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Chapter 522: Havent Had Our Honeymoon

Su Yuxuan was enjoying the show.

In the blink of an eye, he was blamed for everything.

“” Why did you drag me into this Why am I always the one getting hurt!

Compared to Su Yuxuans anger, Huo Chenhuan was more interested in Su Yayans childhood.

He even took the initiative to ask, “Mom, do you have Yanyans childhood photos or videos at home”

Cheng Xiuqin replied without thinking, “Yes, I have quite a lot of them.

Yanyan was very obedient when she was young and did whatever she was told to do.

Her father took many videos and photos of her wearing little dresses.

If youre interested, Ill send you a copy later.”

Huo Chenhuans eyes lit up.

“Thank you, Mom.”

Su Yayan blushed and mumbled, “I was very dark and ugly when I was young.

I didnt look good at all.”

“Thats because you insisted on going fishing with your grandfather.

How can you not be tanned in the summer”

Grandpa Cheng liked to fish, and he also liked to ask his friends out to fish.

Most of his friends were his fishing friends.

When Su Yayan was young, she lived in the Cheng family and often went fishing with Grandpa Cheng.

They always fished under the bright sun.

Even with the sunscreen lotion, the childs skin had turned dark after one or two months.

Su Yayan had previously looked through the photos at home and had a deep impression of those photos.

She was as dark as the bottom of the pot in them!

Huo Chenhuan didnt give up after hearing her words.

Instead, he became even more curious and said excitedly, “Yanyan looks good no matter what.

She looks good even when shes tanned.”

Su Yayan was speechless.

She felt a little embarrassed.

Everyone, “…” What sweet words he spewed! They wont eat this dog food!

“Aunt Qin, take care of yourself first.

In another month, I will…”

Su Yayan wanted to say, “Ill bring Chenhuan over to your place.” But then she remembered that Huo Chenhuans legs had just recovered.

He might be very busy and wouldnt have time to accompany her.

Huo Chenhuan could tell that she was conflicted.

He smiled and said, “My legs have recovered, and I want to go out and see the sights.

Its just nice, we havent had our honeymoon yet.”

Su Yayans eyes lit up.

Thats right.

Although they were married, they had yet to have their honeymoon!

“In another month, Chenhuan and I will go and visit you.

When the time comes, dont despise us for freeloading there.”

Qin Xuerus pregnancy was almost eight months along.

In another month, it would be her due date.

She and Huo Chenhuan could go over to see the childs birth and stay for another month to help her prepare for her confinement.

One month later, Fan Weiming and his wifes treatment was almost completed.

Ning Qirui and his brother were both in their recovery period, so she just had to send the medicinal cuisine over every day.

It was the same for Luo Weibings younger sister.

She had to rest for a while before she could undergo further treatment.

She was not in a hurry.

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Needless to say, Xia Junsheng was in charge of the company in East City.

Li Jingwen and the rest of the people in the medicinal cuisine restaurant could also take charge of the business there.

Usually, she would only communicate remotely and rarely went to the store.

Not to mention, there were a few old professors who would come to the restaurant every day to eat medicinal cuisine to nourish their bodies.

In reality, they were here to take a look at the medicinal herbs in their shop.

With their protection, as long as the employees didnt cause trouble themselves, there shouldnt be any big problems.

As for Uncle Jiang from yesterday, she didnt know if she could help him or not.

Even if she could, she would ask them to look for her or delay the treatment until she came back..


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