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Chapter 61: The Ninety-Ninth Girlfriend

The expression on Yang Jinyous face became stiff.

“I ordered a special hotel meal at noon.

It hasnt been long since I finished eating, so the smell might still linger.”

“A proper meal Dont you eat all the mass-produced nutrient-packed tv-meals when you work Why do you suddenly have the mood to eat meals alone”

“Im improving my diet.” Yang Jinyou paused for a moment, as if he felt that this reason was not very sufficient, and hurriedly added, “Im celebrating my ninety-ninth girlfriend.”

As soon as Yang Jinyou said this, he immediately received a contemptuous look from Ning Qirui.


“Playboy” Yang Jinyou was unhappy when he heard this term.

“Little brother, one is only a playboy when he doesnt end things properly.

Your Bro always has a beginning and an end in his relationships.

Merry meet, merry part – thats my philosophy.

You cannot call me a playboy.

At most, I would be considered flirty.

Consider yourself educated.”

Ning Qirui rolled his eyes and scoffed at his argument.

Seeing him like this, Yang Jinyou decided to change the topic.

“Speaking of this, did you just run into a wall in front of your future little girlfriend Is that why you came to me to blow off steam”

As Yang Jinyou spoke, he was thinking of something.

He frowned slightly and said in an earnest tone, “Brother, as an experienced person, I can tell you that the girl you are courting is not an innocent rabbit.

If you are not careful, she might swallow you whole.

Before you start a serious relationship with her, you would be better off getting out in time.”

If it were on other occasions, Ning Qirui would have exploded on the spot to hear Yang Jinyou talk about his sweetheart in that manner.

However, he was still affected by what Su Yayan said, so he did not react to that comment.

“Its not her, but I met a particularly wretched person today.”

“Oh” Yang Jinyou raised his eyebrows, but he was intrigued.

“Who would dare to make Young Master Ning unhappy Dont they want to live anymore”

“Its a wicked woman.

When we met for the first time, she said that I have an illness.”

“Puff…” Yang Jinyou snorted on the spot.

“Are you sick What is the illness”

“She said that I have a kidney problem.”


Ning Qirui blushed red all of a sudden.

“How could I have a kidney problem Im not like you, and I dont change my girlfriend every few weeks.

If we are talking about kidney problems, it is more likely that you will have them.

How can I…”

“Oh, must you speak like this” Yang Jinyou suddenly stood up as if a needle had pricked him.

He glared at Ning Qirui indignantly.

“Im just giving you an example.

Why are you so agitated”

“Must you cite this example If it were you, and others say that your kidney is weak, would you like it”

“I only said that there is a problem with the kidney, and it is not necessarily a kidney deficiency.”

Yang Jinyou choked on his words.

The atmosphere in the room was a bit awkward, but in the end, Yang Jinyou took the initiative to break the silence.

“If that woman had said that she went too far.”

Ning Qirui seemed to have broken away from his trance, and he echoed, “Isnt it so Not only did she say that I have kidney problems, but also that if I dont get treatment quick, my life will be in danger.

Listen, is this how humans talk”

Yang Jinyous face changed when he heard him relay the story.

He thought for a moment and said solemnly, “Since she brought it up, perhaps you should get yourself checked.”

Ning Qirui narrowed his eyes slightly.

“How can you…”

“Its better to eliminate the possibility, and you cant be careless when its related to your body anyway.

What if it was true”

That conversation made Ning Qirui stop in his tracks.

What if it was true Who could guarantee that it would not happen to him

What if it was true Then he would be…

Even if he did not want to admit it, Ning Qirui could not neglect the niggling fear in his heart.


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