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Dun Dun was inwardly disgusted, but it did not put up much of a struggle.


No choice.

After all, its master had been the one who got blinded and found itself such a dad.

What could it do except let him do what he wanted


Chenhuan, who had no idea that he was subject to his dogs disgust, was still excitedly imagining the scene of him proposing to Yayan.

However, a sudden comment that popped up successfully managed to bring a dark expression onto his face.


[Youre a married woman, but youre still tossing your hair and posing on a live stream platform.

Does your husband know how sl*tty youre being Sl*t!]



The beauties over in the entertainment section cant even earn as much as what her bossman gave her even after a whole night of streaming.

Who would believe her if she says she has no relation to this person Can I ask the host if your husband knows youre selling yourself for money on the internet]


[A newbie host who has only been streaming for three days, but you seem to have appeared out of nowhere and climbed to the top of the charts.

Does this show the distortion of human nature or the degradation of morals]


[Every person who has spent some time in the live streaming sphere would know that there is some sort of sexual relationship involved if someone is willing to give several million dollars worth of rewards to them.

Not even the other streamers would dare to ask their money trees to send them gifts so brazenly.

Im not sure if this one is truly stupid or just brazen enough that shes gone crazy from trying to become viral.

She doesnt dare show her face, but she dares get up to all these shenanigans.

Her identity will be exposed sooner or later.]


A bunch of keyboard warriors had abruptly joined the live stream and begun talking in a despicable manner.

At first, they had only been making vile comments about Yayans relationship with her number one fan.

However, soon after, they even began attacking Yayans looks.


They kept saying that she “will never dare to show her face because shes ugly,” and spoke with such conviction that it sounded as if their comments had crawled through their screen for them to take a look at Yayans face themselves.


Other members of the audience who had been watching the live stream could not help but furrow their eyebrows together when they saw those comments.

Those who could no longer stand it began arguing with these people.


However, it seemed that this group of people was experienced in defaming people.

No matter how the others retaliated against them, they still insisted on accusing Yayan and labeling her a sugar baby on her so that her career would be nipped in the bud.


While the live stream was becoming chaotic, Yayan was busy rifling through her drawers for rose petals and did not even notice that people were defaming her recklessly.


A cold look appeared in Chenhuans eyes when he witnessed that, and he immediately began sending virtual gifts.


[Congratulations to the host (Yanyan)! You have received ten luxuriously furnished mansions from a loyal fan (MulberryTreeInTheMountain).]


[Congratulations to the host (Yanyan)! You have received twenty luxuriously furnished mansions from a loyal fan (MulberryTreeInTheMountain).]




The more the trouble-making keyboard warriors scolded Yayan and hurled horrible insults at her, the more virtual gifts he sent.


All sorts of special effects popped out endlessly in the live stream and blocked the obscene language from view.


No one had ever imagined that this was how things would end up being… Even the keyboard warriors who had come looking for trouble were stunned.


Normally, when someone was being suspected, they would either try to explain things to prove their innocence and make matters worse for themselves or just up and leave, right


Why had this person begun sending even more gifts instead They werent playing according to the rules at all!


Whats more, after Chenhuan had sent over several rounds of gifts, he noticed that the comments had stopped coming in.

Yayan had still not found what she was looking for or noticed what was going on here.

He asked in return:


[Why have you stopped Go on.]


What he meant: Why have you stopped defaming her Go on.

Ill send one gift for every defaming comment that leaves your mouth.

Lets see if the defamers are faster at defaming than I am at throwing my money around.


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