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Chapter 581: National Treasure Level Director


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“The feedback is indeed like this.”

Su Yayan stroked her chin and pondered for a moment.

“Do you know what the drama they are filming is about”

“Its said that theyre going to film the story of a female emperor during the golden age of Ancient Earth.”

“A female emperor”

As soon as Xia Junsheng finished his sentence, the system began to explain to Su Yayan about the lost history.

Su Yayan couldnt help but sigh.

Even now, there were still many male chauvinistic men who treated women as their accessories, not to mention that they might not be as open-minded as they were now.

Yet, this female emperor was able to ascend to the most supreme throne by herself.

Furthermore, she had sat there for such a long time.

From this, one could see that she had boldness and methods.

If Hai Yi could really come up with a good script and reproduce the grand scenes of the golden age, it might really be a big hit.

Of course, the prerequisite was that there had to be good actors who could match the script.

“Do you know who the male and female leads are”

“The male lead hasnt been decided yet.

The female lead seems to be… the girl called Wen Jingping.”

Xia Junsheng had some impression of Wen Jingping.

Previously, in the variety show that their company had invested in, Wen Jingping was infamous for plotting against the companys artists.

Afterwards, she was blacklisted by many agencies.

Who would have thought that in just a few months, she would be able to hook up with Hai Yi Entertainment and even become a rookie that Hai Yi supported

Xia Junsheng wasnt stupid either.

He put two and two together and realized that Wen Jingping was connected to Director Pans decision to reject their offer and go to Hai Yi instead.

If he was really so naive to think that these two matters were unrelated, then he wouldnt have a place in this industry.

“Wen Jingping” Su Yayan didnt expect Hai Yi to not only steal their director, but also spend so much money on promoting Wen Jingping.

They were investing so much money to create a period drama IP for her.

However, did she really have the ability to play this scheming yet domineering and independent female lead Could she withstand Hai Yis strong support

Su Yayan really wasnt sure.

She narrowed her eyes and probed the system.

“System, do you think the worlds consciousness will give her a golden finger for acting”

[Host, are you scared)

Su Yayan chuckled.

“If I was afraid, I wouldnt have chosen this path.”

Regardless of whether the worlds consciousness would favor Wen Jingping or not, the most important thing for her now was to find a director who would take over her companys drama.

“Do you know who youre going to get next”

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Xia Junsheng looked troubled.

“Yes, I have a candidate in mind…”

“Is there any difficulty Is the price very high”

“Thats not the question.”

“That is…”

Xia Junsheng hesitated for a moment before telling Su Yayan the truth.

“There are very few people in the industry who are filming period dramas, and there are even fewer who can produce good works.

I do have a candidate, but Im afraid this person isnt easy to invite.”

Su Yayan had an idea and quickly understood what Xia Junsheng meant.

“Is he very popular”

“Yeah, this director is almost semi-retired.

He only filmed one documentary in recent years, and hes already quite old.”

“Is he older than Director Pan”

“To be precise, they are not from the same generation, be it in terms of age or other aspects…”

Su Yayans eyes flickered.

She felt that it was necessary to fight for him..

“Whats his name”


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