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“Good girl,” Master Fu complimented.

“Do you want a check or transfer”

“Transfer please,” Gu Ning said.

She took out her bank card and told Master Fu her account.

“Sure,” Master Fu answered.

He called someone to transfer the money right away.

After a few minutes, Gu Ning received a message, which showed the 30 million yuan had been successfully transferred.

Then, Gu Ning handed the jade to Master Fu.

“Miss, do you want to cut the rest” the worker inquired.

“Yes, please,” Gu Ning answered.

She gave a waste material to the worker.

Master Fu was about to leave with the jade, but he stayed when Gu Ning continued to cut her raw materials.

Since Gu Ning had already cut out a high-level emerald, the crowd was excited to see what would happen next.

Although they all believed Gu Ning couldnt be so lucky as to cut out another jade, they were still full of hope.

Unfortunately, the next one was a waste material.

However, the crowd didnt disperse yet, because Gu Ning had one last raw material.

Gu Ning hadnt successfully gotten an emerald until the third raw material of hers had been cut out.

It could be possible that the last raw material had jade in it too.

Still, there wasnt a strong possibility.

The last one wasnt big.

Gu Ning also knew the out layer wasnt thick, so she said, “Please rub this one.”

“No problem,” the worker replied.

It took a while longer to rub a stone than cut it, but everyone was patient.

After a while, green showed on the stone.

The worker raised his voice in excitement firstly, “There is an emerald, again!”

“Gee, the girl is so lucky! Two in five have jade inside.”

This time, the boss felt greatly regretful.

There was only a little green that showed.

It was hard to tell the type.

The worker went on to rub the stone.

The more the outer layer was removed, the more excited everyone got.

When most of the outer layer had been removed, the type of the jade was clear enough.

“Jesus! Isnt it of the high-ice type!”

High-ice types were only a little worse than glass type, but they were also a type of high-level jade.

It was even better than the glutinous rice type.

This emerald was crystal clear with great transparency.

It belonged to the old pit, high-ice type.

Although it wasnt big, and only as big as one-third of the previous jade of glutinous rice type, its price wasnt much lower than the previous one.

Gu Ning immediately absorbed the power into her Jade Eyes.

As long as her telepathic eye space was full of the power, it would grow bigger.

When the jade was fully cut out, a man bid at once, “Twenty million yuan!”

It was Master Fus voice again.

No one dared to follow up this time, because there were few rich people around.

The man who had competed with Master Fu last time now was about to cry.

He said, “Master Fu, didnt you say there is something better waiting for me Why do you have to compete with me again this time Ill pay twenty-five million yuan for it!”

This jade of the high-ice type was more valuable than the last one of glutinous rice type indeed, but it wasnt big.

It was worth around twenty-five million yuan.

If it was made into jewelry, the buyer could earn about ten million yuan from it.

But if the bid went higher, it wouldnt be very profitable.

Master Fu, instead, was determined to buy the jade.

“The most generous buyer will have the jade.

I think its pretty fair.”

“You…” the man didnt know what to do.

If Master Fu bid again, he had to give up once more.

“Fine, this one is yours.” Master Fu understood the man, whose name was Zhao Yuefeng, wanted the jade so badly.

They were acquaintances actually.

Master Fu didnt want to lose a friend just because of an emerald.

Zhao Yuefeng was thrilled at once.

“Thank you so much, Master Fu!”

Thus, Zhao Yuefeng got this jade of high-ice type at the price of twenty-five million yuan in the end.

Within a day, Gu Ning made fifty-five million yuan.

Although Gu Ning seemed calm from her appearance, her heart was pumping faster and faster.

She would scream out if allowed now.

“Miss Gu, its so nice to meet you.

I am the chairman of Furong Jewelry,” called Zhao Yuefeng.

“This is my business card.

If Miss Gu cuts out any other high-level jade again, please let me know.

I can buy it at a reasonable price, and please give me priority as a buyer.” Zhao Yuefeng was now fully convinced by Gu Ning.

Whether it was because of luck or real strength, it was truly rare to cut out two high-level emeralds from five raw materials.

Gu Ning had checked up on the domestic jewelry brands, their founders and chairmen online last night, so she naturally knew about the Furong jewellery brand.

The headquarters of Furong Jewelry wasnt in City G, but it had many stores across the country with two billion yuan in assets.

It belonged to the domestic third-line brand, and the chairman was Zhao Yuefeng who was about 40 years old.

Zhao Yuefeng didnt need to buy in jade himself.

He was just here for fun when he was inspecting his stores in City G.

Gu Ning was excited that Zhao Yuefeng made friends with her on his own initiative.

Therefore, if she was going to cut out more jade, she would sell some to Zhao Yuefeng.

They would be peers.

Although peers always competed with each other, they could also cooperate.

Gu Ning accepted his name card with happiness.

“Sure, Ill call Mr Zhao first if I cut out any high-level jade in the future.”

“Young girl, please dont forget me.

You can contact me too.

I wont pay less than Zhao Yuefeng.” Master Fu took out his name card immediately, putting it straight into Gu Nings hand.

Gu Ning thought it was so funny to see those two buyers competing.

Although Gu Ning didnt know Master Fus background now, she knew the old man must be wealthy and powerful.

Gu Ning didnt aim at the old mans wealth of course.

She just wanted to maintain a good relationship with her clients, especially super rich clients.

“Master Fu, you do this on purpose, right” Zhao Yuefeng felt a little displeased.

“So what Youre not the only one who loves jade.

I love it too!” Master Fu argued back like a child, “Young girl, do remember me!” he kindly reminded Gu Ning then.

“I will.” Gu Ning smiled.

She was going to cut out many more emeralds in the future.

It wouldnt hurt anyone if she sold some to Master Fu as well.

Master Fu was happy to hear an affirmative answer.

After that, Gu Ning left the shop first.

Before long, many people had heard the news that the shop had cut out two high-level jade.

People all came to the shop for good luck.

The shop became popular at once.

Unfortunately, they werent as lucky as Gu Ning.


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