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879 Does She Cheat

Zuo Jiangkui thought of Gu Ning at this moment, because “Tang Aining” did what Gu Ning had done before.

However, he couldnt find anything else in common between them, so he still didnt know that “Tang Aining” was actually Gu Ning.

What is going on here Why are there so many talented female gamblers all of a sudden

Gu Ning won the fifth and sixth rounds.

Fan Zhihao was wrong with specific numbers again and again.

After a total of six rounds, Fan Zhihao was right four times, which was a very good result in the gambling industry, but his competitor was Gu Ning this time.

It was impossible for him to win.

Gu Ning bet on “Alls” this time.

Odds of “Alls” were 24-1, which meant that Fan Zhihao had to pay Gu Ning 240 million yuan for a single round.

Fan Zhihao couldnt stand it anymore, and hit the table standing up.

He glared at Gu Ning, like he was going to swallow her in anger.

“How could you tell the correct specific numbers every time Its impossible that a normal human being could do that.

You must have cheated! It isnt fair!”

Fan Zhihao believed that Gu Ning must have cheated in the game, otherwise her choice wouldnt have been so accurate every time.

“Right, you must have cheated!” He Hongyuan supported Fan Zhihao.

If Gu Ning continued to win like that, they were doomed to failure.

If He Hongyuan lost the game today, he would lose everything he had achieved.

The He family would chase him away without doubt, and the Tiandihui would abandon him as well.

Without the Tiandihuis protection, it was very easy for He Hongjie to kill him.

In fact, except for Fan Zhihao and He Hongyuan, many other people also held the same idea, but they didnt say a word.

“Interesting! You cant win the game, so you accuse us of cheating in the game.

Show us any proof if you have!” He Siyin argued.

Although Gu Nings behavior did arouse peoples suspicion, she hadnt cheated at all in the game!

“Show us the evidence if you have any.

I dont think Miss Tang has done anything wrong.”

“Right, although Miss Tang is unusually excellent at Sic Bo, shes played the game in everyones sight.”

Many people defended Gu Ning too.

“Master Hongyuan, Zhihao, Im afraid that you just cant bear the result of todays competition” He Yishao also supported Gu Ning.

“Tang Aining” was indeed a talented gambler.

Even the gambling magnate wasnt as good as Gu Ning at gambling.

He Hongjie thought that Gu Ning was more qualified than him to be the gambling magnate.

He was happy to see Gu Ning win the game today, but he was also anxious about He Siyangs condition now.


He Hongyuan and Fan Zhihao didnt know what to say, because they had no evidence.

They just couldnt believe that the woman could be so good at Sic Bo.

However, it was the truth whether they were willing to accept it or not.

Besides, He Hongyuan indeed couldnt lose todays competition, but he wouldnt admit it in public.

“Do you want to continue or not If not, youll be the loser.” Gu Ning opened her mouth with impatience.

“Go on!” He Hongyuan said at once.

He was reluctant to give in.

“Ill play with you this time,” He Hongyuan said.

It wasnt because he didnt trust Fan Zhihao, but because it was about his future and he was unwilling to rely on Fan Zhihao.

Nevertheless, in Fan Zhihaos eyes, He Hongyuans behavior meant that he doubted his ability.

Fan Zhihao was displeased, but didnt say anything because he hadnt won a round yet.

Since He Hongyuan was going to gamble on his own, he would pay for the chips that they had lost to Gu Ning.

It was inappropriate for Fan Zhihao to take his chips away at this moment, so he decided to remember the number of chips if He Hongyuan lost.

The bet was over dozens of millions of yuan a round, which was a lot after all.

Besides, after losing six successive rounds, Fan Zhihao had to admit that they were very likely to lose.

Fan Zhihao was more upset than ever now, because he had never suffered such a great failure before.

He had gambled against his master, who was the gambling magnate, and he had been able to win two or three rounds.

This woman in front of him, however, never let him win once.

He had lost 380 million yuan in all till now, which was a much higher number than the commission He Hongyuan offered him.

He Hongyuan replaced Fan Zhihao, but Gu Ning stayed, so the result was the same.

Either it was a tie, or Gu Ning won.

Gu Ning never made mistakes.

He Hongyuan was in a terrible mood now, and couldnt stay calm enough to hear the sounds of the dice rolling in the dice cup, so even he wasnt sure whether he was right.

He Hongyuan wrote 2, 5, and 5 down on his blank board at the next round.

Gu Ning, however, wrote 2, 5, and 6.

Once the dice cup was open, the numbers were indeed 2, 5, and 6.

The total score was 13, and the odds were 8-1.

Gu Ning were right on the total score and the specific numbers, so the odds became 16-1, and He Hongyuan had to pay her 160 million yuan.

He Hongyuan collapsed in his chair, and refused to accept the result.

Fan Zhihao only had chips of 120 million yuan with him now, which wasnt enough.

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