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Chapter 362: For Your Hairline

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The light and mildly flavored carp seemed to have been injected into everyones souls.

The faint white smoke carried an overbearing smell that engulfed the entire kitchen and the livestream broadcast room, shocking everyone.

After a few seconds of silence, a series of rumors started to appear.

They were thick and fast, layer by layer.

Su Yayans face was almost covered by the blanket.

[This fish… is amazing!]

[I cry as I eat.

This fish is so delicious.

Its fragrant and tender.]

[Every time I watch the host cook fish, I feel like Im in a trance.

Its the same fish, the same method, but why is the fish I make not as delicious as the host Is what I lack this fish or this pair of hands What I lack is the host!]

[I really didnt expect a fish to have so many different cooking methods.

Previously, the braised fish was more fragrant, but this one is different.

It is crispy on the outside but sweet on the inside.

It is fresh and tender with a hint of sweetness.

It should be because of that Gastrodia.

In short, it doesnt taste fishy at all.

Its not greasy at all!]

[I worship the big boss above me.

He has completely revealed the essence of this dish.

After eating for a long time, I can only say one word—Delicious!]

Su Yayan brought the fish to the side and stirred the porridge.

The essence of the lamb bone had already been completely integrated into the soup.

When the soup seeped into the glutinous rice, it was also very mouthwatering.

Other than that, the chicken soup was almost ready.

Su Yayan put some of it beside the fish and prepared to bring it out later.

After the fish, soup, and porridge were served, Su Yayan took out an egg that was almost cooked.

By then, the sesame seaweed cake was almost done.

The dough that had expanded due to the heat became transparent and soft, like a piece of green jelly, and it looked crystal clear.

Su Yayan used the radish to quickly carve a few pink flowers.

She placed them on the edge of the snow-white plate and paired them with a few small pieces of sesame seaweed cake.

It did not look like a plate of dessert.

Instead, it looked like a work of art that many people could not bear to touch.

Many girls liked this pastry at first glance.

They rubbed their hands together and prayed that they would be chosen later.

Su Yayan heaved a sigh of relief and wiped her hands with a white towel.

“All the dishes have been prepared.

As usual, we cant send you the fish.

The other dishes will be sent to the lucky viewers.

Those who havent been selected dont have to be sad.

The dishes that are shown on the livestream today will be sent to the restaurant.

Those who like it can make an appointment with their real names.”

Su Yayans words did not comfort those suffering baldies.

Not to mention that some of them were not in City A, even the number of customers that the restaurant received every day was enough to kill a bunch of people.

However, no matter how much they complained, Su Yayan had no choice.

This was already the limit of the restaurant.

If more people were to go there, they would have to work overtime.

After that, Su Yayan briefly introduced the condition of hair loss for a few dishes.

She gave out some of the dishes and left the kitchen to invite Huo Chenhuan for dinner.

Huo Chenhuan wheeled himself into the room.

When he saw the table full of delicious food, his appetite was whetted.

However, Huo Chenhuans eyes twitched at the thought that all the dishes on the table were for his hairline.

He had mixed feelings about that..


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