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Chapter 577 Turn the Trick to My Own Use

However, when he found out that Xin Zi had betrayed the Tang family, he was shocked.

He thought that maybe Xin Zi did it for a reason, and it hadnt caused any damage yet, so he gave Xin Zi another chance.

Unfortunately, Xin Zi wouldnt give up.

Hearing that, Xin Zis face turned pale and his body trembled in fear.

To his astonishment, Dong Ge knew everything he had done.

He thought that nobody found out what he was doing, but actually it was Dong Ge who covered his secret for him.

“D-Dong Ge, I…” Xin Zi wanted to say something, but didnt know what to say.

“Xin Zi, you cant bear the result if the Tang family is mad.

Do you think that they will help you if this scheme is exposed If you dont want to ruin your life, I think that you better stop what youre doing right now, and be honest with Master Tang.

Since you havent caused any damage yet, Master Tang will just chase you away and wont ruin your life.

However, if the scheme is exposed, you could die! I wont hide this for you forever, because Ill be punished too if I do,” Qiao Dong said seriously.

“But…” Xin Zi was terrified, but didnt agree right away.

Instead, he hesitated to say something aloud.

“Xin Zi, do you have any difficulties in your life” Qiao Dong thought that Xin Zi must have been forced to do it.

“Dong Ge, I didnt want to do it but theyll hurt my son if I refuse to help them!” Xin Zi burst into tears.

Once he started crying, many people walked out to see what had happened.

“Xin Zi, whats wrong” they all asked with concern.

“Nothing, he just received his wifes call, and he misses his family so much that he lost control of his emotions,” Qiao Dong explained at once.

He didnt want others to know.

Xin Zi felt quite grateful that Qiao Dong helped him, but he still hesitated to confess that he had betrayed the Tang family.

Everyone felt for Xin Zi, and they also missed their families.

However, they had to leave home to make money.

In the Tang family, they were treated well and paid higher than their peers, so they could accept this kind of closed work, and only went back home twice a week.

“Dont worry.

Ill stay here with him, you can go back to your rooms,” Qiao Dong said to them.

They knew that Xin Zi would feel embarrassed if they stayed, so they all left.

“Xin Zi, I have deep sympathy for you, but you still cant get away with it.

I;ll give you a night to think about it.

If you dont tell Master Tang what youve done tomorrow, Ill do it.

You know its Master Tang who saved my life and has given me everything that I own right now.

I already feel very guilty for hiding it from Master Tang, and Ill never betray the Tang family,” Qiao Dong said, then walked back to his room.

When Gu Ning went back to her house in Huafu Hills, it was almost 12 pm.

Leng Shaoting was sitting in the living room when Gu Ning got home.

He stood up at once when he saw her walking inside.

Knowing that she was safe, Leng Shaoting was finally relieved.

“Why didnt you call me to pick you up” Leng Shaoting asked with concern.

Gu Ning smiled.

“I could take a taxi myself.

Is he still here”

He was, of course, Tang Yunfan.

“Yes,” Leng Shaoting said.

“Well, have a seat please.

Ill go upstairs,” Gu Ning said.

“Sure,” Leng Shaoting said then Gu Ning walked upstairs.

Gu Mans room wasnt locked and the door remained ajar.

She was sleeping on the bed, and Tang Yunfan was sitting by the bedside holding her hand in silence.

“Uncle Tang, can we talk” Gu Ning pushed the door open and asked him.

She didnt want to bother Tang Yunfan, but it was an emergency, so they had to solve it as soon as possible.

“Sure.” Tang Yunfan understood that it had to be something about Gu Man, so he followed Gu Ning, walking to the study.

After Gu Ning told him what Zhang Yongjian had done, Tang Yunfan was furious.

“Damn it! How dare they do that to you!”

Even Gu Ning felt a little scared by Tang Yunfans anger.

“Although we have many enemies, I think its very likely that Tang Deming has schemed against us,” Tang Yunfan said.

“However, I dont think that he could do it alone.

There must be someone else behind him.

The person is very cunning and even I have no idea who he or she is.

This car accident could also be a part of their scheme.”

Hearing that, Gu Ning was mad too.

A scheme! She used to think that it was just an accident!

Tang Yunfan added, “Im the only person in the Tang family who can run the business well.

My father is too old to do it while Jiayang is too young, so they took action the moment I fell into a coma.”

“If so, we can seize this chance and find out who the person behind the scene is,” Gu Ning said.

Hearing that, Tang Yunfan immediately understood Gu Nings meaning.

“Do you mean I can pretend that Im still unconscious, and turn their trick to our use”

“Yes,” Gu Ning replied.

Tang Yunfan agreed too.

“Luckily, it is already dark outside.

I think you better go back to the Tang familys house now and keep lying on the bed.

Ill bring my mom to visit you tomorrow,” Gu Ning said.

Although Tang Yunfan was unwilling to leave, he had to do it because they were going to catch their enemy tomorrow.

When Gu Ning walked Tang Yunfan to the living room, Tang Yunfan was surprised that Leng Shaoting had stayed.

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