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Vile Evil Hides Under The Veil Chapter 24: Post-Nut Clarity P1

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Chapter 24: Post-Nut Clarity P1

The waves of pleasure didnt last long. Nina stopped responding to Erens kisses. She released his head from her grips and laid back straight on her sofa. She still had her eyes closed. But it wasnt because she was experiencing elation like before. She had kept them close because of guilt brought forth by post-nut clarity.

The concoction stopped working after Nina calmed down. Eren too gor up from his potion and sat on the sofa, looking at Nina with concern. He didnt know how she would react.

Nina opened her eyes and tried not looking at Eren at first. Then she also sat straight up and looked outside the window before adjusting her clothes. Eren wanted to say something but he held himself back. Maybe it was better for both of them if he lets his aunt process what just happened her way, without interrupting her.

Ninas eyes had become moist but she rubbed them clean without waiting for the drops to spill over off her cheeks. Then she smiled mildly, as if she had accepted something and finally spoke to Eren while looking him in the eyes:

“Sorry for that, Erni. If Im being honest, I just used you to relieve myself. I dont know what came over me. Maybe it was those pent-up emotions that wanted to burst from within me that finally found a channel within you.

I wanted you to learn how to control your urges but instead taught you what would happen if you let them take control of you. I want to say sorry, but Im not sure that will be enough. Still, Im sorry for all that happened just now.

I wont say lets forget about what happened. Because we both know thats not possible. Instead, lets accept what has happened and learn from it. I learned that I should find channels once in a while to release the accumulated emotions and desires. You learned that youll be a great partner for your better-half when you find each other. Hehehe! We can also say that we have completed our objective of testing if you find breasts attractive or not. Look whos back”

Saying that, Nina smiled a little and made him look at his crotch which now had a bulge and a wet spot right at its tip. She found solace in the fact that there was nothing wrong with her breasts or Eren. He wasnt sexually deviant. Just inexperienced. And she was the reason for him to gain some experience in the department, the result of which they were both seeing in Erens pants.

Eren wasnt flustered like before upon Ninas mention of his boner. She concluded that the kid had finally made peace with his sexuality after their small session, not trying to run away from it, hide it, or mask it with something else. She knew she had at least stopped him from being awkward around girls. And this in turn will make him more popular among them. At least something good came out of this debacle, she thought.

Eren decided to speak up to reduce the weight Nina was feeling on her conscience:

“Aunt Nina, dont worry. Even if you used me, that is fine. If I can bring happiness to your face, Ill gladly do what needs to be done. But thats not the issue here.

Im kinda sad that you need the excuse of your emotions getting pent-up before you decide to express your love towards me this way. Cant you say that things happened because it was both of us acting as willing partners

I dont know much about sex, but whatever Ive learned from you so far is enough for me to say that it can only be truly enjoyed by both the parties if it is mutually consentual.

Lack of consent means one or both of them were forced into it by some situation.

Or, they didnt find the other one to be attractive enough, equal in social standing, or care enough about them.

Do any of those conditions apply to us”

Saying that he got closer to Nina and embraced her in his arms. Nina let him, resting her head on his chest with her eyes closed and listening to him. She could feel his care and affection in his touch and his spoken words. Those actions managed to sooth her and calmed her agitated mind. Eren continued:

“I dont know about you, but if you ask me, I was the willing party in this act. Neither you, nor someone else, not even my emotions forced me into it. Sure, the emotions could be a trigger point, but whatever happened after that was my choice. Im ready to own it.

You are still single, so we are not cheating on anybody. I find you attractive. I even adore you. You are the most beautiful and caring lady Ive ever seen in my short life. Yes, I may meet ladies that are more attractive than you in future. But no matter how many ladies I meet, from average Janes to country-toppling beauties, I can say with certainty that your place in my heart will be unshaken.

Your existence is paramount in my life, even more than my parents that werent there for me. But you were. And have been. Thats why I cherish our bond more than anything and see it beyond the conventional concepts.

Even before my sexual awakening took place, I liked being with you. The reason must be you being the sole important person in my life that took care of me when my parents didnt. But that liking soon turned into fondness because of your way of treating me and just being a better person overall.

From the very moment I was dropped off at your place, I liked looking at you. Observing you when you werent looking. I wanted to be like you. Help you. And give you the care and protection that you need and deserve. Me wanting to become a potioneer has so much to do with those feelings.

The awakening has only helped me better understand my feelings towards you.

You dont need to play as my mother, neither do I need to play as your child. You must have figured it out by now but I hate parent-child relationships. They have lost all value in my eyes. And I dont want to associate that relationship with what we have.

I dont regret being treated as a medium for the release of your pent-up emotions. But Ill regret it if we stop this way of showing affection now just because the baggage in your mind is lifted. Am I that disposable to you”


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