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Chapter 755 Tang Yaxin Loses the Game


Tang Yaxin couldnt believe her eyes and refused to accept the result.

How could this “Tang Aining” be so lucky Money wasnt important, but she would be super embarrassed if she lost the game.

Tang Yaxin prayed that “Tang Aining wouldnt win again.

Qi Ziyue and Mu Wengi were worried about “Tang Aining” at the beginning, but now they were more concerned about Tang Yaxin.

They hoped that it could be a draw, although it wasnt very likely, or a close result at the least because they sided with Tang Yaxin and would feel embarrassed too if she lost.

Seeing that they were competing against each other, many people moved closer to watch them play the game.

They were all shocked that both Tang Yaxin and Gu Ning had many chips in their hands.

“Jesus! Theyre so unbelievably lucky!”

“Its not often to see people win so many chips.”

“Exactly! This slot machine has the highest odds, and they must have won a lot.”

“Im so jealous of them.”

Gu Ning put the chips into the slot machine again, and began to play the second round.

“Do you think that she can win this time”

“I think she can, but I dont know how much she can win.”

“No way! She couldnt be so lucky! She has just won so many chips.” “Exactly because she has won so many chips, I think that its very likely that she can win


“I heard that a girl won all the chips in the slot machine not too long ago.”

“I dont believe it.

Its very hard to do that.”

Hearing their discussion, Tang Yaxin frowned.

Although she didnt believe that “Tang Aining” was able to win all the chips in the slot machine, she was slightly worried, because the prize pool was worth a hundred million yuan at least.

If she needed to pay ten times of it, it would be a billion yuan!

Thinking of a billion yuan, Tang Yaxin was scared.

Although the Tang family had dozens of billions of yuan in wealth and they could afford a billion yuan, it was still a fortune.

If her father found out that she lost a billion yuan in a gambling game, her father would be in a rage.

Besides, she couldnt afford it alone.

Tang Yaxin did her best to calm herself down, and kept telling herself that it was impossible.

Unfortunately, the result was the opposite way around.

After a few seconds, Gu Ning pressed the stop button and reels of pictures gradually stopped.

Seeing the pictures lined up on the screen one reel after another, Tang Yaxins group were in despair.

Tang Yaxin was so shocked that she could barely stand on her feet, then fell down on the ground.

Qi Ziyue and Mu Wenqi were also in shock, so they didnt support Tang Yaxin in time.

“No, its impossible.

Impossible…” Tang Yaxin repeated it.

Let alone her, even Qi Ziyue, Mu Wenqi and others around the machine couldnt believe it.

“No way! She really won all the chips” None of them could accept this astonishing fact.

Right after the second round, the prize pool was fully opened.

Tons of chips were spun out within minutes.

Once the prize pool opened, more and more people gathered around the slot machine, and they were all shocked as well.

“Miss Tang, I think that we can call it the end of the game,” Gu Ning said.

“No, impossible.

Impossible!” Tang Yaxin failed to calm herself down.

A billion yuan! How could she afford it

Qi Ziyue frowned, and helped Tang Yaxin get back to her feet before he looked at Gu Ning and begged.

“Miss Tang, could you please lower the bet Its too much.”


Qi, Miss Tang set the bet on her own.

How can you deny it now” Gu Ning seemed displeased.

“Well…” Qi Ziyue understood that Tang Yaxin set the bet herself, but a billion yuan was too much for them.

“I dont think that we can afford it,” Qi Ziyue said.

“You cant afford it The Tang family is a well-known super-rich family in the capital.

How is it possible that you cant afford just a billion yuan” Gu Ning said.

What A billion yuan The crowd was shocked again by the number.

Although they didnt know what had happened beforehand, they understood that they must be competing against each other, and the bet was a billion yuan.

The prize pool normally had chips of around a hundred million yuan in it, so there was no doubt that Gu Ning won a hundred million at least.

They had also heard the name of the Tang family in the capital, so none of them believed that Qi Ziyue couldnt afford it.

Even though they were jealous of Gu Nings unbelievable luck, they hated those who refused to pay the bet after losing the game.

“Exactly! We all know that the Tang family is super-rich.

Why cant you afford just a billion yuan”

“I think that they are just refusing to pay the bet.”

“If they cant afford the result, they could decline to play the game at the very beginning!”

Being criticized by the crowd, Qi Ziyue and Tang Yaxin was annoyed, but didnt know what to say.

Mu Wenqi remained silent, because he didnt want to be involved in this trouble.

All of a sudden, Tang Yaxin glared at Gu Ning and said, “I didnt say that the bet is a billion yuan.

Do you have any proof” Hearing that, Gu Ning squinted at her and asked in a cold tone, “What You want to deny it”

“Shes so shameless!”

“I feel embarrassed for her!”

People started to attack Tang Yaxin again.

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