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[Main World Notification: You have discovered and killed a new type of high-grade demon!]

[This high-grade demon can peel human skin to transform into a human.

The degree of transformation is high and cannot be easily detected.]

[Due to your two outstanding contributions to the main world, you have obtained one of the main worlds Fortune Stamp.]

[With this stamp, you will receive a 20% discount on purchasing knowledge.]

[You could skip two grades and view the contents of the Diamond Practitioner Forum!]

[The main world has already recorded this demon into the entry.

Please name it.]

The sound of the notification faded.

In the Practitioner Forum, a notification box appeared in front of Lin Qiye.

He discovered that his Practitioner Forum had changed.

Originally, he only had a white frame, but now it was golden with auspicious clouds embedded in it.

And in the forum, the important information was marked in light red font.

It could increase Lin Qiyes reading efficiency.

At the same time, an entry editing box came into view.

The triangular head demons video, images, and specific information were displayed in the entry.

[Please name it.]

“Painted-skin demon.”

[Naming successful! Painted-skin demon is a high-level race.

Only those who are platinum and above can purchase this information.

The unit price is 100 movement points per purchase.]

[Please note that the Painted-skin demons race information is not yet complete.

The main world does not wish forinformation to be exposed too early, thus causing the demons to be wary.]

[Therefore, your entry will be temporarily hidden, unable to be viewed and purchased.

You could not obtain the corresponding movement point income.]

[However, the main world will give you compensation.

You can choose one of the following three rewards.]

[First reward: A copy of the Heavenly Tribulation Origin.

It can allow your Nine-colored Divine Lightning Dao Bone to reach Perfection, awakening to 100%, thus condensing into a Clear Void Divine Lightning Dao Bone.

(Minor Immortal Technique level.)]

[Second reward: You will receive 100 wisps of Holy Violet Genuine Qi.

You can condense a part of Holy Violet Root Bone in your heart (Minor Immortal Technique level.)]

[The Holy Violet Root Bone will condense into a layer of light shield in your fate.

It is enough to withstand a fierce fortune attack.]

[Third reward: A map.

There is a ruined temple buried deep underground outside Star City, and there is a wisp of ownerless Immortal Qi inside.]

[If you can successfully refine it, your Dao Repository Technique will rely on the wisp of Immortal Qi to advance to a true Immortal Technique.]

[After obtaining a wisp of Immortal Qi and devouring enough opportunities, you could give birth to a second wisp of Immortal Qi and so on.

[This map can allow you to enter the temple using the safest route, but the danger level requires an experienced Platinum Practitioner to withstand it.

Please choose carefully.]

Seeing the three rewards, Lin Qiye fell silent.

The thing he hated the most was choosing one from three choices, especially when all three rewards were tempting.

It was simply torturing!

Thus, Lin Qiye pretended to shake his head.

“I feel that the best choice is to announce the known information of the Painted-skin Devil.

After all, it isnt too lethal.

“Releasing it to the other practitioners will benefit the main world and make them all wary.

Why not do so”

The main world hurriedly tried to persuade Lin Qiye.

[Main world analysis: The Painted-skin demon you encountered is a baby.

It hasnt awakened its talent, which is why you easily killed it.]

[There might already be a large number of mature individuals.

If you release the information, their wariness will increase, and they will go into hiding, making it difficult to find them.]

“I feel that we still have to make an announcement! Otherwise, the Painted-skin demons will quietly invade and infiltrate the big clans.

At that time, the higher-ups of humanity will all be enemies.

What should we do”

Lin Qiyes face shone with righteousness.

He was thinking for the sake of humanity and boundless love.

[Main world analysis: There are already Painted-skin demons infiltrating the higher-ups of various clans, so we cannot make an announcement.]

[Main world analysis: Even if the information is made public, we cannot allow other practitioners to find the demons.

You must hunt down the Painted-skin demons alone.]

[Main world analysis: Your main goal is to swallow all three rewards!]

Having been exposed, Lin Qiyes face was not red, and his heartbeat did not increase.

He was calm.

“I dont care about the rewards.

My main goal is to benefit the human race,” Lin Qiyesaid shamelessly.

[Main world analysis: We can only give you the first two rewards.]

Lin Qiyes skin became thicker.

“I really dont care about the rewards.

The most important thing is to consider the future of the human race! I choose to announce the information!”

After a period of silence…

[After analyzing, the main world agrees to your request.

However, you must kill all the Painted-skin demons hiding in the dark.]

The main world had given in.

After all, Lin Qiye was the only practitioner who had discovered the Painted-skin demon.

The new demon species ability was too strange.

Even the main world had not noticed the slightest inkling of it!

If one were to think from the worst possibility, perhaps there were already many evil Painted-skin demons in the main world, lurking in every human city, every clan, and even the ancient clans of Heavenly Court Island.

Thus, the mainworld gave in.

Three dazzling golden rewards appeared in the space of Lin Qiyes Life Lantern Gem.

Lin Qiye was ecstatic.

Of course, he still maintained his composure on the surface.

“Deal! Im willing to bear the burden and sacrifice for the human race!”

“However, have the Painted-skin demons really infiltrated the upper echelons of the human race Are there any Painted-skin demons in the Academy faction”


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