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The Strongest War God Chapter 8

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8 Disgraceful

Jason Williams placed his hands behind his back and looked at the blood-red setting sun outside the window. He was in a daze for a long time.

When Braydon Neal returned, many people were informed about it. When Jason received the secret notice earlier, he was shocked. He did not think that such a big shot had once been in the city.

Later, Jason remembered the car accident thirteen years ago, and he had even personally met that precocious little boy.

At that time, the little boy, Braydon, was in a sorry state and was innocent. If the Sage family had not protected him, he would have been a pile of bones by now.

Braydon was sent to the northern region, where the Neals could not reach him. Only there would Braydon be safe.

But who knew that this little boy would return thirteen years later with such terrifying power!

If the overlord of the north came back in anger, even ten Neal families would not be enough for him to destroy.

Thump! Thump!

Leon Zimmerman knocked on the wooden door.

“Come in!” Jason heaved a sigh of relief.

“Uncle Jason, why did you ask me to come back They were about to start fighting!” Leon expressed his dissatisfaction as soon as he entered the room.

“Youre a little daft, you know that Do you know which team the people in the photo belong to” Jason turned around to look at him.

“They were wearing black clothes; this is obviously a group fight between young people!” Leon snorted.

“If they hear this, theyll definitely teach you a lesson. Theyre Braydon Neals people!” Jason did not hide anything from Leon.

Leon was shocked.

Jason nodded. “As far as I know, the Dragon Guards dont have that many official members. Also, this sword symbol on the front of their clothes can only be worn by the elite guards of the main team!”

Leon was stunned and did not speak for a long time.

Leon Zimmerman and Jason Williams were like father and son, so they would only occasionally hear a few words.

However, who knew that the people they would meet today would include the main team members!

With the Preston teams authority, they had the highest autonomy in the event of an emergency!

One had to remember that it was not just the right to deal with it freely, but the right to make a decision freely!

This was also why Jason was angry earlier. If Leon had barged into the Sage family and was beaten up by Steve Xavier and the others, Jason would not have gotten an explanation.

The reason was simple. With Jasons identity, he was not qualified to come into contact with Steve.

If he had any opinions, he could report it instead.

The final result would probably be that the feedback would be like a stone thrown into the sea. Steve Xavier would not be alarmed at all.

This little episode did not affect the Sage family at all.

All the members had arrived.

Harold Sage and the rest of the young people turned around.

“Did you get help” Chris Sage muttered.

“Shut up!” Harolds gaze sharpened.

Chris was shocked. He did not understand why Harold was picking on him all of a sudden, and he was immediately displeased.

Steve came forward, and he appeared to be even more terrifying. He cupped his fists and bowed. “Steve Xavier greets Chief Team Leader Zayn Ziegler!”

Zayn Ziegler, the Warblade of the Central Plains, was the chief team leader!

“Have you received the A1 order” Carl Mason stretched his back lazily.

“Commander Carl Mason” This was the first time Steve had seen him in person.

Other than Zayn, Steve had only seen the photos of the five commanders on the intranet. He had no access to any other information.

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Steves scalp went numb. Carl Mason, the ferocious Tiger of Northern Hansworth, was also here.

It seemed that something big had really happened. The A1 order had alerted the two commanders, so he, Steve, could only do odd jobs with the people he had brought over.

“Thats enough manpower. There are more than a hundred people!” Bryan Goldman chuckled.

“I received an A1 order, so I summoned all my members to come to assist... Are you the Marquis of Western Hansworth, Main Team Leader Bryan Goldman ”

Steve changed the topic mid-sentence and almost lost his breath.

His eyes were filled with surprise as he looked at Braydon.

Gordon Lowe gently nodded and did not say anything.

However, Steve did not dare to be arrogant and took the initiative to ask, “Steve Xavier greets Main Team Leader Gordon Lowe!”

“Are you guys done!”

There were more than thirty juniors in the Sage family. The oval-faced girl, May Sage, revealed a strong sense of disgust on her freckled face.

“Whose fiancé is he Shouldnt the fiancée be controlling her fiancé Is it fun to pretend to be rich and invite a group of strangers to say all kinds of strange things” She said with a hint of hostility.

“This is none of your business!” Heather Sage furrowed her brows.

Steve frowned. “It doesnt matter if you think its fun or if youre ignorant, the A1 order has already been issued. Since this happened at the Sage familys home, seize them all!

“Who gave you the right to do so” May shrieked in protest.

With her resistance and her unreasonable appearance, if it were Leon Zimmerman, he could only endure it helplessly and try to resolve it amicably.

However, Mays tantrum was exchanged for a long, black battle sword.


They unsheathed their swords, and wherever the blade pointed, a cold glint would flash.


His tiger-like eyes were filled with determination, and his entire body was filled with a murderous aura.

They would not underestimate anyone, nor would they let their guard down.

“What are you guys doing” May was a little flustered.

“Those who dont cooperate will be killed on the spot!”

Steve responded coldly.

Harold and the others were shocked by his words.

Even Leon and the others did not have the right to say that, right

Who would dare to be so careless!

Carls face was one that was playful, and he did things decisively.

“Just teach them a lesson, but dont hurt anyone!” He said while yawning.

Steve did not quite understand. The A1 order had already been issued, but now they were not allowed to hurt people. What did this mean


According to Steves estimation, there would be blood shed tonight!

After all, they had issued the A1 order!

With the Preston team taking down everyone, May did not dare to make a scene anymore. She just kept crying and looked pitiful.

“What a disgrace!” Heather snorted.

“Heather, dont make things difficult for me. Its not good for you or Braydon if things get out of hand. Who are you trying to scare with a group of thugs If I die, none of you will be able to escape responsibility!”

May said while crying.

“Young lady, you have to remember one thing. Anyone who gets in the way will be killed regardless of who you are!

“Those who resist will be killed on the spot, so even if you die, you will die in vain, you understand”

Carl came forward with a smile.

May felt fear from the bottom of her heart and looked at Carl as if she was looking at the devil.



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