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Chapter 98

When Peaceful Times Cease To Exist : Secret Maneuvering, Part 5 — At Anomaly's Workshop

Translated by KaiesV

Edited by KaiesV




「…Anomaly… Anomaly…」

「I’m here~ What’s the matter, Lifeless」


This is the Archfiend Production Workshop of Anomaly.

Surrounding it are experimental cells, bottles, tubes, and containers of various sizes of liquids that are not so easy to find.

Various fiends, magical beasts, and animals are tied to cells and chains, and some are laid out on platforms.

The only thing they all have in common is that they are all making a lot of noise.


「…That’s a lot of noise…」

「I was dissecting this guy earlier.

The smell of blood gets them all worked up.」

「I see… But I thought that thing was still alive.」

「Yeah, I’m in the middle of an experiment to see how long they can stay alive.」


Lifeless glanced over at the other table, and sure enough, there it was.

There were still fresh traces of blood, and the fishy smell of guts lingered in the air.

Some of them were jittery and pulsating, wondering if they were still alive.

Lifeless is inwardly impressed by how they are able to stay alive after being reduced to such a state of undiluted form.

Lifeless had heard that Anomaly also had a medical background, which makes sense.

The two walk through the stench of the blood that would make an average person vomit on the spot, but they do so without a care in the world.

The blood on their shoes is not even bothering them.


「Be careful, the footing is slippery.」

「…That’s all well and good, but… can’t you get them to be a little quieter…」

「It’s definitely a little noisy……… Silence.」


Anomaly’s tone changes from frivolous to heavy and low all at once.

At that moment, those who had been making so much noise suddenly fell silent, and all that remained was silence.



「Well, they know how scary I can be… hmm」


All the cells were supposed to be silent, but one was noisy.


「Please! Let me out of here!」

「Let me out, please! I’ll reward you with anything if you let me out!」

「…Is this…」

「It seems that she’s the daughter of a great man from some other country.

Ask that handsome guy for details.

I heard he’s been fooling around somewhere.」


The handsome man would refer to their fellow beautiful men.

The two guys in the cell couldn’t possibly know that and were rattling the grates.

Anomaly looks heartbroken at the sight of him.


「Good grief… I think even stray dogs can think a little more clearly.

Why can’t they understand that making a fuss here will only spoil my good mood This is why humans are so annoying… Hey, Dogra, Dagra!」

「Hey, Master.

You wanted to see us」


The figure appeared to be an oak.

No, the body is an oak, but the heads have been replaced by a wild boar and a cow, respectively.

As if to indicate this, there is a gaudy surgical scar on its neck.


「Shut that undisciplined bitch up!」

「What about the guy」

「Seeing his daughter cry in front of him will quiet him down a bit.」


By the way, what about the means」

「Leave it to me.

But don’t break it.

It may still be of use.」

「That’s right.

Don’t let them live and don’t kill them, that’s the key point, isn’t it」


Dagra’s mouth twists into a grin.

Dogra taps Dagra on the shoulder.


「Dagra, Can I bring my dogs with me They’ve been so excited lately, they won’t listen to me.」

「Dogra, of course, you can.

But you can’t let us and the dog have fun alone.

We have to let the father have his fun, too.」

「I know that.

If we can’t do anything in front of them, they’re just going to kill themselves alive.

Let them participate properly.」

「You guys are so nice.」

「You’re like a higher spirit.」


Two of them are grinning and laughing.

He didn’t think any spirit would have such a lowly smile, but he guess such logic doesn’t matter to them.

But what kind of abnormal behavior they were about to engage in was beyond the imagination of the naive and normal father and daughter.


「…So, is the product I asked for ready…」

「Of course! I put a lot of thought into that one!」

「Also, I heard that Doom and Dragleo are here…」

「Oh, those two would be in training.

Though, it could be a one-sided abuse.」

「…I wonder if I could take a look first…」

「Oh, well, then it’s this way.」


After witnessing the vile exchange to that point, Anomaly and Lifeless moved further in.

Soon after, the daughter’s horrendous screams and the father’s near-catataclysmic screams were heard, but Lifeless passed them off as emotionless and Anomaly seemed to be quite enjoyable.


「…What is this wall…」

「I developed this one myself, but I can’t stand it when people break down the walls every time.

It absorbs shock and has the ability to regenerate itself at the same time.

I’d like to apply for a patent on it.」

「…I don’t think it’s going to sell, though…」

「Muh, it’s convenient, though.」



The two change destinations.

There was a rather large space, and the outer wall was covered with vein-like veins running and pulsating like some kind of creature.

It was a horrifying sight.



「Guoh—! Guoh—!」


Then suddenly a scream is heard.

At the same time as the scream, a shock is felt.

When the two entered the room, they found Doom slumped against the wall and Dragleo lying on the floor.


「…What happened…」

「I think Dragleo’s sleepwalking blew him up to the wall.」

「…Turn over…」

「Well, Dragleo’s strength is exceptional.

Doom can’t take him on.」



Lifeless pulls Doom out of the wall with one hand.

Doom spit out something in his mouth and corrected his residence.


「What the, it’s Lifeless.」

「…What kind of greeting is that…」


But thanks for the help.」

「…It’s kind of uncomfortable to be honest…」

「Oh, come on, then what do you want me to do」

「…How’s your training going, anyway…」


Lifeless pulls Doom out of the wall with one hand.

Doom spit out something in his mouth and corrected his residence.


「Nope, still can’t wake one up.

It’s kind of like I’m here to get punched in the face.」

「That idiot is so strong.」

「I’m sorry about your frustration, but I need to borrow Dragleo… it’s work…」

「Heh~ What’s that」

「…The plan moves to the next phase… We’re going to clean up the prairie to turn it into a testing ground… The natives are taken care of by the handsome guy for now, but it’s the Flame Beast would be the problem… I’ll have Dragleo take care of that one.」

「Can you do something about that idiot who sleeps all the time」

「…It’s alright… Dragleo respond to the strong… If the Flame Beast is what they say he is, then Dragleo will act…」

「Eh, then what about me…」

「…I guess that means you’re not done yet…」

「No way~」


Doom nods in disbelief.


「But what if I do that and I’m not busy I don’t have much work at the moment, and everyone else seems to be busy, so how am I supposed to train」

「…I thought that would be a good idea, so I called Onee…」



With a high clapping sound of footsteps, a female swordsman with long black hair enters.


「It’s been a while, everyone.」

「Ugeh… It’s Onee…」

「What is that reaction I went all the way out here for you… It is extremely disappointing.」

「A–Aw, aww…」

「…Well then, take care of Doom…」

「Yes, I’m in charge.」

「Erm, can I go to the toilet, just a bit…」


The woman grabs Doom by the collar as he tries to sneak away.



The moment I think of it, it’s a good day.

Let’s start training immediately.

Time waits for no man.」

「W–Wait! You demon! You’re inhuman!」

「Are you taunting me I was going to take it easy on you, at least one sword, but it looks like I’m going to have to tear you to pieces, isn’t that right」

「Either way, scary!」

「Ufufu, it’s alright.

I’ll go easy on you to the extent that you don’t disappear.」



Lifeless and Anomaly return to the workshop, leaving the two of them and Dragleo, who is sleeping for now.

In one corner, Anomaly invites Lifeless to join her.


「This is the stuff I was talking about.」



The two of them look at the『thing』there with satisfaction.


「…This is… wonderful…」

「Right It’s one of my recent design masterpieces.

But are you really going to drop on Seeker’s Village with just this and you Now you have thousands of Seekers, don’t you」

「…I’ll take some of my own men with me… and I’m good enough…」

「You’re a real workaholic.」

「…That’s not true… I may look like this, but I’m the most battle-hardened of us all… I just want to go all out for the first time in a while…」


Seeing Lifeless let out a low chuckle, Anomaly involuntarily felt a bad thing running down her back.


「(Everyone feels that Doom is the most dangerous guy, but isn’t Lifeless much more dangerous I hope I don’t overdo it.)」

「…You think I’m dangerous, don’t you… …Don’t worry, it won’t go out of control… I won’t do anything to annihilate the Seekers…」


Anomaly is guessed inwardly and cannot hide her upset.

Her voice becomes unintentionally serious.


「You… you are one dangerous fellow.」

「…That’s mutual.

We all are…」


Chuckling, the laughter of Lifeless echoed forever in the Anomaly’s workshop.


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