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Chapter 146: Was Your Account Hacked

When Peng Jiazhi sent a message to his sister, she was busy engaging in verbal warfare with the water army in the livestream broadcast room and had no time to pay attention to him.

Peng Jiazhi waited for a long time and did not get a reply.

His professor rushed him urgently, and in his desperation, he sent a video call invitation to his sister, which finally attracted her attention.

Peng Jiazhis younger sister saw that her brother asked her for the URL of the livestream broadcast room and assumed that her recommendation had worked.

She happily shared the URL of the livestream broadcast room with him.

She also helpfully shared Su Yayans previous livestream video recordings with Peng Jiazhi.

Those were complete video recordings, unlike the earlier clips extracted from the full-length videos.

Most of them were named after the medicinal cuisine made in the episode.

Peng Jiazhi saw a series of herb names such as Chinese motherwort, ginseng, cinnamon, and lotus seeds.

His eyes twitched unconsciously, and he shared the videos with his professor.

Just as he hit the send button, he received his sisters plea for help.

“Brother, are you free now If you have time, come to the livestream broadcast room to help me scold some people.

The host is being attacked, damn it! A bunch of rubbish water army saw that our host was getting a little bit famous and started to bully her.

If the host stops her livestream channel because of this, I will certainly stab these cowards!”

What Was she being attacked to the point that she might stop her livestream That would not do! It was so difficult to find such a prized host.

If these people scolded her until she no longer wanted to livestream, who could they share their grievances with

Peng Jiazhi was distressed by the news.

Not only did he register an account to help his sister out, but he also summoned his fellow coursemates from the same faculty to join the battle.

Ye Qiliang was on cloud nine after seeing the series of videos his pupil shared with him.

However, before he could rejoice in the discovery, he found out about the news and was furious.

The old professor was almost always in the laboratory.

Even when he was on the Internet, he only posted about boring academic reports and student projects.

Today, however, this prolific academician logged into the official account that he had not used in a long time and posted an update criticizing Wen Jingping.

It originally started as an argument among similar hosts within the platform.

However, since the sudden entry of this influential academician, the situation began to progress beyond Wen Jingpings control.

Su Yayan learned the whole story through the system, and she felt a little fonder of this old man that she had never met before.

He stood up for her against the main character of the world just because of some Chinese herbs.

Immediately afterward, she saw her livestream broadcast room suddenly lit up with familiar exclusive special effects, and the reward broadcast also sounded in due course.

[Congratulations to the host (Yanyan)! You have received 100 luxuriously furnished mansions from a loyal fan (MulberryTreeInTheMountain).]

[Congratulations to the host (Yanyan)! You have received 9999 roses from a loyal fan (MulberryTreeInTheMountain).]


[The livestream admin has finally banned the entire water army and has returned to reward and comfort the host Ah, today is also a day to cry for the beautiful love between the host and the livestream admin.]

[Uh, upstairs had better not say anything like that.

In reality, the host is married!]

[Even though she is married, the livestream admin can still shower the host with so much love.

It must be true love!]

As soon as the special effects launched, there were numerous pop-up notifications of tycoons blowing rainbow farts.

However, among the real-time comments that flooded the screen, what attracted Su Yayan the most was a confession message sent by the admin.

[Yanyan, dont let those water army keyboard warriors upset you! In my heart, you will always be the best! Ill hug and lift you to the sky~]

Su Yayan, “” Dear, are you infected with a virus, or was your account hacked!


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