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Chapter 842: Heaven on Earth

Except for Gu Nings teacher who believed that Gu Ning really had finished the paper, the other teachers all thought that Gu Ning must have quit the test.

In fact, although Gu Nings teacher believed in her, he was still slightly worried.

“Hi!” Gu Ning walked to her teacher.

“Have you finished” her teacher asked.

“Yeah, I did,” Gu Ning replied.

“Please excuse me, I need to leave now.”

“Sure, see you.” Her teacher didnt stop her.

After that, Gu Ning walked away.


Tan, are you sure that she has finished her paper” Once Gu Ning was gone, someone asked her teacher.

Her teachers given name was Tan.

“She told me so, and I trust her,” Mr.

Tan said with confidence.


Tan, can you tell us something about the girl Why is she being treated differently” another teacher asked.

The Education Bureau ordered them to stay in the same hotel.

Even though some students lived in City B, they still had to stay with other students.

Gu Ning, however, could stay in her own place.

In addition, she could come and leave as she liked.

“She needs to deal with something else, and she has the permission of the Education Bureau,” Mr.

Tan said, but didnt give many details.

Since Mr.

Tan was unwilling to tell them, the other teachers didnt ask further.

The test in the afternoon would begin at 2:20 pm, but it was only almost 10 am when Gu Ning left.

Leng Shaoting was waiting for her outside the entire time.

“Let me take you somewhere,” Leng Shaoting said the second Gu Ning got in the car.

“Where” Gu Ning asked with curiosity.

“Youll know when we arrive there.” Leng Shaoting wore a mysterious smile.

Half an hour later, Leng Shaoting arrived at a mountain villa in a suburb.

“Will we dine here” Gu Ning asked, although she already had the answer.

“Yeah,” Leng Shaoting said, “but well go somewhere else first before we go share lunch together.”

Somewhere else Gu Ning was curious, but she knew that Leng Shaoting wouldnt tell her the answer, so she didnt ask.

After they got out of the car, Leng Shaoting held Gu Nings hand walking towards a house in the traditional style.

Once they entered the house, Gu Ning was surprised.

There was a long passage inside.

Even though it was dim, they could still see the way ahead.

Leng Shaoting guided Gu Ning through it.

It was nearly 50 meters long, and they felt like they were like stepping through a mountain.

In fact, they were indeed walking through a mountain.

When they reached the end of the passage, Gu Ning smelt a floral fragrance.

She was very curious to know what was outside, but she didnt ask Leng Shaoting, because she knew that he wanted to surprise her.

Gu Ning was amazed when they finally walked out of the passage.

It was heaven on earth outside of the passage!

Peach blossoms, cherry blossoms and crabapple flowers were everywhere in her sight beside cobblestone paths.

There was also a pond with a gazebo beside it in the middle of all kinds of flower trees.

This breathtaking scenery was covered in white mist too, which made it look very unreal!

Gu Ning was stunned, and could barely say a word.

She didnt realize that it was time to appreciate flowers until now.

Seeing Gu Nings surprised face, Leng Shaoting knew that she liked it very much, but he still asked, “How is it Do you like it”

“Wow, its super amazing!” Gu Ning got excited.

“Shaoting, how did you find a place like this”

“I found it by chance while playing on my phone when I was waiting for you,” Leng Shaoting said.

This place was built last year, and it was open this year.

When Leng Shaoting saw its ad, he thought that Gu Ning might like this place, so he decided to bring her here.

Gu Ning loved this place so much that she took countless pictures of it.

She also took many selfies with Leng Shaoting.

Gu Ning wasnt a social media fan, but she ached to post some photos right now.

Without delay, she posted three pictures on her WeChat moments.

One was the panorama of the scenery, one was Leng Shaotings back, and one was her profile.

Every picture was perfect.

She also typed a line of words: I feel like Im in heaven on earth right now!

At the bottom of those photos, she showed her location, in case her friends asked her for it.

Gu Ning only added the people she was familiar with on WeChat.

Gu Anna was the first one who saw her post, and she was shocked by the beautiful scenery.

Gu Anna: OMG, Gu Ning, you finally posted something.

This place is so unbelievable! Im going there!

Su Tongnuo: Wow, its so beautiful!

Many people liked and left comments under her post, and they were all complimenting the scenery.

None of them asked who the man in the second photo was, because they were all familiar with Gu Ning and they knew that the man must be Leng Shaoting.

Cao Wenxin also went there with Xin Bei after she saw Gu Nings post.

The garden wasnt very large, and there was a bamboo forest with several bamboo houses ahead.

In addition to that, there were restaurants, tea houses, theaters and so on in the mountain villa.

Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting relaxed in a tea house before they continued to walk around here.

When they were about to have lunch in a restaurant, Cao Wenxin called Gu Ning.

Gu Ning then invited her and Xin Bei to dine together, and they went to watch an opera in a theater afterwards.

It took several hours for them to have fun inside.

If Gu Ning didnt have a test that afternoon, she would have stayed there for a whole day! Cao Wenxin and Xin Bei were free, so they decided to stay there.

Gu Ning left the school once she finished her paper, so she had no idea that many teachers were astonished by her behavior.

She had finished the paper within half an hour, and her answers were all right.

She could be the only one who got full marks!

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