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Chapter 63: The Dog with an Arranged Marriage

Dun Dun clawed at Huo Chenhuan harmlessly when it heard the word “neuter” again.

It then turned its back and sat on the ground with its fleshy back facing him.

What a rubbish dog daddy! It could go bald for its owner, but neutering was the final straw!

Su Yayan was stunned for a while.

She quickly realized that it was almost time for her dog… But to neuter it…

Su Yayan forced back a smile and said, “Our Dun Dun is a dog that has an arranged marriage.

If you neuter him, of course he will be unhappy.”

Dun Dun seemed to have heard Su Yayan and its plump body trembled as it moved slightly.

It was very curious about this topic, although it pretended to be nonchalant, thinking that no one else had noticed.

“An arranged marriage”

“Yes, my friends dog is also a corgi.

It is only a few days younger than Dun Dun.

The two little guys can be considered childhood sweethearts.”

Huo Chenhuan was a little irritated by the words of childhood sweethearts.

If Dun Dun and that other persons dog were childhood sweethearts, was Su Yayan and him were also…

“Is your friend a man”

Su Yayan saw through Huo Chenhuans veiled jealousy masked within the question, and a faint smile lit up her face.

“Its a girl.

Shes my best friend, and she should be back from abroad within these two days.

She will be my bridesmaid at our wedding next month.”

Upon hearing that it was Su Yayans female friend, Huo Chenhuans state of alert instantly vanished.

“Then when will she come back This dog is now…”

“It should be within these two days.

Ill introduce you when she is back.

As for Dun Dun…” A meaningful smile spread across Su Yayans face as she looked at the dog.

“If you cant even wait for two days and continue to wreak havoc, we will neuter you.

By then, we shall see if your little flower-like fiancée would still want you!”

Dun Dun, “!!!” Sure enough, if it had a stepfather, a stepmother was a done deal.

Was it not her beloved cutie pie anymore How could she do this!

When Huo Chenhuan heard Su Yayan ticking off her little fur kid, his face bore an unreadable expression.

He said hoarsely, “Then what about my little flower-like fiancée”


“Will you also disown me”

Su Yayan was slightly startled.

Only then did she think of Huo Chenhuan…

“I already left my little kid with you.

Do you think that I wouldnt want you”

Huo Chenhuan felt his mood lifting slightly.

He picked up the little corgi, who was still on icy terms with him, and assured Su Yayan.

“I will bring it along when I see you tomorrow.”

Su Yayans eyes lit up, and she nodded eagerly.

Then she recalled what she had learned by chance in Dongcheng not long ago and said squarely, “I visited my entertainment company today.

I heard that someone had issued an order to withdraw Wen Jingping from a variety show by chance.

That person… Was it you”

Huo Chenhuan had initially planned to settle the matter with this woman quietly, but Su Yayan had unexpectedly come across this matter.

“Yes, that was me.” Huo Chenhuan admitted it openly.

“Im sorry that I did not ask for your opinion before calling the shots.”

“You dont need to apologize to me.

You are my fiancé and my future husband.

You have the right to decide on my behalf.

In fact, I was quite happy when I found out about this.”

Huo Chenhuan tightened his hands unconsciously, and his gaze at her intensified.

“Since you are willing to do this for me, it means that you care about me and want to seek justice on my behalf.

I have no intention of blaming you, but those two people…” Su Yayan pursed her lips, and with a hint of apprehension, she pleaded softly, “I wish to deal with them myself.

Can I”


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