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Chapter 65: Chili Seeds

Although Su Yayan had remained by Huo Chenhuans side as a wandering soul in the past life, he was very busy with various things at that time.

It was common for him to skip meals.

Even if he ate, he only casually drank a bottle of nutrient-packed beverage.

There was no problem of tastelessness at all.

Huo Chenhuan was stunned by the three words “a lifetime together” and surrendered on the spot.

“I like things with a heavier taste and dont like things that are too light.” After speaking, he seemed to have thought of something and quickly added, “What you made last time was excellent.”

Su Yayan laughed.

Although the soup she made last time was mouthwatering, if Huo Chenhuan had a preference for more savory foods, it was indeed a bit too light.

“Then I will make something else tomorrow to see if it suits your taste.

I will make plenty of things, so dont worry about not finding your favorite.”


Now that she knew Huo Chenhuans taste preference, Su Yayan had plans in her mind.

She glanced at Likability, which had risen from about 60,000 to 70,000.

It was still a certain distance away from the next upgrade of 100,000, so she did not hesitate when she exchanged her points for a [Chili] seed.

That was right.

Chili was also an extinct medicinal plant in this world.

There were spring onions, gingers, and garlic, but if you were making fish, it was a lot less interesting to be using just ginger.

Early the next day, Su Yayan opened the livestream on time, and there were already more than a thousand people waiting for her online.

Within a few seconds, the number of people suddenly skyrocketed to 10,000 when she went online.

Su Yayan was about to introduce the ingredients she would be using today, but a series of high-priced rewards interrupted her first.

[Congratulations to the livestream broadcast room (Yanyans Little Kitchen)! You have received 10 luxuriously furnished mansions from the user (GoldenGunWontFall).]

[Congratulations to the livestream broadcast room (Yanyans Little Kitchen)! You have received 10 Mega Yachts from the user (DadaYouAreSoBig).]

[Congratulations to the livestream broadcast room (Yanyans Little Kitchen)! You have received 100 Roses from the user (MostBeautifulGuyInTheUniverse).]


The spectators who came in after were stunned by the rewards of several goods as soon as they joined the livestream.

[What is the matter Did the tycoons start to refresh the screen when the host started the livestream]


Arent these the viewers in the lucky draw by the host yesterday]

[Oh, damn it! So, did they get very effective results and came back to give thanks to the host]

[If I remember correctly, the effect of the medicinal cuisine that the host made last night was… So those people, hehe…]

There were memories on the Internet, especially since many people watched the livestream yesterday.

Everyone still remembered what two particular people had before the lucky draw.

The users on the screen had @ the two people in hopes that they could explain and confirm whether the medicinal cuisine by Su Yayan had worked.

However, it was impossible that the two of them would make an appearance.

Just like how they had reacted after winning the prize, they silently pretended to be dead.

That did not affect their good mood at that moment.

Take Yang Jinyou as an example, as after he hesitated for a long time before drinking the soup, he finally asked his brand new 99th girlfriend out on a date.

The two of them had a romantic candlelight dinner and then moved on to the main topic, and Yang Jinyou was pleasantly surprised to find that the problem that had plagued him recently was indeed solved.

Not only that, but Yang Jinyou also used his body health test machine after his rendezvous and did a physical health test for himself.

He concluded that not only was his problem healed, but his overall physical fitness had also improved noticeably.


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