before,” Gu Ning said.

Although tomorrow was Friday, Gu Ning had already asked for a leave, so she didnt need to attend classes.

It had also been a long while since she had checked the store and factory of Jade Beauty Jewelry.

Most importantly, she wanted to cheer Gu Man up.

Gu Man wasnt in a good mood but she was interested in Gu Nings proposal.

She had nothing else to deal with now and it wasnt a bad idea to have a journey.

Gu Qing was also excited, so both of them agreed.

Gu Ning then booked plane tickets flying to City G at 8 am tomorrow.

They would arrive in City G after an hour of flying.

When Gu Qing went back to her home, she searched her closet for beautiful clothes.

They would stay in City G for only two days, so there was no need to pack many clothes, but she still decided to wear her most beautiful dresses.

“What are you doing now” Jiang Xu asked with curiosity.

“Ningning is taking Man and me to City G tomorrow! Well have a tour at the store and factory of Jade Beauty Jewelry before we go to visit Qinyang,” Gu Qing said.

Actually, she understood that Gu Ning did it for the purpose of cheering Gu Man up.

“Sounds great!” Jiang Xu said.

“Oh, how is Gu Man now She seems worried,” Jiang Xu added.

Gu Qing sighed then told Jiang Xu everything.

Jiang Xu was very surprised after hearing the story.

To his astonishment, Gu Nings biological father was still alive.

“Wow, what twists of Fate!” Jiang Xu said.

He had deep sympathy for Gu Man because he also knew that Gu Man had lived a tough life during the past 18 years.

She hadnt lived a good life for a long time and then Gu Nings biological father suddenly appeared.

“Indeed!” Gu Qing sighed, and her heart ached for her younger sister, Gu Man.

“What do Gu Man and Ningning think about it” Jiang Xu asked.

“Gu Man still loves the man and Ningning is supportive, but Mr.

Tang is still unconscious now.

We have to wait until hes awake,” Gu Qing said.

When it was almost 11 pm, Gu Ning received Leng Shaotings call.

He was about to have a few days off and he wanted to meet her.

In fact, Leng Shaoting planned to surprise Gu Ning, but he was afraid that she would be absent from City F like what had happened the last time, so he called her beforehand this time.

Hearing that Leng Shaoting would be free and wanted to meet her in a couple of days, Gu Ning would normally be happy but now she was upset.

“Why didnt you tell me earlier Im going to City G tomorrow along with my mother and aunt.”

Hearing that, Leng Shaoting remained silent and felt upset too.

He wanted to call her as early as he could but he had just finished his task.

“I miss you so much, and I ache to see you,” Leng Shaoting said.

He didnt have many days off during a year after all.

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