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Chapter 67: Run Away Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations


“What If you didnt touch it, my vase wouldnt have fallen!” the man argued.

“So what” Gu Ning asked.

“This is a green-bean glaze vase from the Kangxi period.

Its worth at least five hundred thousand yuan on the market! Since youre a young girl, five hundred thousand yuan would be enough.”

Gu Ning sneered.

The man was literally shameless.

“Well, I can compensate you, but your words arent enough.

So, I need to let an expert identify it.

If it is truly worth five hundred thousand yuan, Ill pay you right away,” Gu Ning said.

The man panicked a little.

His tone softened.

“Dont need to bother! It costs a lot to see the expert.

I have a certificate of authenticity myself.

It can prove this vase is real.”

Saying this, then man pulled out his so-called certificate of authenticity.

Gu Ning didnt believe it of course.

“Its not a big deal.

Ill pay the expert fee,” she added.

The man stopped a second.

He now realized he had made a wrong decision, but he didnt want to give up.

“I dont have time to waste with you.

I need the money now! Pay me right now, or Ill call the police,” the man warned.

He immediately took out his phone, like he was going to call.

Gu Ning pulled the corner of her lips.

She knew the man was threatening her.

Then she said airily, “Fine, go on!”

“You…” The man didnt expect Gu Ning wouldnt be scared at all, which left him in a dilemma.

Meanwhile, a nearby man suddenly stopped him, “Man, dont be so annoyed.

We can negotiate anyway.

Shes merely a teenager.

Itll be bad for her future if she is arrested by the police.

Why dont you give her a bargain”

The man seemed like he was helping Gu Ning, but he was actually an accomplice.

Unfortunately, Gu Ning saw through them clearly.

“Whats going on here” An old mans voice sounded at the same time.

Before long, a group of people stepped into the crowd.

Two old men who were around 70 walked in front.

One of them unexpectedly was Master Fu.

“Girl, its you What happened” Seeing it was Gu Ning, Master Fu was a little surprised.

It seemed Gu Ning was in trouble.

But the young man who demanded compensation suddenly changed his face.

Obviously, he knew the group.

“Oh, its just an accident.

Just an accident.” Before Gu Ning could open her mouth, the man said at once.

His made a U-turn on his attitude.

He was afraid of these two old men before him.

No one in the antique market didnt know Master Fu and Master Yan.

Those two were the authorities.

No one dared to offend them.

Especially Master Yan, he wasnt only the father of the mayor of City G, but also an undeniable expert in the antique field.

He could tell whether the vase was real or not by his own eyes.

Those two men who wanted to take advantage of Gu Ning were shocked by the fact that Gu Ning knew Master Yan and Master Fu.

But Master Yan and Master Fu immediately understood what had happened when they saw the broken china pieces on the ground.

Both were upset.

It wasnt unusual for such “accidents” to happen, but when it happened to Gu Ning, the perpetrators were in trouble now.

Mater Fu regarded Gu Ning as his friend and his granddaughter.

He would naturally protect her.

Thus, master Fu was displeased and asked.

“Is it a real accident”

He didnt believe it apparently.

The young man had a layer of cold sweat around his forehead at once.

He did want to say yes, but it obviously wasnt a wise answer.

At the end, the young man couldnt bear the pressure from Master Fu any longer.

He apologized, “Master Fu, Im sorry.

Its my fault.

I promise I wont do it again.”‘

“The person you should apologize to isnt me,” Master Fu was mad.

The young man immediately turned to Gu Ning.

He even bent to a low level.

“Miss, Im so sorry.

Please accept my apologies.”

“I accept your apologies this time, but Ill have my people here to keep an eye on you.

If you dare to do that again, youll be in jail the next time!” Gu Ning said.

She threatened them to stop them from doing it again.

“Sure, sure.”

Those two answered at once.

They were like rats on the street now.

The only thing in their mind now was to leave as soon as possible.

After that, they immediately ran away.

“It happens often in this street.

You must be careful from now on,” Master Fu said to Gu Ning.

If they hadnt arrived on time, Gu Ning would have been taken advantage of.

“I will, grandpa Fu.” Even though Gu Ning wouldnt allow anyone else to bully her now, she replied to Master Fus kindness with sincerity.

“Well, now let me introduce you.

This is Master Yan, the president of the Antiques Association,” Master Fu said to Gu Ning.

“Nice to meet you, Master Yan,” Gu Ning greeted politely.

“You too.” Master Yan was a serious man, especially before the young generation.

So he replied airily when Gu Ning greeted him, but he didnt disdain her at all.

“Well, now if youll excuse me, Ill leave now,” Gu Ning said.

After Master Fu gave her an affirmative nod, Gu Ning left.

Later, she used her Jade Eyes to scan the objects around her.

Within a few meters, she found out another object with power.

It was an ink slab with a strong power.

Gu Ning immediately went over.

She asked the price, then paid the money at once.

She only paid five thousand yuan for an authentic antique.

Master Fu and Master Yan were not far behind Gu Ning.

Both of them witnessed what Gu Ning had done, and they were shocked.

They didnt know whether Gu Ning understood antiques or not, but she casually bought one without identification.

“Girl, you…” Master Fu walked to Gu Ning quickly.

He wanted to stop her, but he was late.

The deal was done.

Master Fu sighed heavily.

“Do you know antiques, young girl” Master Yan followed up.

His tone was still serious.

Although Master Yan disliked her behavior, he didnt judge her for that since it was none of his business.


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