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Chapter 437: Youre Here For The Lessons

Su Yayan understood what he had missed out on.

She hid under the blanket, her face as red as a cooked shrimp.

However, she didnt dare to come out.

The two of them spent the night peacefully.

The next morning, Su Yayan rushed out before Huo Chenhuan woke up.

She naïvely thought that she would be able to escape the awkward topic, but not long after she left, Huo Chenhuan came downstairs.

“Young Master, does Young Madam need someone to follow her to the university”

“Dont get too close, just make sure shes safe.”

Zuo Yanbai nodded and immediately asked someone to follow him.

Given how much Ye Qiliang valued her, Su Yayan had expected him to pick her up personally.

However, she did not expect that other than Ye Qiliang, the headmaster of A University would come to pick her up.

She did not expect the classroom to be packed with about fifty people.

Half of them were young people in their early twenties, and the other half were old people around Ye Qiliangs age.

Su Yayan was speechless.

Even though the number of students was not as many as a small faculty, Su Yayan still felt nervous.

Without waiting for her to speak, Ye Qiliangs face sank, and he berated the old fellows who occupied the front row.

“Why are you guys here”

Su Yayan was stunned.

She looked at Ye Qiliang blankly.

Werent these people summoned by you

The old headmaster standing beside Ye Qiliang scanned the crowd and frowned.

“Old Cao, Old Gu, and the rest of you, why are you here instead of staying at your school”

Su Yayan was speechless.

These elderly people were not from the university.

No wonder they came all at once.

Those who didnt know better would think that this was some senior skills school!

The few of them did not panic when they were called out by the old headmaster and Ye Qiliang.

They stood up and said, “Old Ye, this is your fault.

How could you not tell us such a good thing Tell us, are you planning to hide her here Thats not very kind of you.”

“Bullsh*t, what is there to hide I personally invited her here.

You dont have the capability or the chance, and now youre trying to twist the truth to frame me.

Dont think I dont know what youre thinking.

Do you want to pick up something for nothing Dream on.”

When they saw that Ye Qiliang was determined, they exchanged glances and turned their attention to Su Yayan.

Their eyes lit up.

When Su Yayan met their gazes, she had an ominous feeling.

Before she could move back, the group of old men ran to her like sprinters.

They held her hand and said naturally, “Youre the host who donated the Chinese herb seeds to the research institute, arent you I didnt expect you to be so young and pretty.

You really are a young heroine.”

Su Yayan was speechless.

That wasnt the way to describe it!

“Hello…” Su Yayan didnt know how to deal with these strangers, so she greeted them politely and awkwardly.

Just as she was at a loss of what to do next, Ye Qiliang had already pushed their hands away and blocked Su Yayan behind him.

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Like a mother hen protecting her chick, he shouted at the few of them, “What are you doing What are you doing! Youre already so old, yet you still dare to touch a little girl..

Youre old and shameless!”


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