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Vile Evil Hides Under The Veil Chapter 28: Giving Some Sugar

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Chapter 28: Giving Some Sugar

“Weve also estimated the rank of the demon beast at the site. It was a D Rank beast that evolved into a C Rank. Therefore we require you to be a part of the mission in your capacity as a C Rank healer. Otherwise… Lets say… there would be more casualties than anticipated.”

Lin finally said the intel that was being kept hidden from the masses. Very few hunters and adventurers were made aware of this news. The secrecy was maintained so that the city doesnt fall into chaos.

The city of Osan wasnt well equipped to tackle the immensity of danger carried by a C Rank demon beast. The city lord must have contacted external forces and even the kingdom by now. The mission assigned to Lin would be that of a recon. The city administration wanted to find out the beasts species, current location, potential strength, and weaknesses before they assign the mission to the appropriate party of higher rank.

But performing recon on a demon beast was especially dangerous. The beast could communicate with the forests fauna telepathically. There were a few instances of the demon beasts where they could share senses with the magic beast they had tamed. It would be near impossible, therefore, to let the beast not find out that it is being spied on.

A recon party would get reconned in return. And then the party memebers would end up getting surrounded from all sides by the hordes of the beasts before they even had a chance to look at the mastermind. In short, everything related to the demon beast was complicated and dangerous.

No wonder this Lin guy kept his pride aside and asked for Ninas help at the cost of bowing before her and potentially offending her. His team members safety was at stake. His too. This was no time to play the hero while keeping your spine straight.

Nina thought deeply for a while. She had stopped taking on-field missions due to a personal reason. She also had Eren to take care of. She couldnt just up and go accepting missions, risking her life for better rewards and steady progress in her ranking journey anymore.

But Nina understood the threat of the C Rank demon beast. An entire city like the city of Osan could get wiped by the beast if they didnt prepare for it.

The risk would have been much higher if the Osan woods had higher ranked magic beasts than their current estimated numbers. This limitation kept the risk factor relatively in control of the current administration. Otherwise, the city lord wouldnt have dared to keep the news a secret from the masses.

“I have stopped taking on-field missions for my personal reasons and Im not planning to change that anytime soon. But …”

Nina finally spoke. Lin was disappointed by her first statement but the wordbut gave him some ray of hope.

“It looks like I cant just remain a bystander in this situation. I have a few conditions to declare before I decide to help you though. I will refrain from taking part in any frontal clash. And my pay would be two times higher than the standard rate for my Rank, class, and services. If you can agree to these two conditions, Ill come with you.”

Lin gave a smile of relief after hearing Ninas demands. He accepted them right away. The money was going to come from the association. Plus, a healer wasnt involved in the attack formations anyway.

Ninas demands were within their range of expectations.

Lin wasnt sure he would be successful making a C Rank hunter part of his group. But after this incident, when the beast dies and their group survives as a whole, they would inevitably get famous in the city for their accomplishment.

Nina and Lin discussed some finer details about the upcoming recon while Eren brought them tea. He gave a cuppa to Lin and the other to Nina right in her hands. While giving the cup, Eren caressed her hand a little while smiling innocently.

Nina was slightly taken aback by Erens uncalled-for touch before looking him in the eyes. She let him continue his caress though. Finally, she pinched his hand quickly before resuming her talk with the hunter associations regulatory officer.

Eren looked hurt by Ninas quick nip. With his slightly watery eyes, he looked at Nina as if she had embezzled money out of his bank account, before rushing into the inner sanctum of the shop. Now Nina felt bad for doing what she did.

Nina felt like sending this short man on his merry way before following Eren inside. But she had already accepted the mission. She might as well listen to the entire plan, lest she puts her temporary team members in danger due to her lack of knowledge.Ill pacify him once this idiot leaves, she thought before resuming to pay attention to what Lin was saying.

Lin was busy talking about the details while having his beverage so he wasnt aware of the teenagers in-your-face flirting. It took a while before they came to an agreement regarding a few sets of plans depending upon the varying situations as well as some exit strategies. Lin thought Nina would leave with him but she made an announcement:

“Ill need to inform the healers association about this mission. Ill have to let them know they will only receive the batch of elementary potions for a few days. You go ahead and explain our entire plan to your team. Then wait by the southern city gate. Hire colts for our departure during this time. Ill catch up within an hour and meet you there.”

Lin just nodded, got up, and again gave a short bow to Nina before heading out. Nina indeed needed to inform the healers association about the sudden change of plans, which she did as soon as Lin left the shop using her ID stone.

Then Nina went in looking for Eren who was sitting by the window, seemingly gazing at a faraway place. He was still tending to the nipped skin on his right hand with his left hand.

Nina quick pinch wasnt enough for its aftereffects to remain till now. So Eren kept on nipping on the same spot. But maybe he overdid it a little in his excitement because he was genuinely feeling some skin trouble at the spot.

“Little rat, what are you looking at” Ninas voice came from behind. But Eren didnt turn around to look. He simply kept his act going.

“Nothing specific, really. I was just thinking… how people closest to you have the power to hurt you the most!”

Eren replied while bringing out emotions in his voice, introducing a slight quiver in it.

“Eh! Dont be so overdramatic, Erni. I just gave you a quick nip…”

“You call this a quick nip”

Before Nina could call him out on his bull**tery, Eren cranked it up a notch and showed her the injury he had given to himself! Nina was shocked looking at the almost-torn-from-the-spot skin.

Nina didnt remember using this much force. She had never let her enhanced body stats accidentally hurt Eren till now due to having absolute control. This was something new to her.

“I… I dont remember using this much force when I did that How did it go so bad”

Nina came close to Eren, took his hand in hers and checked on his injury. She quickly cast a minor healing spell to take care of it. The skin mended with an accelerated pace within moments and got back to normal. But Eren was still looking outside as if he was quite upset and hurt by Nina.

“Its not your fault, aunt Nina. How can you remember the frailness of a rankless body with your current C Rank one It is understandable. The chasm of power present within us is too big for you to realize that. I can only blame myself for being feeble. I was only daydreaming after having my first kiss taken from you!”

Eren decided to add the spice of emotional blackmail into his bull**tery. He made Nina realize that she was the reason behind his daydreams. Because she had stolen his first kiss in life while she was in the heat yesterday. And the spice finally worked.

Nina felt extremely guilty at that statement. She realized the severity with which she had imprinted herself in Erens psyche for good by doing what she did yesterday. He would be constantly thinking about her from that moment on. No wonder he craved her touch so much.

Ninas physical act of saying no to that craving was akin to denying Eren his way to show affection towards her. An affection which she had made him cultivate, by kinda forcing herself on him. Plus, the severity of the injury made him realize the difference in their current power levels, which was directly related to the difference in their social standing.

Nina understood that taking care of the injury she had accidentally caused wasnt enough. she needed to show an equal amount of affection to soothe Erens mood. To show him that she didnt think of herself as someone out of Erens league. There was only one quick way to do it. A stolen first kiss can only be justified if the second one follows suit. She immediately got to work. She turned to Eren and planted her lips on his again by lowering her neck.

Damn. It worked! I should be awarded a best actors prize with this performance. Eren thought while responding to Ninas kiss. He wrapped his hands around her waist. The hands started caressing Ninas obliques before heading towards her back. At the same time, his tongue found its way inside Ninas mouth.

It took some adjusting from Ninas side to respond to Erens suddenly cranked up offensive.Wasnt he sulking just now She thought to herself. But she responded the way Eren wanted her to and sucked on his tongue.

Eren realized the time was right. He quickly made his hands travel to Ninas soft and mushy glutes and gave them a firm squeeze. Nina tried breaking their embrace at that action but Eren was ready for it. He pressed the butt in his direction with his left hand while expediting his oral offensive. His now-free right hand landed on Ninas left breast, taking the unexposed brown bud by surprise. It reacted to his press instantly and got erect.


Nina couldnt help herself from releasing that suppressed sound. She was being attacked by all fronts.Is this a mere teenagers doing Nina could hardly believe Erens progression speed in this activity. That too with the latters lack of practical experience.

Eren enjoyed the moment. He kept on mashing up the butt and squeezing the breast. Then he alternated his hands and gave equal importance to the remaining glute and breast. All this time Eren never released Nina from their liplock.

Nina was enjoying the assault that commenced on her. And at the same time, she was mildly trying to break free from it. The contradiction incarnate had struck again!

Eren knew he shouldnt push his luck too far and end the session on a positive note.

Eren stopped his advances with his hands and released Nina from his tight embrace. He broke their liplock, looked at her in the eyes before flashing a broad smile. He finally gave a peck her on the right cheek before saying out loud:

“Thanks for giving me some sugar, aunt Nina. Have a safe journey and see you soon!”


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