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The Mate Of The Alpha King The Plan

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Reaching the packs main house, the royal team upon their arrival found the Alpha and his Luna waiting for them with the widest smile that someone can ever have. They were so welcoming, respectful and cheerful. They kept radiating an angelic feelings one that can make you feel at home. They had already prepared the designated rooms, for all of them along with meals and clean clothes so they can have a rest.

"Tonight we will be having a banquet for you as a welcoming party, I hope you will honor us with your presence." The alpha explained while they headed in.

The leader didn hid his excitement thinking it was a good opportunity to relax and take some wait out of their shoulders.

"Thank you so much" he replied smiling back "We will be there" his words reassured his team as they basically shared his opinion. He even can hear their excited whispers rising around him. However looking at his side gazing at Xavier, searching with all his mighty power for any visible signs that can show his displeasure or disappointment.

Looking at him he was about to die. He totally forget that his alpha was standing beside him, taking the lead and deciding on his stead. Pulling his hair out he screamed inside, do I have a death wish. He literally saw his body being hanged from the city walls eaten by crows, while people throw rocks at him. His cries could be wiped as it flew rivers flooding the pack and all the surrounded lands.

But Xavier didn stop him nor cared at all. He, simply kept walking, with the same expression he had since arriving at the previous spot.

The alpha didn leave them until he made sure that they were all comfortable and satisfied, he left with proudness that he was able to hold the royals within his pack. Seeing his happiness radiating until the neighbored galaxy he knew that this day will become a proud fairytale for years to come. "But what will he do if he knew that the king is with them? I think he will die form happiness! He laughed"

At that point a command came from the door step of Xavier

"Spread out scoot anything suspicious. Anything out of its place report immediately" He howled, silently.

His man moved instantly. They knew the drill and knew exactly what they have to do. Without further words the warriors jumped into actions.

At the end the report came clean, nothing was out of place.


At night.

All people came rushing into the packs mention, crowding the banquet hall from all different sides. People were happy, proud of having such an honor and had to witness the presence of royals inside their respectable territory. The gigantic room that once was able to hold all members, felt crumbed and small. While the cheerful voices and the excited giggles filled the night.


Girls were expecting: "can we be lucky tonight?"

"Omg, don give hopes, Im already at the edge thinking that my mate can be one of them"

"Come one Cinderella, don think your prince will be one of them, back to earth please a second later you will think the king is yours"

" yes and let me dream, you know sometimes if you dream hard enough all your dreams may came true"

"Says who?"

"Says grandmother" in an insisting way.


Basically the same conversation with little difference in structure was held in all part of the banquet. Old or young, hoped for miracles. Men and women alike no exceptions. Even the mated one hoped for their daughters and the mate-less even more, they nearly held a sacrificing ceremonies in order to make their chances better.

But what they didn know about that this party was only aloud because Xavier thought that he may collect evidence by letting more people come tonight. He thought that perhaps she may be here the woman of his dreams perhaps she is part of them and this is why he kept having the urges.

It was a good excuse for him, a reason to have the most of them in one place without an effort. And with all this hype and eagerness, people will automatically drive themselves to come. This kind of enthusiasm is what he just wanted and thankfully they didn disappoint. Because by the time the dinner started and the Royal team came downstairs after a good relaxing time, nearly all pack members have arrived flocking the place from every side. Unbeknownst that this party will have an awkward situation that nearly drove the king insane.

A situation that can be said to be the second step towards meeting his fate. Because, slowly the little red threads grew more twisting and shaking around him faster and faster. Noting that there movement didn only increase in size but also in shape as the threads started to transform onto small dragons eating the flesh around his chest area bit by bit inch by inch enjoying the delicious taste.

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