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Huo Chenhuans trusted follower who pushed his wheelchair snickered when he heard what Huo Shaofeng said.

When he looked at him mockingly, it was as if he was looking at a clown who could not perform but loved going on stage to put on his own show.

When Huo Shaofeng heard his snicker, there was a change in his expression.

However, he was quite intimidated by his youngest uncle and would not dare to fight with the mans trusted follower head-on, so he had no choice but to swallow his anger.

After Su Yayan and her family left, the Huo family fell into a subtle state of awkwardness.

Under great pressure, Huo Qihan suggested, “Chenhuan, Ms.

Su is young and may have acted a little impulsive.

From both her and her parents reaction just now, you can tell that the whole thing was done just on a whim, so you really dont have to force yourself to…”

Huo Chenhuan interrupted him before Huo Qihan could finish.

“If your son worked a little harder, I wouldnt have to force myself.”


Huo Qihan choked up and his face looked very unsightly, while Huo Shaofengs face turned a shade paler.

“Ill make my own decisions about my marriage, so you dont have to worry about it, Big Brother.

As for the social functions after the wedding, you guys dont need to worry about that either.

You just need to show up on that day.

Of course…”

Huo Chenhuans gaze swept over them one by one.

His gaze was cold and deep, as if he was looking straight into their hearts.

It was as if he dug out every hidden thought in their heart, putting it out for display.

“Even if you dont attend, I have no problem with that.”


As the sound of the wheelchair rolling away faded in the distance, it was as if the wheels etched out permanent marks on their hearts.


Huo took her husbands hand and did not know what to do.

She said in a plea for help, “Qihan, what should we do now Are we just going to stand by and watch your brother get married to the Su family”

“What am I supposed to do I dont have a goddamn clue! Why dont you ask your precious son!”

Although the Su family did not have as strong a foundation as the Huo family or had a rich background, marrying them would still be a good boost for them.

In addition to that, the marriage would snap them just the perfect connections for Mrs.

Huos networks.

However, as luck would have it, they have severely offended them and even got themselves into such a hostile position.

Huo Qihan was already afraid of his younger brother, but having to watch him take his beneficial prospects away made him seethe with anger.

Huo Qihan was so upset he got angry with his son for the first time.

Since his son was the cause of the catastrophe, he glared at him fiercely before turning away and leaving.

Huo Shaofeng was a grown man and that was the first time his dad got angry at him.

In addition to the fear and panic he was feeling, he still did not know what wrong he had done and he became even more resentful toward Su Yayan.


Since he had made it clear to her, he thought that she should have just been magnanimous, called off the engagement, and left it at that.

Instead, she came to his house to disgrace him and asked to marry his little uncle! Clearly, she was a cruel, scheming, and malicious woman!


What the Huo family did not know was that Huo Chenhuan did not go far before he stopped and watched the farce coldly from the landing.

“Young Master, have you made up your mind”

As an elderly man who had been with Huo Chenhuan for many years, Gu Shaoyang knew very well about how the Young Master felt toward the young lady.

However, knowing that made him even more worried, because if the young lady was really as Huo Qihan described, and the marriage proposal was done on a whim, the person who was going to be hurt in the end would be the Young Master.

Huo Chenhuan watched the family at the floor below dispersing unhappily, his face gloomy and bearing a hint of malice.

“Since they werent able to protect her or give her the happiness she deserved, then I will.”



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