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Su Yayans eyes flashed.

No wonder Huo Chenhuan took so long to come back.

He even said that it was because they did not have enough ingredients and had people go out to buy the ingredients.

Huo Chenhuan obviously thought of this as well.

He coughed guiltily and asked in a low voice, “Why are you asking about this all of a sudden”

“Hmph, its all because of you that the results of the debauchery youve caused have come to me.

How can I not ask”

Huo Chenhuans face darkened.


“Look at this.”Su Yayan curled her lips and handed Huo Chenhuan a pile of photos that someone had sent over.

It turned out that the few bodyguards that Huo Chenhuan had arranged to stay by Su Yayans side had already deflected to her side.

He was caught off guard by such an important matter and was a little dumbfounded.

“These…” Huo Chenhuans face turned completely dark.

“Dont misunderstand, these are basically fake.”

“Basically” Su Yayan raised her eyebrows and teased him, “In other words, not all of them are fake”

Huo Chenhuan, “…” This was probably a death sentence.

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Su Yayan almost could not hold back her laughter when she saw the constipated look on a certain someones face.

She raised her chin slightly and pointed at the pile of photos.

“Ill give you a chance to pick out the real photos.”

Huo Chenhuan was silent for a moment, then lowered his head and picked out the photos seriously.

Out of the 10 to 20 photos, only three were found in the same frame.

One of them was the one from the full moon ceremony.

Su Yayan had already roughly identified the authenticity of these photos before this.

When she saw Huo Chenhuan pick out these three photos, the corners of her lips curled up slightly.

She took the one that she had just explained and pointed at the other two photos.

“Whats with these two photos Have you seen her since then”

Huo Chenhuans eyes turned cold.

Thinking of the two so-called coincidences after the full moon ceremony, he could not help but feel a little bad.

“This photo was taken at a high-class restaurant.

At that time, the boss of a company proposed to discuss a collaboration at this place.

This collaboration is important to the company, so I went there.”

“Then, you met her at that restaurant”


“Was it the boss who brought her there”


She was sitting diagonally across from us at that time.”

“Oh.” Su Yayan nodded in understanding and sighed from the bottom of her heart, “Thats really a coincidence.

You havent been to a restaurant for a few years.

Its not easy for you to go there once, but you were bumped into by her.

Is this considered fate”

Huo Chenhuans face darkened.

Thinking back to when they met again, Song Yunyuans first sentence was really, “What a coincidence.

I didnt expect to meet you here.

Its really fate.”

Was it really fate or was it intentional If Huo Chenhuan had only suspected it before, now that he saw these photos, his suspicion had also become convinced.

However, was she intentionally letting people follow him, bribing the people around him to know his movements in advance, or deceiving the boss to use it as a stepping stone to get close to him, leading him to meet her here by chance, or was it both

“Since she only sat diagonally across from you in the beginning, how did she end up at the same table as you”

“She ran over to strike up a conversation and sat down on her own.”


“But I told her to get lost very quickly.”

“What” Su Yayan was stunned, and she was also a little confused by this god show, “You told her to get lost In front of the boss”

Arent you afraid that your potential business partner will think that you are too ungentlemanly and terminate the contract

However, hearing him say this, she felt a little pleased Hehehe…


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