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Yin Zhihong suddenly heard his aunt mention Prima Donna and felt his brain go blank for a moment.

Even the expression on his face went blank for a moment.


Li did not think much of it when she saw him like this.

She only thought that he was shocked when he suddenly found out that the drama he liked was actually written by someone he knew and could not react in time.

On the other hand, Su Yayan subconsciously paid more attention to Yin Zhihong when she found out that he was the young man in front of her.

Seeing him like this, she suddenly remembered what Xia Junsheng had said to her before.

He said that Yin Zhihong had a strict upbringing and had a noble character that abhorred evil.

It was because of this that he did not have a warm attitude towards Wen Jingping at first.

Later, when the scandal between Wen Jingping and Ding Juesi was exposed, Yin Zhihong, who was supposed to be estranged from her, suddenly became very close to Wen Jingping, this brought Wen Jingping a lot of protection, as if she was possessed.

Possessed Su Yayans eyes turned cold.

Ever since Ding Juesis affair was exposed, her progress in snatching the golden finger had been stuck at 75%, not moving at all.

Was this last 25% because of the person in front of her, or was it due to… Dou Tianyi

Countless thoughts flashed through Su Yayans mind, but she didnt show it on her face at all, she smiled and said, “So you have watched Prima Donna.

I heard that the drama you are filming recently has faced some trouble.

Has it been resolved”

When everyone heard her words, their eyes all flew to Yin Zhihong.

“Zhihong, something happened to your production Why didnt you mention it Is it serious Do you need help”

Yin Zhihongs expression was subtle.

He was silent for a while before he said, “Its nothing serious.

Its already settled.”

After saying that, he suddenly changed the topic and said, “You seem to be very interested in our production matters”

Su Yayan could hear his probing, she said with a smile, “Thats not it.

Im more into gossip and like to watch the show.

Usually, I like to browse trending discussions on the Internet and watch the commentators.

This kind of free drama is right up my alley.

How can I miss it”

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Yin Zhihong did not expect Su Yayan to say that, and his body stiffened uncontrollably.

Everyone present was smart.

At this point, how could they not see the subtle atmosphere between the two of them


Li and the others looked at each other.

They were not sure what kind of contact or history the two of them had.

Luo Baogeng and his wife were also puzzled.

However, they were in the industry after all.

They knew a little more information than the Li family.

Recalling Su Yayans words just now, Luo Baogeng had a guess in his heart.

“Zhihong has been busy filming recently.

Which production did you join, Zhihong”

Luo Baogeng was an elder and a senior in the industry.

When he asked, Yin Zhihong naturally had to answer.

He muttered the name of the drama.

When Luo Baogeng heard the name, his eyebrows twitched.

He knew that his guess was right.

“So its this drama.

It is indeed quite big recently.

I didnt expect that the male lead would be you.

What a pity.”

Luo Baogeng mumbled as if he was playing a riddle.

Not only did he fail to explain the Li familys confusion, he even piqued their curiosity.

“Whats wrong with this drama Did the director do something wrong, or did the cast cause some trouble” Mrs.

Li suddenly shifted her gaze to Yin Zhihong, “Zhihong, dont tell me youre hiding something from us”


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