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No one expected that the person who saved Ning Qirui from this awkward situation was not anyone else but the little guy in the pram.

“Awwwwwww…” The milk bottle that had been soaked earlier was now only a thin layer, but Little Star took the initiative to pull out the pacifier.

His big eyes were wide as he waved his chubby little arms for a hug.

Su Yayans heart softened when she saw him like this.

How could she still have the mood to pursue the matter of someone picking up girls in the production team

She put the milk bottle aside and picked up the baby.

“Are you full Come, Mommy will pat you.”

As Su Yayan spoke, she touched the babys belly, causing him to giggle.

The little guy was almost eight pounds when he was born.

In the past month or so, he had eaten his fill.

He was now fat and fair.

His small hands were like lotus roots.

The few of them had raced up to take a look at this baby.

When they saw Su Yayan carrying him, their eyes lit up.

Especially the two girls.

Their eyes lit up like light bulbs when they saw such a fair and obedient baby.

Yun Luoshan was rather shy.

No matter how much she liked him, she was too embarrassed to ask.

You Yushi, on the other hand, had no such concerns.

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Seeing this legendary bosss little crown prince, she subconsciously took a step forward and said happily, “Boss, is this your baby He looks so cute.

Can I carry him”

Su Yayan glanced at her in surprise, and You Yushi realized that her request seemed a little abrupt.

Just as she was wondering if she should say something to remedy the situation, she heard Su Yayan say, “Sure.”

Su Yayans straightforwardness was surprising.

You Yushi was stunned for a few seconds before she reacted.


“Of course.” Su Yayan looked helpless.

You Yushi and the others were all her employees.

They were her subordinates.

She just wanted to carry her baby.

She was not that petty.

“Hold him here.

Yes, slow down.

Hold him here.

Yes, very good.” Su Yayan corrected her gesture as she carefully placed the baby in her hand.

It was probably You Yushis first encounter with such a soft little creature.

She stiffened, but her heart soared with excitement.

“Hes so soft.

And hes so small and especially… fragrant.”

“Pfft…” Su Yayan could not help but burst out laughing.

You Yushi knew that she was being silly.

She blushed, but she was stubborn.

“I mean it.

He smells like milk and smells good.”

When Ning Qirui heard You Yushis words, the corners of his mouth twitched.

“What are you saying I suspect you can bite him in the next second.


“…Dont think that I wont dare to beat you up just because youre the young master of the Ning family.”

“Come on, come on.

Whos afraid of who”

Su Yayan looked at the two of them, who could start an argument with just a few words, and suddenly realized how naive she had been not long ago when she thought that the two of them would become a couple.

Yun Luoshan, on the other hand, was used to the two of them quarreling when they met.

She reached out to poke the babys little face, but the baby grabbed her finger instead.

Startled, for a moment she wasnt sure whether to pull her hand back or continue poking.

Su Yayan turned around and saw her baby holding the pretty girls finger and giggling.

She was stunned for a moment and chuckled.

“Little Star seems to like you a lot.”

Seeing the baby laugh, Yun Luoshan could not help but rub the back of her head and smile foolishly.

“Maybe Im more popular with children.”


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