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20 How Could an Ant Devour an Elephant

Then, the Northern King sword shot out and stabbed into the ground in front of Gerald Neal!

Braydons action was self-evident!


He, Gerald Neal, could not escape this fate!

“Its retribution... Retribution!”

Geralds body trembled. He closed his eyes and let out a long sigh. He held the Northern King sword with both hands and exerted force!

The blade did not move at all!

The Northern King sword was made with the strength of the entire country. It was forged for four years using meteoric iron and weighed 360 kilograms!

Gerald could not even make the sword budge with all his strength!

Braydon sneered, “You are not worthy to die under the Northern Kings sword!

“Braydon! Youre going too far!”

Geralds eyes were red. Under the intense humiliation, he suddenly stood up and hit his head against the door beam!


Blood splattered everywhere!

Gerald fell heavily to the ground with his neck twisted; he was dead!

An expert of his generation had lost his life on the spot!

Larry Neal instantly lost his voice.

“Braydon, Im going to kill you!”


The one thousand young men in black clothes, wearing black scarves on their faces, pulled out the black swords from their waists!

Thousands of black Northern Cool swords were shining with a dim light!

Larrys whole body turned cold, and he finally realized how terrifying Braydon was after his return!

Leonard Neals expression was grim, and he could not help but growl, “Steve Xavier, theyre all martial artists. Are you going to let them attack us”

“You have five warriors in the Neal family, so youre not ordinary people,” Steve said calmly.

“Steve Xavier! Let me ask you this: whos in charge of the Preston team” Luke Yates asked in disdain.

Steve replied, “The Central Hansworth main team!”

“Then, whos the commander of the Central Plains main team” Luke asked again.

“Commander Zayn Ziegler, the Warblade of Central Plains!” Steve said.

“Where is he” Luke asked.

“Right here!” Steve turned around and saluted.

Larry was silent, and all the people in the Neal family were in fear!

They had never thought that the person who followed Braydon in silence had such a terrifying background!

How was this a follower This was clearly a giant that could crush the Neal family with a stomp of his foot!

Leonard laughed at himself. “The person who suppresses all the martial artists in the three provinces of the Central Plains, also known as the figure standing at the peak of Mount Tanish... I didnt expect that he would come to a small place like our Neal familys manor!”

“Im sorry, Im not the only commander here today!”

Zayn Ziegler casually pointed and said coldly, “Him! The Marquis of Western Hansworth, Bryan Goldman, the Commander of Western Hansworth!

“Carl Mason, the ferocious Tiger of Northern Hansworth, the former Commander of Northern Hansworth!

“Spirit Sword Gordon Lowe, the Commander of Southern Hansworth!

“The Great Demon King, Luke Yates, the Commander of Eastern Hansworth!”

At the end of his speech, Leonard knelt on the ground, his face pale!

The five great commanders of the country had gathered in the Neal familys manor today!

The Neal family was receiving such great honor!

Braydon held the long sword in his hand, his face as cold as ice.

“Fourth Uncle, rest in peace!” With a sigh, the Northern King sword turned into a black shadow and pierced through Larry Neals chest, nailing him to the door of the bright hall!

Everyone in the Neal family was trembling! However, no one dared to say a word!

Braydon took Leonard outside the bright hall.

Outside the hall, it was pouring heavily.

Braydon looked at the sky and said softly, “You shall kneel here for the rest of your life!

“Ill let you experience all the humiliation my father has suffered all these years and the pain my mother has suffered in her wheelchair!

“If you dare to commit suicide, you will bear the consequences!”

Braydon chuckled, and his eyes quietly fell on Leonards two sons who were kneeling in the bright hall.

In an instant, Leonards face turned ashen, but he did not dare to refute at all!

Life and death were no longer in his hands!

The rain outside was getting heavier and heavier, and Carl put a black cloak on Braydon.


Braydon turned around and looked at the people of the Neal family. “Dad, everything in the Neal family belongs to you. The head of the family should be you!”

Louis Neal opened his mouth to speak, but Braydon stopped him.

Everything in the Neal family belonged to Louis Neal.

There were decades of Braydons grandfathers hard work in this. Only by taking everything back could he be worthy of his grandfathers soul in heaven!

“Where are the graves of Second Uncle and Fourth Uncle” Braydon asked softly.

“In the cemetery in the western suburbs!” Someone answered.

Braydons expression turned cold. “They died without being buried in the ancestral grave Then, you will face the same outcome!”

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The Neal familys ancestral grave was not in the cemetery in the western suburbs. Since Gerald Neal dared to treat the dead like this, Braydon would treat them the same way!

The entire Neal family was still silent! No one dared to say a word!

Braydon ignored the wind and rain and wanted to go to the grave to pay his respects.

At the gate of the Neal familys manor, a black carriage team slowly stopped, and nearly fifty people got off.


The leader was a crane-haired old man with a youthful face. He was wearing a black handmade suit and had a string of beads in his hand. A middle-aged man in a suit bent over and stood beside him, holding an umbrella for him.

After a moment of silence, the old man finally snorted heavily!

“Id like to see just how powerful this abandoned son of the Neal family, who had disappeared for thirteen years, is. He even dares to hurt the eldest grandson of my Larson family!”

The old man was Howard Larson, the Larson familys old master.

He, Gerald Neal, old lady Sage, and the others were all people of the same generation.

And they were all martial artists!

The Larson family brought people into the house and happened to bump into Braydon who was going out.

The cold wind howled in the rainy night!

The Northern King sword on Braydons waist had been sheathed and handed over to Luke for safekeeping.

The Northern King sword was not to be seen in prosperous times. This was the rule set by Braydon in the past.

Gordon frowned; his face filled with disdain. “Ill clear the way!”

“This is the Central Plains, the prosperous Preston city, not our northern territory. There are no foreign armies invading our borders. This is a prosperous city. Old Lowe, you should put away your sword!”

Bryan Goldman could not help but laugh.


Everyone from the Larson family looked grim!

This Gordon Lowe was too arrogant!

However, before the two sides could fight, another convoy slowly drove over!

They were the Sage family!

“Why is she here” Howard Larson frowned.

“Father, the Sage family has long declined. Our Larson family isnt afraid of this old woman!”

The man in the suit who was holding the umbrella said in a low voice, his voice full of disdain.

Howard Larsons expression suddenly turned cold.

“Impudent! Although the Sage family is weak, they have a strong foundation! Its enough for the Sage family to last another thirty to fifty years!”

The man in the suit did not think much of it, but he did not say anything.

In his eyes, they were merely the Sage family.

They were just ants!



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