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Chapter 683 Swear an Oath

Seeing the positive comments, Zhao Xiaoxuans face twisted in anger and jealousy.

She gripped her phone, like she was going to crumble it.

Why Why could Yu Zi, instead of her, become the designer of Charm

Yu Zi and Zhao Xiaoxuan were classmates in college, which meant that Zhao Xiaoxuan majored in clothing design as well.

However, she was born in a rich family, so she never thought to rely on herself.

Besides, she never studied hard in university, so she didnt have many skills either.

When she saw that Yu Zi became a successful designer, she felt quite jealous of her.

At this moment, a popular Weibo blogger sent out a remark on Charm gowns.

Jason V (A famous clothing designer in Paris): OMG! These gowns are so beautiful!

Once this remark was out, Internet users burst into discussion.

“Oh, is he the famous clothing designer in Paris, Jason”

It wasnt a question actually, but it was too shocking for the Internet user to believe that it was true.

Jason was a famous international clothing designer of wedding gowns, and he seldom complimented other designers, but Yu Zi was an exception.

“I think he is! Oh, Im so excited to see Jason!”

“Me too! My major is clothing design, and Jason is my idol!”

“Is Jason complimenting Yu Zi”

“Yes! He is!”

Jason V (A famous clothing designer in Paris): Youre right.

I am complimenting Miss Yu, because I think her designs are very creative, and Id love to teach her more skills if she wants.

As a famous international designer, Jason was able to distinguish the good designs from bad ones at a glance.

It seemed he really appreciated Yu Zis designs.

Although he had liked many works of many designers before, Yu Zi was the only one he was interested in and was willing to teach her more.

“Oh my! I cant believe my eyes now.

Jason is willing to teach Yu Zi his skills!”

“I cant believe it either!”

“Yu Zi is so lucky!”

Seeing the comments on the Internet, Zhao Xiaoxuan almost smashed her phone to the ground.

Why Why was Yu Zi able to win the attention of Jason who was a famous international designer She could design gowns too! Zhao Xiaoxuan didnt think that Yu Zi was better than her.

Lin Tianyou, on the other hand, couldnt feel more regretful now.

He made up his mind to get Yu Zi back.

He was a self-centered man so he didnt believe that Yu Zi would reject him.

Lin Tianyou was really shameless.

Self-centered people never reflected on themselves, and they only cared about their own feelings.

Seeing the absent look on Lin Tianyous face, a thought dawned on Zhao Xiaoxuan and she panicked a little.

She knew clearly that Lin Tianyou still liked Yu Zi and he had only dumped Yu Zi because of Yu Zis poor family background.

Lin Tianyou accepted her because she was born in a rich family, which would benefit him.

However, everything had changed now, and he had the idea to get Yu Zi back! No! She would never allow it to happen.

“Lin Tianyou, are you thinking of Yu Zi Do you want to get her back” Zhao Xiaoxuan questioned him in anger.

Hearing that, Lin Tianyou frowned, but refused to admit it.

“No, Im not.”

Even if he was going to get Yu Zi back, he wouldnt let Zhao Xiaoxuan know his plan, at least not before he succeeded.

He wasnt willing to lose both women at the same time.

Lin Tianyou was engaging in wishful thinking

“Really” Zhao Xiaoxuan didnt believe him.

“Swear an oath of loyalty to me right now.

If you still want to get Yu Zi back, youll be hit by a car.”

Lin Tianyou wasnt in a good mood, and got angry at once after hearing Zhao Xiaoxuans words.

“Are you crazy Why should I swear an oath of loyalty to you Do you want me to be hit by a car” Lin Tianyous voice was very loud, so it attracted a lot of attention from people around them.

The onlookers had a bad impression of Zhao Xiaoxuan because of her vicious words.

What she said was too much, especially after Linn Tianyou had denied it.

Let alone the men, even the women disliked her behavior.

Therefore, people all looked at Zhao Xiaoxuan with disdain.

Zhao Xiaoxuan didnt care about others attention now, and she was in a rage as well after Lin Tianyou shouted at her.

“If you dont dare to do it, then it means that you still love her! Am I right”

“Ive done nothing to hurt you.

Why do I have to swear the oath to persuade you to believe me Dont you think that what you just said is too unkind” Lin Tianyou raised his voice.

“Ill never joke about my life!”

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