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Chapter 982 The Wedding Begins

Since they were invited here by Gu Ning, Tang Jiakai was very kind to them, and was willing to take them to meet his friends.

However, Du Yujian and the others were shocked.

What Tang Jiakai is going to take Pan Zirui and the others to meet his friends

“Thank you so much, Lord Tang,” Pan Zirui and his friends said.

Then they walked away with Tang Jiakai, but they gave Du Yujian a glance of challenge before they left.

Du Yujian still couldnt believe it.

“How is it possible”

He couldnt accept the fact that Pan Zirui and his friends were able to make friends with Tang Jiakai.

At the same time, he was jealous of them.

Tang Jiakais friends had to be people of high social status too.

It would be best if they could get to know them.

In addition, Pan Zirui seemed to be close to Tang Jiakai.

“Who is Ningning” Cen Xiangfei asked with a frown.

It was obvious that Pan Zirui and his friends were invited here by Ningning, and that Tang Jiakai came to them in person because Ningning was occupied now.

Ningning couldnt be simple if she was able to ask Tang Jiakai to help her.

“I think she should be Tang Jiakais friend,” someone said.

They didnt know that Ningning was Gu Ning.

Without delay, Cen Xiangfei called Zhou Guangming, then found out that Ningning was Gu Ning who was the famous, talented young girl.

The girl was also Pan Ziruis boss.

He had also heard a lot about Gu Ning, especially the conflict between her and his second uncle.

His second uncle had been in trouble precisely because of Gu Ning.

Although Cen Xiangfei admired Gu Nings outstanding ability, he still disliked her because she had embarrassed his family.

Nevertheless, he wouldnt mess with her either.

Zhou Guangming, however, was more displeased after finding out what had happened to Zhou Guangrui from Cen Xiangfei, but he could do nothing about it.

While Tang Jiakai brought Pan Zirui and the others to meet his friends where they chatted together, and got along well.

Cao Wenxin brought Xin Bei to talk with her friends.

Although it seemed to be a pleasant conversation, Gao Chengyun and Jiang Zezheng felt sad.

Both of them had admired Cao Wenxin from afar before, so it was painful for them to see her being so happy with another man.


Hao and her friends gathered with Gu Qing and the others.

And in case they felt uneasy, Tang Yunrong stayed with them.

Yang Ziqian, Yu Zi, Manager Ding and others were also chatting with one another in a group.

Because Yu Zi was the designer of Charm, many noble ladies came to talk with her about gowns.

There were even some noble ladies who showed up at todays party in gowns from Charm, and they were fans of it.

A few VIP members of Kamei Beauty Salon were also present today, and they all came to talk with Manager Ding.

Therefore, Yang Ziqian was gradually ignored and left aside.

He even felt like he was the odd one out.

Yu Zi was busier than him normally, and it wasnt easy for the two of them to gather together.

“Hey, Ziqian, what are you doing here in a group of women Why dont you hang out with some men” One of Yang Ziqians friends walked over.

He felt like laughing when he found Yang Ziqian standing aside by himself.

“You dont understand it because you dont have a girlfriend,” Yang Ziqian said, which hurt his single friend.

The man covered his chest at once, and pretended to be badly hurt.

“Dont be so cruel to me.”

“Really Why dont you find yourself a girlfriend Youre too old to play around.” Yang Ziqian rolled his eyes at the man.

“I want to have a girlfriend too, but where is she” the man sighed with a resigned look on his face.

“Well, I understand that you cant move on because of Zhao Mengmeng.

Since you cant forget her, why dont you chase her I know that you dont mind her divorce, but your family does.

Although its hard to have a happy marriage without your parents good wishes, I think that you can still work on it.

You can cross that bridge when you come to it,” Yang Ziqian said.

Hearing that, the man seemed upset.

He understood that he lacked courage and determination.

He did love Zhao Mengmeng, but it was also difficult to gain his familys approval.

His father wouldnt stop him, but his mother insisted that he should marry a rich girl.

And his mother wasnt in good condition now, so he didnt dare to annoy her.

It was only a few minutes away from 5:20 pm, so the guests were all present in the hall.

Given the Tang familys circle of friends, there were a large number of guests who were either super-rich or powerful or very close to the Tang family.

When it was 5:20 pm, the wedding began, and a host went onstage to hold the ceremony.

After the opening speech, it was the bridegrooms turn to address a short speech.

“Ladies and gentlemen, thank you so much for attending my wedding today.

Im finally married, and I couldnt be more excited now.

I understand that you all must be very confused as to why I suddenly got married.

It isnt a secret that I was caught in a car accident 19 years ago.

Fortunately, a kind girl named Gu Man saved my life, but I lost my memory back then.

We fell in love with each other and spent a year living together.”

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