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Chapter 370: Two Families Together

Huo Chenhuan looked at her deeply and said meaningfully, “If I please my brother-in-law, I will be able to lead a good life in your family.”

“You make it sound like my brother did something to you.

Yesterday, you came home with me.

My parents didnt make things difficult for you.”

Huo Chenhuan smiled but did not say anything.

It was precisely because the Su family did not make things difficult for him yesterday and even tried to accept him that they had already shown their stance.

Naturally, he could not be too passive.

Even if it was for Su Yayan, he should try his best to build a good relationship with them.

“By the way, didnt you say that this robot only has some basic functions Why did it react so strongly when it pounced”

The wordexpel andbanish sounded scary.

“Although its functions are not perfect, it is still a robot assembled from the basics, so it naturally has some protective capabilities.



“Its just that its protective power is not that strong.

At most, its to chase them away.”

Su Yayan instantly understood the meaning behind Huo Chenhuans words.

She probed, “If its completed, wouldnt its lethality be…”

Huo Chenhuan glanced at her and said meaningfully, “Youre lucky to have survived.”

Su Yayan was speechless.

“Woof” Stunned Dog, who did not know that it had brushed past the Grim Reaper, looked at its mistress and dog daddy with a dumbstruck expression.

Su Yayan pitied it in her head silently.

Su Yayan still had to bring Huo Chenhuan to the Ning family in the afternoon.

Before she left, she reminded Roly Poly repeatedly.

She told Roly Poly that the dog was part of the family.

Even if it misbehaved, it must not be too harsh on it.

She was afraid that when she came back from her trip, she would see her sons cold corpse.

Unfortunately, the dog did not understand his mistresss motherly feelings at all.

As soon as it saw its master leave, it immediately went to find trouble with Roly Poly.

Su Yayan didnt know that no one could stop it.

It was already three in the afternoon when the two of them arrived at the Ning residence.

Perhaps because they had informed the Ning family beforehand, their journey was smooth and they soon arrived at the Ning Residence.

Unexpectedly, although Ning Siyuan was the only one who came out to pick them up, there were five or six people sitting inside.

There were two middle-aged couples and two white-haired elders who looked about the same age as her grandfather.

Su Yayan was slightly taken aback.

For a moment, she did not understand what this family meant.

Huo Chenhuan seemed to have noticed that she was wary of these people.

He took the initiative to hold her hand and told her that he was here and that there was no need to worry.

Ning Siyuan was very perceptive as he introduced the two.

“These are my parents and grandfather.

Opposite them are my uncle, aunt, and grandfather.”

Su Yayan raised her eyebrows.

She quickly realized that the elders of the Ning family and the Qi family were all present.

This was a huge event.

However, was he going to give them an opening gambit, or…

Before she could think further, Madam Ning had already rushed forward and held Su Yayans hand warmly.

“You must be Mrs.

Huo, right Dont keep standing at the door.

Come in and take a seat.”

Su Yayan was taken aback by her natural friendliness.

When she came back to her senses, she had already been pulled away.

Huo Chenhuans eyes flickered when he saw this.

He politely declined Ning Siyuans help and moved to Su Yayans side in his wheelchair.

He coldly watched what the two families were up to.


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