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Chapter 5: Stiffness

“This… this is some kind of deformity. I feel like peeing and yet I cant pee. Somethings wrong with me, aunt Nina. You must have some medicine for this ailment lying in here somewhere, right”

Eren acted his part and started panicking. He tried touching his boners tip with his fingers. Nina could see the hesitation in his approach and couldnt stop herself from laughing. She didnt suspect him to be acting. There was no way a teenager would be that great an actor. But it was still difficult for her to accept Erens lack of knowledge in this field despite his recluse nature.

She didnt know what she was supposed to do or say at that moment but she was kinda enjoying the moment. Nina told Eren to wait at the inner room of the apothecary while she flipped the welcoming sign on the shops main door to the one that said it is closed for the time being. Then she bolted the door securely.

Although she was used to opening her shop early in the morning, her regular customers and people with ailments would start coming in after lunch time. Morning times only gave her a sparse traffic that wouldnt damage her anyway if it was avoided once in a while.

Nina went back to Eren. The apothecary had an inner space that was isolated from the shop, serving as a stockpiled medicine storage room and more. It had a simple kitchen, dining space, and some open space.

Eren was sitting awkwardly by the breakfast table. He looked anxious. And was checking something with his hands under the table. As soon as he saw Nina coming towards him, he stood up and asked her hurriedly:

“Quick, wheres the medicine I think it is getting worse. It is hurting now. And getting stiffer by the minute.”

“Erni dear, theres nothing wrong with you. Its the natural reaction a males body has when it becomes mature enough”

Nina replied with part shyness and part amusement. She used to call him Erni casually or whenever she assumed the position of teaching him something. And she would call him little rat whenever Eren did something bad or when she was admonishing him about something.

Nina had taken a seat near Eren while she conversed with him. She could see his bulge but pretended she wasnt checking it out. Their conversation continued forward:

“So theres no medicine for it How do I make it stop then”

“Answer my question first. Did you have this problem before

“No. This is the first time Im seeing my thing getting swollen like that.”

“Oh. Alright. But before I tell you how to get rid of it, you need to understand how you got it in the first place.”

“Oh. Tell me quickly then. Why are you dragging your answers Are you taking pleasure in my miseries”

“Hahahaha. No, silly. What you consider to be misery is in fact a blessing, if you can call it that. Not having what you have right now would be considered a misery when you grow up. Though, with that in the view, we can say youve already grown enough. Hehehehe!”

“See, you are still laughing. And this thing is making me awkward. I think I should go to my room and just sleep. Maybe itll go away on its own after a while.”

“Hahahaha. Itll certainly go away on its own after a while when you become aware of the reason that caused it and make it disappear from your thoughts. But since its your first time, it might not go away because you might not stop thinking about the cause that gave you the … lets say… stiffness.”

Wha… What are you talking about Im not thinking about an… anything”.

Eren looked the other way when he said that. He looked like he had been caught stealing. Now Nina was finding it funny.

It had been so long since she did those activities. And she didnt think her urges would return anytime soon. But that didnt mean she didnt enjoy those moments.

Erens position was special in Ninas eyes. He was barely a teen and full of innocence. She didnt want to take advantage of him. It would be a wrong thing to do because of Erens immature age, their age difference, and the trust Erens father had in her.

Thats the reason although Nina felt her urges slightly surging within her, she leashed them just as swiftly, and asked him amusingly:

“Be honest with me Erni. Otherwise, the stiffness wont go away for a long time and youll feel that your organ is hurting.

What were you thinking about when you had the stiffness”

Even Nina sounded tense and kinda serious when she asked this question even though she tried her best to cover it with her smile.

“Well if it can relieve me from this situation, Ill tell you. I… I was just wondering about how good your but*s felt when I accidentally touched and grabbed them. Thats the only thing I was thinking about.”

Eren still ignored Ninas gaze while talking. When he talked about the previous incident, his eyes looked dreamy. like he was thinking about a fond memory. But he quickly looked down and made a comment anxiously:

“Aaah… my thing acts weird when I think about your but*s. It stiffens some more then relaxes before stiffening some more. Is that supposed to happen as well”

“Ummmm… yeah.”

Nina replied with some blush on her face. She would be lying if she said she didnt feel some jitters knowing that her posteriors were the reason for the boys awakening.

The lack of romance in her life was partly to blame. Nina didnt hear the compliments she was used to hearing for a long time. And in a way, she was getting those compliments from Eren.

The feminine side in her was pleased realizing that part. And that side was slowly taking hold of her as the conversation moved forward.

She was soon brought back to reality when she heard Erens voice finally:

“Aunt Nina, why are you zoning out like that This is my third time calling your name. Listen, I told you what I was thinking about. Now tell me what I should do next.”

“Aah… forgive me. I was thinking about business stuff. Have a lot of deliveries lined up you see.

So where were we Yes, how to take care of this stiffness. We can safely say that as long as you stop thinking about my b… but*s, the stiffness will go away. But it might come back if you think about it later on. So itd be better if you can relieve some pressure now.”

“How do I do that”

Eren asked with a serious face. His mental age prevented him from cackling at Nina for her oh-so-obvious awkwardness.

He felt like teasing her some more with his questions and statements while pretending to be in the dark about the whole thing.

Did he stop and consider the consequences of trying to find his way with Nina What would they both do if his adventure succeeds And would they be alright mentally after partaking in something like that Will they be able to go back to being a nephew and aunt after the deed is done

In Erens mind, there was no such problem from his side. First, although he was technically just a teenager now, his mental age even exceeded Ninas. His lifes experiences exceeded hers by even a long margin.

Second, although his father and she were distantly related, that was distant enough for the previous him to act on his desires had he been offered a chance.

Now, the new him, after experiencing a lifetime, was even more liberal with these things. A human genome only had a single genesis. That means everybody is related to everybody.

What would the world do if the contempt it outwardly shows towardskeeping it in the family starts to expand its definition and considers the genome theory as a model to decide who was whose family

Third and foremost, Eren didnt think that hed be offered the same chance he was given right now. Aunt Nina was his crush from the past life. And he had decided that he wont have such regrets if and when he dies again.

But Eren needed to make Nina ease into this whole transition. Hence the acting. He had started treating Nina as a small child that needs nurturing before she understands a few things about the world.

Because of thinking about all these things, Erens boner was already going to go away. He had to think about a lot of lewd thoughts to maintain it and keep the act going.

“How do I do that, aunt Nina”

Eren asked again after some time while waving his hands in front of Ninas eyes.

Nina was caught in a dilemma. Should she explain this stuff herself or should she tell someone to do it for her But she didnt feel like Eren and she would be comfortable getting a stranger man involved.

The boy had mostly kept to himself. He didnt know about a lot of things related to girls and more. If the man she asks to give guidance to Eren ends up telling the latter about sex with only its most basic explanation while thinking only his lifestyle in mind, that would create a lot of mess in Erens mind.

So Nina made her mind to sex-educate Eren. It was something she had to do as his guardian. And as someone who genuinely cares for him.

“I heard you the first time, Erni. I just had a lot on my mind. Listen, why dont you take the bath first Then we will have a nice brunch. The talk can wait till then.

The stiffness might go away after you take the bath and start performing your routine. But dont worry. We will not sit on this. We have to have this talk. Especially because youll have to start living in the academys dorm a month from now on.”

Nina concluded.


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