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The moment he said that, everyone present fell silent.

On the surface, this matter was caused by a few so-called old seniors accusing the industry of being hypocritical and exaggerated, warning the public not to be deceived.

However, everyone present could tell that the Medicine Association was fanning the flames behind this matter and using their words to deliberately suppress the Chinese medicinal herbs.

As for why they were doing this Of course it was because they were afraid that the Chinese herbs would actually work.

Then it would affect their monopoly on the drug market and impact their path to making money.

“The main problem with this is still the Medicine Association.

In the past, I only thought that they were unscrupulous.

I did not expect…”

“Its not surprising.

The current Medicine Association is no longer the same as it was more than 20 years ago.

So many supervisors have changed, and each generation is getting worse.

In the past few years, they even found a few laymen to manage it.

How can a place that was originally fine be in such a foul state”

Everyone present was a little disappointed when they heard this.

Although they were only registered in this association, they were actually very close to the first president of this association.

Back when the association was established, they had contributed a lot.

Unfortunately, the president later died of illness, and the upper echelons of the association changed several times.

Everyone watched as this place gradually became unfamiliar but helpless.

In the end, they simply decided not to participate in their internal affairs and just hung up for many years.

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During this period, it was not that some merchants in the association did not use their names to show off.

As long as they did not go overboard, they would tolerate it on account of the first president.

However, this time…

“I think theyve had their heads in the air too much over the years and have forgotten their capabilities.

Theyve also forgotten their original intention of establishing the Medicine Association back then.”

As soon as Ye Qiliang said that, everyone fell silent again.

After a long while, someone asked, “What are you going to do”

“At this point, what else can we do”

Everyone looked at each other and had an answer in their hearts.

The Medicine Association did not pay much attention to it when they realized that there were people discussing Chinese herbs online.

In their opinion, even if this was true, since these medicinal herbs would go extinct during the migration, they must be very “delicate” things.

Even if it could be planted, it would definitely not be popularized by everyone and would not affect them.

And it was this contempt that created their current awkward situation.

The uproar was caused a week ago when they chose the most opportune moment to announce that cancer drugs were about to go on the market.

In the end, this popularity only lasted for less than a week before it was suppressed by the research institute, a Chinese medicine ingredient that came out of nowhere.

When the upper echelons of the Medicine Association found out about this, they were furious and felt an unprecedented sense of danger.

In the past few years, the Medicine Association had been dominating the industry.

There was almost no one in the industry who could compete with them.

Over time, they had gotten used to this comfort and took it for granted.

Now that an unknown factor had suddenly appeared, and this unknown factor was backed by the research institute, their unanimous reaction was to nip it in the bud before it rose after everyone panicked!

For this reason, they quickly reacted and found a few obedient seniors to set the pace on the Internet.

At the same time, they mobilized the Internet Water Army and the official account of the Medicine Association.

They had to ensure that the dirty water was poured on Su Yayan and the researchers.


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