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Chapter 608 The Deal Between Liu Xinqi and Feng Xueqin

After Gu Man hung up the call with Gu Qing, Gu Ning said to her, “Mom, if you move in to live with my dad, youll stay in City B in the future.

Although the Tang family is super-rich, I think you better not be a housewife, because youll be disconnected from society and its quite boring.

You need to socialize.

Dad will be very busy running the business group, so I think you can open a high-end beauty salon in City B.

Im confident that the new skincare products were going to use will be popular in high society.”

“Youre right.

I dont want to be a full-time housewife either.” Gu Man understood that Gu Ning said it for her own good.

When they were in City F, Gu Man went to work in the beauty salon every day, although it wasnt necessary.

“The new skincare products arent on the market yet, so Ill go to the capital to have a look tomorrow,” Gu Ning said.

“Do you have to do it in person” Gu Man asked with confusion.

She didnt understand why Gu Ning cared about it so much, like it was her own brand.

In fact, it was.

Hearing that, Gu Ning knew Gu Man had doubts, so she said directly, “Yes, I must check it myself, because its my brand.”

“What” Gu Man was shocked.


“Mom, dont you always wonder why your skin and aunts skin became so smooth and shiny after just a short time I have a unique formula and it can be used to make medicines or skincare products,” Gu Ning said.

Hearing that, Gu Man finally figured out the reason why she and Gu Qing became beautiful and healthy again.

In the Lei familys house, Feng Xueqin received a call and heard that Gu Ning had easily gotten rid of the two men that she sent to follow Gu Man and Gu Ning.

Feng Xueqin was already in a bad mood, and she was in a worse mood now after receiving the call.

“Whats wrong” Liu Xinqi asked.

“Nothing,” Feng Xueqin said in annoyance.

Since she wasnt willing to tell him, Liu Xinqi wouldnt ask further, but just reminded her to stay calm, “I know youre unhappy, but you cant show it on your face.

I brought you here.

If you embarrass yourself at this party, not only will your family feel awkward but I will as well.”

If he hadnt been eager to sleep with Feng Xueqin, he wouldnt have agreed to bring her here.

Being warned, Feng Xueqin was displeased, but she knew that Liu Xinqi was right.

After a while, Liu Xinqi and Feng Xueqin made an excuse and left halfway through.

Seeing Feng Xueqin leaving, Lu Qiuting asked her, “Xueqin, wont you go back with us”

“No, thanks.

I have another appointment with my friends,” Feng Xueqin lied.

She was unwilling to let others find out about her relationship with Liu Xinqi.

Others didnt think further about the relationship between Feng Xueqin and Liu Xinqi either, because they knew that the two were old friends.

In addition, Liu Xinqi didnt show much interest in Feng Xueqin in front of them, and they all knew that Feng Xueqin only loved Tang Yunfan, so nobody thought that Feng Xueqin would have unusual relationship with another man.

It seemed none of them knew Feng Xueqin well.

Afterwards, Liu Xinqi drove Feng Xueqin to his other house which was in a suburb.

His parents and son lived downtown in his main house, so they couldnt go back there.

When Liu Xinqi was finally alone with Feng Xueqin in the car, he couldnt wait a second longer to flirt with her.

“Dont be so unhappy! Since were going to have fun together tonight, lets enjoy it!”

Hearing Liu Xinqis voice, Feng Xueqin only felt disgusted.

When Feng Xueqin heard that Tang Yunfan was absent, she was more regretful than ever.

If she had known earlier, she wouldnt have made the deal with Liu Xinqi.

However, she couldnt break the deal now because it would annoy Liu Xinqi, and he would probably expose something that she wanted to hide the most.

Seeing that Feng Xueqin was still displeased, Liu Xinqi didnt mind but smiled.

“Its OK.

Ill cheer you up later.”

Feng Xueqin turned to look at Liu Xinqi and coldly said, “Dont be too much.” She wasnt criticizing Liu Xinqi for what he had said but told him not to be too overboard in bed, because she couldnt accept it.

No woman could accept Liu Xinqis tricks in bed, and those who accepted his creepy sexual needs just did it for his money.

Liu Xingi, of course, understood what Feng Xueqin was talking about.

“Dont worry.

I wont hurt you the way I did to other women.

I promise youll enjoy it.”

Before long, they arrived at Liu Xinqis house in the suburb.

Liu Xinqi didnt press her against the bed the second they walked in a bedroom, but stared straight at her with burning desire.

“I love sensual women, so I want to see you undressing yourself.”

Feng Xueqin didnt move at once but said, “I like dim light.” If the light was too bright, she would see Liu Xingis disgusting face.

“As you wish.” Liu Xinqi understood very well but he still didnt mind and dimmed the light.

Although it was dim in the room, they were still able to see each other clearly, and it seemed more romantic.

When Feng Xueqin took off her clothes, Liu Xinqi complimented her.

“You keep a great figure.

Look at your boobs and butt!” However, he didnt press on and penetrate her at once, because it wouldnt be exciting enough without foreplay.

Therefore, he started to touch and kiss her sexually.

After half an hour of foreplay, he began to penetrate her.

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