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818 Zheng Wenmei Attacks Gu Ning Again

Once she became Jasons apprentice, she would gain both fame and wealth within a short time.

If she became a famous international designer, the prices of her designs would rapidly increase as well.

However, Yu Zi didnt accept Jasons offer right away, because she worked for Gu Ning now and she needed to ask for Gu Nings permission.

In addition, she wasnt a snobbish person.

Gu Ning was also surprised to hear the news.

“Its totally up to you whether you want to learn from Jason, but you must do your job in the company properly at the same time.” Gu Ning felt happy for Yu Zi, and she was willing to be supportive, but it didnt mean that Yu Zi could neglect her job in the company.

“I understand,” Yu Zi said with a serious face.

Gu Ning brought fame to her, so she should be grateful.

It was unacceptable if she left her job just because she became Jasons apprentice.

In Yu Zis eyes, Gu Ning was more important than Jason.

When it was about lunch time, Cao Wenxin came to Gu Nings house.

“Ningning, do you know how to cook If not, why dont we dine out together” Cao Wenxin didnt cook, so she always dined out.

“There is nothing left in the fridge.

Lets go out!” Gu Man wasnt home, so the fridge was empty.

If Gu Ning was going to cook for herself, she had to go grocery shopping first, which was bothersome.

Gu Nings car was under repair, so she could only take Cao Wenxins Land Rover.

“Where should we go” Cao Wenxin asked.

“Im not familiar with City B.

You can make the decision,” Gu Ning said.

“Then lets go to Fengshang Shopping Mall, and we can shop for a while,” Cao Wenxin said, and drove to Fengshang Shopping Mall.

Cao Wenxin didnt care much about her appearance before, but she changed her mind now that she was in love.

“Oh, Ningning, when will the branch of Kouzi open in City B My friends all asked me where I bought the skincare products after seeing that my skin is much better now,” Cao Wenxin said.

“Well, I think that it will probably open in half a month, but Kamei Beauty Salon will open in a few days.

You can tell your friends to do facial maintenance there, because it only uses Kouzi,” Gu Ning said.

It would take several days for the beauty salon to be refurbished.

“Are you the boss of it” Cao Wenxin asked with surprise.

It seemed like Gu Ning was involved in every industry.

“Its a wedding gift for my mother,” Gu Ning said.

“Although she wont lack anything after marrying into the Tang family, I hope that she can do something that she enjoys instead of becoming a full-time housewife.”

“Youre right.” Cao Wenxin agreed.

However, before they found a good restaurant, they got in trouble.

At this moment, a teacup was thrown at Gu Ning from the second floor by someone.

That person was Zheng Wenmei, who had a grudge against Gu Ning.

The teacup moved fast in others eyes, but Gu Ning didnt think so.

Without hesitation, Gu Ning kicked the teacup, and it moved backwards following the same direction and hit Zheng Wenmei before she could escape.

Zheng Wenmei shouted in pain covering her chest with her hands.

Others around them were all shocked by the scene.

They looked at Gu Ning, and couldnt believe their eyes.

How did she manage to kick the teacup back to the second floor

Although not everyone had witnessed that it was Zheng Wenmei who threw the teacup at Gu Ning, some had still seen it, and they all gloated over her failure now.

She asked for it after all.

“Wenmei, are you alright” Zheng Wenmeis friend asked her with concern.

Zheng Wenmei didnt answer her question, but glared at Gu Ning.

“How dare you hit me, bi*ch!”

Before Gu Ning could question her, Zheng Wenmei blamed Gu Ning for everything.

However, she was still in great pain, so her voice wasnt loud, or threatening at all.

“Youre the bi*ch here! You threw the teacup at my friend first.

How could you be so shameless” Cao Wenxin opened her mouth before Gu Ning could.

She was so mad that she was eager to slap Zheng Wenmei across her face right now.

Hearing that, the onlookers all looked at Zheng Wenmei with disdain.

Zheng Wenmei felt humiliated among their looks, but was unwilling to give up.

“So what She broke my wrist and made my mother fall on the ground the other day! Its all her fault!” Zheng Wenmei again blamed Gu Ning for everything.

Onlookers turned to look at Gu Ning with surprise.

“What This girl broke her wrist and even made her mother fall on the ground”

“Shes so rude!”

“If its true, I understand why she threw the teacup at her.”

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