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Xiao Cai was a small livestream host in the beauty makeup section of the Onlookers platform.

Her ID was Caicaizi.

She would put on makeup and try out her looks online when she had nothing to do.

Because of her delicate features and her straightforward and unpretentious personality, she attracted many fans in two or three years and became a well-known livestream host in the beauty and makeup section.

The number one host of the gourmet section next door had appeared out of nowhere.

Earlier on, she had dominated all the major recommendation banners on the website, causing many hosts from other sections to harbor hostility toward her.

They were all filled with envy, jealousy, and hatred.

Xiao Cai did not feel anything.

Firstly, the two of them belonged to different sections and did not have too much direct conflict.

Secondly, she liked to eat.

However, they were both hosts, and Su Yayans popularity was many times higher than hers, it was easy for people to say that a popular internet celebrity was losing face, so she only dared to open an anonymous account and secretly stay in Su Yayans live broadcast room as a lowly viewer who sent flowers every day.

This stalemate finally took a subtle turn after the appearance of the scar removal ointment in Su Yayans shop.

After Xiao Cai bought a few bottles of the scar removal ointment from the medicinal restaurant and the official website, the first thing she did was to snap up a few bottles and send out a notice that she would do a live broadcast of opening the box to try out the ointment after she got her hands on it.

In the end, Xiao Cai received the product that afternoon and started the live broadcast as promised.

“Today, Im bringing you the newly-launched scar removal ointment from the medicinal cuisine restaurant.

I just bought it on the official website in the morning and arrived in the afternoon.

Ill first do an unboxing review for everyone and then do a phased trial.”

Just as Xiao Cai finished speaking, a few discordant comments appeared on the screen.

[The medicinal cuisine restaurant Is this a new beauty brand Ive never even heard of it.

Could it be that the host is trying to make money by randomly finding some third-of-the-line products to promote Arent you afraid of causing your face to rot]

[After searching around, I only know of a restaurant called the medicinal cuisine restaurant.

Does the restaurant sell scar removal beauty products This is the funniest joke Ive heard this year.]

[Previously, I thought that the host was different from the other hosts in the beauty makeup area.

They wouldnt waste their money just because they became famous.

Now, it seems that Im still naïve.

Forget about the previous ones.

At the very least, they were well-known old brands.

Now, they had become even worse.

Even this kind of unknown brand that doesnt even have quality assurance was dragged into the live broadcast room to mislead the fans into giving the pheasant product a huge sales volume.

Would you be letting down the fans who trusted you wholeheartedly Really, you dont even care about your face because of money.

Im unsubscribing.]

Xiao Cais face sank when she saw these comments, but she did not shrink back because of it.

These so-called audience members who were clamoring to unsubscribe were most likely anti-fans.

When she first started her live broadcast, she also had a fragile heart.

She felt that she had really done something wrong to let down these people who liked her.

Later on, after experiencing a lot, she understood that some people in this world did not have any concrete reason to hate you.

They only hated you because they wanted to.

No matter how well you did or how hard you worked, they could find 1,001 reasons to deny your hard work and excellence.

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For such people, the best way was to ignore them and not even give them a glance.

Xiao Cai calmed down and said with a faint smile, “This is the first time Ive done such a time-sensitive effect review.

If its not done well, please be tolerant.

Alright, lets cut to the chase and do the unboxing.”

As Xiao Cai spoke, she opened the express delivery box.

There were a total of three bottles of scar removal ointment in the box.

Each bottle was about 100 grams.


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