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Side Story 6 (1)

The two had dinner with a main dish, salad, and mashed potato halfway between Braised Short Ribs and Beef Bourguignon.

Thanks to the circular table right in front of the window, she felt like they were in a nice sky lounge.

The atmosphere was more romantic with scented candles and wine.

After having a leisurely dinner, they finished tidying up and sat down on the sofa next to each other.

When Soyoung brought the whiskey, Taekyung did not hide his displeasure, but nevertheless got up and brought an ice bucket full of ice and two glasses.

Taekyung, who was pouring whiskey into the glass, smiled with a twisted face.

“Why do you suddenly want to drink whiskey, which you never had in Korea I’m starting to get a little nervous about how you’re hanging out with your friends.”

So-young shook her head firmly.

“You know, I didn’t even have time for coffee, let alone alcohol.

And I bought whiskey for you.”


So-young pointed to the cup instead of answering.

“Would you like some ice”


They decided to watch a movie.

When So-young chose a romance genre that she usually didn’t even look up to, Tae-kyung looked a little more suspicious, but he obediently followed her words again this time.

So-young sipped the wine leaning diagonally against Taekyung’s arms.

To be honest, the movie was not fun, but it seemed to help create a romantic atmosphere with dim illumination.

As she glanced up, Taekyung immediately looked at her.

A loving smile came into his eyes.

“What do you think”

“It’s good,”

Tae-kyung paused at the answer So-young gave with a smile, and soon lowered his head.

Soon his whisky-scented lips swallowed her lips.


So-young closed her eyes.

Not missing the moment when she breathed out her short breath, his smooth tongue came in through the gap.

The tongue, which dug into the mouth without resistance, rubbed the roof of her mouth and passively pulled their tongues together.

Tae-kyung’s jaw angle was obliquely engaged, and the coupling became deeper.


Before she knew it, So-young was lying on her back against the armrest on the sofa.

Because their whole body was in close contact, the feeling of his penis that increased the size around her thighs was vividly felt.

As if Taekyung’s arousal had spread to her, her voice began to get raspy little by little.

“Team leader…”

Soyoung clasped Taekyung’s neck with both arms.

Then, as if conscious of the fact that he had an erection, he parted her wet lips.

She hugged him as he pulled away.

As she was wearing only a thin cotton dress and a bralette made of lace material, her plump chest was pressed flat against his muscular upper body.

“We have to watch the movie.”

Taekyung, who had hardened his body for a moment, let go of her hands wrapped around his neck with a short smile.

It was a blatant refusal.


Soyoung bit her lower lip and asked.

Now she was truly saddened.

She couldn’t understand the refusal of Taekyung, even though she knew he wanted it.

So-young impulsively wrapped her legs around Taekyung’s waist.

The recoil made the hem of her dress flow down, revealing the white thighs.

Taekyung’s expression was slightly stiffened by visual stimulation.

“Team leader, why do you keep pushing me away”

Taekyung slowly closed her eyes and then opened them to the direct question that he could not pretend not to know.

He then slowly opened his lips as if reluctantly.

“To tell you the truth….”


“Once I start, I’m not sure I’ll stop.

I don’t want to see someone who’s already weak lying down because of me.”

“I’m totally fine now.”

“You’ll never know.”

Instead of protesting, So-young stared straight at his groin, which stood tall over light linen pants.

It wasn’t very persuasive to insist that it was okay while standing down to the point where it was uncomfortable.

In silence, Taekyung smiled awkwardly with an embarrassed face.

“After a little time, it will go away.”

Taekyung herself, who said that, did not seem to believe it was possible.

Isn’t it too much for a person to do this

The more stubborn Taekyung was, the more grumpy So-young became.

She wrapped her hands around Taekyung’s cheek as she stood up.

Then, looking at him, she said in a clear voice, “Come to think of it, it’s always been a problem that I can’t keep up with your physical strength.”


Taekyung nodded with a delighted look.

But So-young had no intention of backing down.

“Then there is only one way.

In order to match each other’s level, how about doing it alone”


Taekyung asked back with a questioning face, but So-young only smiled by pulling the corners of her mouth.

“No matter how much I think about it, that’s the only way to make up for the physical difference.”

“You want me to do it alone”

“Aren’t you good at it”



Here, before my eyes.”

They stared at each other in silence, as if they were confronting each other.

For some time, Taekyung smiled strangely and pulled So-young’s arm with his big hand.

Thanks to that, she sat awkwardly with her legs crossed over both thighs of Taekyung.


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