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Worldwide SurvivalBegins As An Island Owner Chapter 1

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Chapter 1: Two Skills

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Cerulean Planet, Year 22 Month 12 Day

Su Yu, who had just accepted that his soul had transmigrated into a parallel world because he had been pulled into the water by a big fish and drowned, was looking at the sky above the Cerulean Planet in shock.

At this moment, the sky above the Cerulean Planet was scarlet red, as if signifying the end of the world.

At this moment, an indifferent and emotionless voice sounded above the Cerulean Planet.

“The world has been destroyed and all living things have returned to the end. Congratulations on facing a new life.”

After that, the Cerulean Planet that Su Yu was in turned into nothingness, as if it had never existed in the universe.


When Su Yu regained consciousness, he was still somewhat confused.

“Where the f*ck have I transmigrated to”

When Su Yu – who was struggling to prop himself up – saw his surroundings clearly, he felt that he was really going to die.

“F*ck, it seems like Ive transmigrated to the sea this time.”

Su Yu glanced at the place where he was standing and realized that it was a completely barren land. There was nothing there. Moreover, the land under his feet looked to be only about 100 square meters. It was pitifully small. Looking at the surrounding seawater, Su Yu suddenly felt that there was nothing left to live for.

Fortunately, just as Su Yu was about to give up all hope, a slightly mechanical voice sounded in Su Yus ears.

[Welcome to the endless Ultimate Sea. The place you are at is your exclusive island. Please carefully read the things you need to pay attention to.]

[1: Each rookie can receive a novice survival treasure chest. The items obtained from the specific treasure chest are random.]

[2: Each rookie will be given a beginners fishing rod with ten sets of ordinary bait. You can use the fishing rod and the bait to fish.]

[3: The island where the newcomers stay will have a seven-day novice protection period.]

[4: Please work hard to increase the islands level and Prosperity Points. The higher the Prosperity Points, the more authority you have.]

[5: Every rookie will develop a skill. The specific awakening talent depends on the individuals luck. The initial skills are categorized into nine levels: SSS, SS, S, A, B, C, D, E, F. Among them, SSS is the highest and F is the lowest. Please discover your own skills.]

[6: After the novice protection period, you may face various unexpected situations, so please work hard to build your own island to deal with various situations and survive.]

The bright screen that appeared in front of Su Yu dissipated after he finished reading all the relevant information.

Then, another bright screen appeared in front of Su Yu.

[Level 1 Island Master]

Name: Su Yu.

Age: 23 years old.

Strength: 1 (1)

Physique: 1 (1)

Spirit: 1.5 (1)

Note: In parentheses are the stats added by the Island Master on his own island. The additional stats will not be effective after leaving his island.

Island Prosperity Points:

Skills: SSS Grade Insight Skill, Unknown Grade Talent (Double Happiness) – Can be upgraded.

[Regional Communication Channel] [Regional Trading Channel]

After seeing the contents of his personal stats panel, Su Yus thoughts directly went to the stats column.

Looking at the two talents he possessed, Su Yu couldnt help but have a question.

“Could it be that he was given two skills because he transmigrated twice Moreover, this skill was also at the highest level. Theres also an unknown talent. This simply was a bug!”

As Su Yu was thinking, the description of the two skills appeared in front of him.

[SSS Grade Insight Skill]

The source of this content is n/ov//el/bin[./]net'

Skill Description: Those with this skill can see through all things and discover information that ordinary people cant discover. The ability of this skill will increase with the increase in strength.

Note: When the Insight skill discovers a creature it is unable to detect, it will automatically enter a hidden state.

[Unknown Level Skill Double Happiness] – Can be upgraded

Skill Description: Obtain double the resources whenever you open the treasure chest. The upgrade requirements are unknown.

Note: For special category treasure chests, there is a requirement to complete the treasure chest mission to obtain double the reward.

“Awesome.” After reading the description of the two skills, Su Yu felt that the combination of these two skills was simply flawless!

He wasnt in a hurry to enter the communication channel. At this moment, Su Yus gaze was attracted by a golden rookie survival treasure chest on the bright screen. Beside this treasure chest was a shadow of a very simple fishing rod.

[Do you want to receive the novice survival treasure chest, fishing rod, and bait]

When Su Yus thought of the treasure chest, a notification immediately sounded in Su Yus ears.


[Ding! Congratulations on successfully obtaining the Novice Survival Treasure Chest. Your Double Happiness Skill has been triggered. You have obtained the following items.]

[1.5 liters of mineral water x2, five packages of Handsome Kangs instant noodles x2.]

“F*ck, thats all Its fine if you give me instant noodles, but you even give me counterfeit goods1.”

Su Yu was dumbfounded when he saw what was inside the Novice survival treasure chest. It looked so shiny that Su Yu had thought that there would be something good inside!

“And turns out thats it.”

At the same time, a few items appeared in front of Su Yu. They were a fishing rod that didnt look like much, ten portions of bait beside it, two large bottles of mineral water, and ten packets of Handsome Kangs instant noodles.


When Su Yus gaze fell on these things, the descriptions of these things appeared before Su Yus eyes.

[1.5 liters of mineral water]

Description: Ordinary drinking water. To ensure that you wont die of thirst in the early stages.

[Handsome Kangs Instant Noodles]

Description: One pack is not enough. Two packs are too much. If you eat it dry, its a little dry. I recommend cooking it in hot water.

[Novice Fishing Rod]

Durability: 100/1

Description: Every time you fish an item, its durability will decrease by 1 point. If you obtain a fishing rod blueprint, it can be upgraded.

[Ordinary bait]

Description: Can be used to lure Common to Common wooden treasure chests in the sea.

Note: represents half a star, represents one star.


After picking up the fishing rod and weighing it in his hand a few times, Su Yu did not start fishing immediately. Instead, he clicked on the two channels on the bright screen, wanting to see how the other people were doing.

[Regional Communication Channel: 5,000 people in a small region. Each person can send 10 messages for free every day.]

Note: The island with the highest Prosperity Points in the region can obtain five additional messages per day.

[Regional Trading Channel: You can place your own items in it to trade. You can trade up to ten times a day.]

Note: The island with the highest Prosperity Points in the region can do trading for five additional times per day.

After looking at the descriptions of the two channels, Su Yu clicked into the communication channel first.

As soon as he entered the communication channel, Su Yu realized that many people were already leaving messages.



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