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Chapter 224: Benefits To Die For

This rule could be said to be very capricious.

If any ordinary restaurant dictates this, this rule alone was enough to dissuade 70-80% of the customers.

However, in this livestream broadcast room, even though the content was blank for a few seconds, the audience did not reject it as expected.

[I know, I know.

Previously, when the host was livestreaming, he repeatedly emphasized that medicinal cuisine tastes like food, but its also medicine.

You can randomly eat any food you like, but it does not apply to medicine.

The host is also responsible for us.]

[Hehehehehe, I believe you, host.

The dishes you made in the livestream were all super delicious.

I like any one of them.

Just give me any one of them, and Ill be able to eat to my hearts content.

Im easy to raise!]

[Compared to this, what Im more concerned about is whether the medicinal cuisine in the hosts new store is one of those that appeared in the hosts livestream.

With a physical store, will the host still draw in the future]

Su Yayan heaved a sigh of relief when she saw that everyone was receiving the news well.

“Yes, the medicinal cuisine in the store is the one that appeared in my livestream previously.

I will add new dishes to the menu later on and maintain the lucky draw.

Every time I introduce a new medicinal cuisine, I will do a livestream and lucky draw together.

Previously, the lucky viewer benefit of drawing an exclusive medicinal cuisine will be changed to a lucky draw after consumption in the physical store.

It will be delivered after the next livestream.”

Su Yayan had just finished speaking when the screen was flooded withOh yeah, long live the host!

Su Yayan chuckled.

“Alright, thats all for now.

Lets get back to business and start todays livestream.”

Although the shop had only been renovated for a few days, they had already received a batch of essential ingredients and Chinese medicine.

Su Yayan had also intended to spend the past few days selecting a few talented people from the group to assist her.

She had asked someone to arrange it beforehand.

Su Yayan first took out the medicine ingredients from the wall behind her.

She then took out the Du Zhong, wolfberry, basil, American Ginseng, Amomum, Tremella, and other medicinal ingredients.

Then, she took out a cleaned black chicken and pork belly.

“Today, we will be making the Amomum white fungus and pork belly soup and Eucommia Black Chicken Soup.

These two soups are for the employees benefit and will not be given out in the lucky draw.”

Employee benefits

“Thats right.

Not only do our employees have the right to try new dishes first, but they also have the right to receive personal medicinal cuisine for free.”

Su Yayans words made the audience in the livestream broadcast room feel a lump in their throats for a few seconds.

Then, they flooded the screen.

[Damn, is there a shortage of employees in the hosts shop I just graduated from university, and I know how to weld!]

[Is it too late for me to resign and apply for a job in the hosts shop Sob…]

Jealousy makes me ugly.

Jealousy makes me cry.

Jealousy separates me!

Previously, the viewers in the livestream were still envious of the people from City A who were close to them.

Now, they had completely changed their direction and were jealous of Su Yayans employees.

Yu Ziyan, who had been watching the livestream and paying attention to the future lady boss, could not help but narrow his eyes when he heard this.

He was so envious that his eyes turned red.

Oh my god, the employee benefits in Young Madams store were actually so good Was it too late for him to jump ship

No, no, no.

It was too late for that.

He should be more concerned about whether he could make use of his young masters confidants position to pull some strings so Young Madam could take care of his poor balding brothers from the technical department.


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