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18 Who Can Protect You

Spencer Larsons face darkened. He really did not expect that he would lose face here.

“Who knows where this country bumpkin came from One look and I can tell hes not a local. Otherwise, how could he not have heard of Spencers name” A slim girl at the side chimed in.

“Who in Preston doesnt know Young Master Larsons name” Another person said in a flattering manner.

The bald, middle-aged chairman of Doffer textile, Samuel Zoll, snorted with disdain. “Country bumpkins! How many people can they know”

Spencers expression softened, but before he could say anything, Luke Yates spoke with an expressionless face, “Im indeed not a local. Im from the northern territory!”

“Youre indeed a country bumpkin! How much knowledge can a person from the forsaken land of the north have” Samuel laughed.

Luke raised his eyebrows, and a cold glint flashed across the depths of his eyes!

Even Gordon Lowe did not dare to say that to him! Who the hell was this Samuel Zoll


Luke gave Samuel a tight slap, and he fell to the ground!

However, before he could recover from his shock, Luke took another step forward and stepped on him!

“A bunch of useless things who dont know the immensity of heaven and earth!”

As he spoke, Luke kicked Samuel a few times in succession, leaving him on the verge of death.

However, this was not the end!

He turned around and snorted coldly, “Is he the chairman of the textile company”

Gordon lightly nodded.

Lukes expression darkened.

“Steve Xavier, get in here!”


Steve was covered in cold sweat.

Luke Yates was the unruliest of the five commanders and was also the biggest troublemaker in the entire Eastern Hansworth.

However, no one dared to touch Luke!

Firstly, it was because of the terrifying power he had.

More importantly, they did not even know whose younger brother he was!

Who dared to touch the left-wing guard of the Northern King

Now that Steve Xavier had appeared, everyones pupils shrank, and their faces turned pale!

Gerald Neal, who was sitting at the head of the table, also felt his legs tremble. He stood up and said, “Team Leader Xavier”

Steve lowered his head and ignored everyone. He was covered in cold sweat.

Luke did not care about what others thought and said coldly, “This guy scolded me. What should I do”

“There are five great commanders in the country. You live in Eastern Hansworth. Insulting you is equivalent to insulting the six provinces in Eastern Hansworth. He deserves to be killed!”

Steve said frankly.

According to the rules of the special operations team, the commander was the leader!

Who would dare to humiliate him

Luke snorted coldly.

“Kill him, chop him up, and feed him to the dogs!”

“Yes, Sir!” Steve immediately agreed.

Everyone shivered.

It was only now that they realized Luke Yates had a powerful background!

Zayn Ziegler looked at Luke and shook his head. He said, “No need. Seal up all his properties as punishment!”

Steve nodded and quickly ordered his men to do it.

Luke did not pay attention to Zayns words. He glanced at Spencer Larson and then gave him a tight slap!


“You seem to be the main culprit.”

Spencers eyes were red!

However, Luke did not even bother to talk to him!

He turned around and grabbed the handle of a sword, pulling out a black battle sword from Steves waist. Luke suddenly stabbed and instantly pierced through Spencers left shoulder, nailing him to the ground!

Everyones pupils shrank!

No one had expected that this black-clothed youth would attack just like that!

The iron-blooded ruthlessness of his wrists was daunting!

Now, seeing Spencers miserable appearance, Luke laughed in disdain.

“Hows my country bumpkin sword”

They wanted Braydon to kneel down and greet them; it was an insult to their Northern King. This group of people did not know what was good for them!

Today, he wanted these people to find out whose world this was!

“Braydon, have you forgotten what you promised Mom” Laura Quinn frowned slightly.


“Return and sheath your blade!” Braydon said indifferently.

Luke pulled out his blade from Spencers shoulder, causing blood to splatter, which was followed by a painful howl.

The bright hall was silent, and all the guests were as silent as cicadas in winter!

Braydons return this time would probably stain the Neal family with blood!

Seeing Spencer being taken away by the Larson family, Gerald Neal stood up and cupped his fists, looking at Steve Xavier.

“Team Leader Xavier, the Neal family and your team have never crossed each others path. In the end, Braydon is a descendant of the Neal family. Todays matter is the Neal familys family matter. Team Leader Xavier, do you really want to interfere”

“The Preston team is forcefully interfering in the Neal familys affairs. Im afraid it wont be good if word gets out!” Larry Neals eyes glowed.

Steve secretly rolled his eyes and did not say anything.

On such an occasion, who was he to speak

“Since its a family matter, lets solve it ourselves!” Braydon snapped his fingers and smiled.

Steve turned around and left the bright hall without a word.


Seeing this, the other guests also found excuses to leave one by one.

All of a sudden, there were only two groups of people left in the entire hall-Laura Quinns family and the Neal family led by Gerald Neal.

Gerald sat back on his high seat, looked down, and sneered. “Braydon, you must have paid a high price to invite Team Leader Xavier of the Preston team, right”

Braydon chuckled.

Zayn and the others who were standing at the door sneered.

Steve was not worthy of their invitation.

However, Gerald did not care much and merely sneered, “Youre still too inexperienced. Steve Xavier is in charge of the Preston special operations team and secretly controls all martial artists. He has amazing authority. Although the Neal family is strong, we dont dare to offend him. Which of the seven great families would dare to offend him”

“Its a pity that Steve is gone. Once hes gone, who do you think can protect you in the Neal family” Larry laughed coldly, as if he was looking at an idiot.

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They had only provoked him with a few words, but who knew that Braydon would stupidly think that he could handle the Neal familys internal affairs himself.

But now All aid was far away!

Gerald waved his hand. “How stupid! Send his family of three on their way. Make sure to clean up the mess!”

“Leonard, you do it!” Larry laughed evilly.

Leonard Neal, Gerald Neals second eldest son, grinned and looked at Braydon. He then quietly licked his lips.

“Braydon, have you ever felt what despair is like”



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