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Unfathomable Senior Chapter 23

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Chapter 23

Name :Zhang DongAffiliation :Zhang ClanSpirit Points :                21034Cultivation Base Qi :Core Formation [Early Stage 42%] (Lightning Core)Cultivation Base Body :Foundation Establishment [Middle Stage 0%] (Silver Body)Techniques :Lightning Qi cultivation art, Silver Body Arts, Thunderlight Sword, Thunder Movement Art, Lightning Javelin, Lightning Punching and kicking arts, Basic and Advanced Fighting Techniques.

I implied in the previous chapters that he also got punching and kicking skills along with some combat techniques, but I never put it in the table and just left dots in there. Sorry if you get confused that I put it in now. Might have forgotten to do it earlier… >_>;

A handsome man was standing out in the wilderness, he was looking at a house-sized boulder. He had his fist tightly clenches as he was focusing on the huge rock in front of him. The space around the man started crackling and tiny bolts of electricity started appearing. They were guided to his closed fist filling it with spiritual energy and making it glow in the process. The man pulled his fist back while looking at the big boulder in front of him and then delivered a punch. The hit produced a thunderous sound and as his fist collided with the side of the large rock it exploded into pieces. It now had a huge hole in the middle of it, collapsing right afterward as the man looked and nodded. 

Matt was getting used to this cultivator lifestyle a bit, the gaming system made things easy as he spent his days training in his previously gotten techniques. He had quite a bit of points now, though not enough to buy the better crafting abode just yet. Even less if he wanted to get the entire bundle that cost over twice that plus not like he really needed all of the crafting recipes in the system. His cultivation was increasing at a rapid pace as well, he wondered if his body was just gifted or if the cultivation method was special as he didnt think cultivating would be this fast, he should hit the next stage within two to three weeks like this.

*Okay, Im getting the hang of it now. Guess it wasnt such a bad idea to stick around here for a while. Guess the next step would be to test things out.*

He mostly used kiting abilities, which in gamer terms were using his range skills to fight the enemies off while being at a safe distance. He didnt want to rely on only those though. He wanted to spend some time getting used to the hand to hand combat skills that he had. He wanted to find himself someone or something to test his skills on. Matt glided up into the air and flew around the forest. But as he flew around he couldnt really see any beasts that were worth his time. So he decided to go deeper into the forest than he usually did in the direction that he previously arrived in it was about half a days time away. He got really good at zooming around now so it might take even less. Luckily after a while, he found a fitting one, this one had red eyes as the other crazy beasts and looked like a silverback gorilla, but it had sharper teeth, long claws on its hands and a horn coming out of the forehead, plus it had four arms.

*Well, thats one ugly looking unicorn.*

Frenzied Horned Tetra Ape (Foundation Establishment early stage )

*It has that prefix, well… now to approach that without pooping my pants…*

The monster was scary looking, it was drooling and just standing there. It had a big bone in one of its hands, it placed the bone in its mouth, the sharp teeth just crushing the hard bone in one big chomp as it munched on it. Matt gulped as he was watching, but he had decided that he needed to get stronger and this gorilla unicorn looking thing would be a good start. He was slightly paranoid and he knew how these cultivator worlds worked, so he needed to get in some practice for the future to come. 

*Okay, I got my healing and spirit energy recovering pills right here, shouldnt be a problem…*

He jumped down from his flying sword and placed it in his storage ring, for now, he wanted to face this creature in close range combat. He started slowly going up to it, the large ape noticed him coming and gave out a huge roar. This making Matt stop in his track as he focused on the monster that began charging at him in an enraged bull charge.

Matt went into a defensive position and took in a good breath of air to relax. He focused on the charging behemoth that was making the ground thump each time in brought its meaty fists onto it as it pushed itself forward at him. The creature was quite scary looking and twice his size as well as bulky. His mind was telling him to run away at this moment as the gorilla choo choo train was barreling towards him. But he wanted to get used to this, he couldnt avoid all of his problems plus the creature was more visually scary but when it came to its abilities it paled in comparison to his.

He used his movement technique right before the monster was about to deliver an overhead strike, leaving an afterimage that was sparkling with static energy. When the creature smacked his after image it felt electricity run through its body, shocking it and making it stop in its tracks for a brief moment while also delivering moderate damage. Matt had learned that he could use his movement technique in this way, so as he dodged he left afterimages of himself that had residual lightning qi that if they got touched discharged a shock to the assailant. 

He appeared behind the Tetra Ape in a blur, giving it a good kick to its back which sent it flying. The creature flew face-first into a tree that collapsed under the strain and shattered into many splinters. The monster roared in madness as it shook, it got kicked quite hard and it was feeling a sharp pain in its rear. Though as if not caring or just mad it turned back after gathering itself back up, it roared once more and charged yet again.

Matt didnt punt it with all his might, he didnt even infuse his foot with lightning Qi this time around just using his body as he tested out the waters. He danced around with the monkey monster, the creature was easy to dodge and predict as it only came at him with berserk charges and large swings which he could dodge at ease. He finally managed to get used to the intimidating look of the thing and had no problem delivering a nice hard punch to the creatures ugly mug, which just made it tumble backward hitting even more trees.

*Hm, guess Im getting desensitized to battling a bit…*

He looked at his fist that had blood stuck to it, he grimaced and shook the red liquid off. Then he looked at the creature in front of him that he was kind of bullying at this point.

*Or maybe now, now Im feeling bad about this whole thing…* 

He didnt feel so good about himself as he used the creature as a punching bag, just testing out his skills while the thing looked more haggard with each passing moment, though if things were reversed he was sure that the monster would have torn all his limbs and eaten him like a snack. But as he was contemplating his skewed moral compass something strange started happening, the Ape started convulsing after his last hit, it started exuding strange red energy. After a while, he could see tentacles coming out of its ears and even bursting out of its back the name above its head also had changed including its cultivation level.

Corrupted Horned Tetra Ape (Foundation Establishment middle stage )

It started looking like a tentacle monster and as if revitalized it let out a different kind of scream than before and charged at Matt again. 


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